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Tom Hanks Narrates Washington Post Super Bowl 2019 Commercial - Watch Now!

Tom Hanks teamed up with The Washington Post for their 2019 Super Bowl commercial.

The 62-year-old Oscar-winning actor narrated the minute-long commercial highlighting the importance of journalists.

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The commercial features images of some of the biggest stories since World War II, with Tom speaking about how journalists who “gather facts to bring you the story, no matter the cost.”

Tom and Meryl Streep starred in the 2017 film The Post about The Washington Post‘s fight against the US government’s efforts to hold publication of the Pentagon Papers.

The commercial ended with The Washington Post‘s recent slogan, “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

Watch below!

Burger King Super Bowl Commercial 2019: Eat Like Andy Warhol - Watch Now!

Burger King is going old school with their 2019 Super Bowl commercial!

In the commercial, iconic artist Andy Warhol sits down at a table, pulls a burger out of a Burger King bag, then unwraps and eats the Whopper.

The commercial is nearly silent except for when Andy says, “It doesn’t come out” while he tries to shake a bottle of ketchup.

The original 4-minute clip was created by Swedish director Jorgen Leth in 1982 for the film 66 Scenes from America.

“What we love about Andy is what he represents as an art icon and his message about the democratization of art,” Burger Kings‘ Head of Global Marketing Marcelo Pascoa said in a statement. “Just like his art, America’s Favorite Burger, the Whopper is for everyone. Our commercial is an invitation for everyone in America to Eat Like Andy.”

Watch the commercial below!

Microsoft's Super Bowl 2019 Commercial: We All Win - Watch Here!

Microsoft debuted an extremely inspirational commercial during the 2019 Super Bowl.

The technology company’s commercial follows the inspiring story of passionate, young gamers with limited mobility rising to the top of their games with help from their family, friends, and the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

“You give them the adaptive controller and within minutes they’re lit up and excited and doing things they couldn’t do before or couldn’t do as easily,” Microsoft’s corporate vice president for brand, advertising and research Kathleen Hall recently told USA Today.

“When everybody plays, we all win,” Microsoft’s tagline reads during the commercial.

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Watch Microsoft’s commercial below!

Kia's Super Bowl Commercial 2019: Give It Everything

Kia’s 2019 Super Bowl commercial is honoring the great unknowns!

The car maker’s big game ad promoted its all new SUV, the 2020 Kia Telluride.

The commercial starts with a close-up of a young boy and shows clips of a small town in Georgia while the boy recites a monologue about the people of the town.

The new Kia Telluride is assembled in the town of West Point, Ga, with US and foreign parts. It will be available for purchase in Spring 2019 in limited quantities.

“This year, we’re honoring the great unknowns. People who work hard and make incredible things. People who Give It Everything,” Kia captioned the ad. Watch below!

Maluma Stars in Michelob Ultra's Super Bowl 2019 Commercial - Watch Now!

Maluma makes a brief cameo in Michelob Ultra‘s 2019 Super Bowl Commercial!

The beer company released a commercial during the game featuring robots showing off just how much stronger they are than humans when it comes to working out.

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In the end, a robot stops by a bar to see the 25-year-old Latin heartthrob hanging out with friends and drinking a beer – something robots can’t enjoy.

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Watch below!

Football Legends Reunite for NFL's 100-Year Game Super Bowl 2019 Commerical - Watch Here!

Some of the biggest names in football have united to celebrate 100 years of the NFL!

As the NFL wraps its 99th season with the 2019 Super Bowl tonight in Atlanta, a special year-long campaign titled “NFL 100″ launched during the game with the “100-Year Game” commercial.

In the epic two-minute commercial, 40 current and former players – including 19 Hall of Famers and a total of 53 Super Bowl rings – all meet up for a banquet celebrating the 100 years of the NFL – and ends up with all of the football players tossing the football around the room.

Some football players in the commercial include Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Michael Strahan, Deion Sanders, Joe Montana, Odell Beckham Jr, Drew Brees, and many many more!

Utah Girls Tackle Football League running back and football activist, Sam Gordon also makes an appearance at the end.

Watch below and see how many players you can spot!