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'Survivor' Contestant Responds After Old Tweets Resurface with Derogatory Language

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'Survivor: David vs. Goliath': Season 37 Announced!

The upcoming 37th season of Survivor was just announced and the theme is David vs. Golitah!

20 contestants will be separated onto two teams, with the “Davids” consisting of underdogs who constantly have to overcome obstacles and the “Goliaths” consisting of people who have used their advantages in life to rise to the top.

“The theme that we kept coming back to is: When you are on the island and you don’t know what to expect, it doesn’t matter whether you were born with your advantage or had to work for it, because everybody knows that every David has a secret weapon and every Goliath certainly has their Achilles heel, and that’s what Survivor will bring out,” host Jeff Probst said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “It will bring you to your knees and it will lift you to your highest heights. It’s all about context and situation and how you respond.”

The next season will air this fall and there has already been some drama with the contestants revealing spoilers on social media!

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Who Won 'Survivor' 2018? Ghost Island Winner Revealed!

SPOILER ALERT – Do not continue reading if you’re avoiding Survivor spoilers!

The season finale of Survivor: Ghost Island is here and the winner of the show’s 36th season has been revealed.

Going into the finale, six contestants still remained in the game – Domenick Abbate, Wendell Holland Jr., Donathan Hurley, Laurel Johnson, Sebastian Noel, and Angela Perkins.

Throughout the episode, we watched three immunity challenges and three tribal councils until the final three contestants were determined. The final three then pleaded their cases to the jury of ousted players, who then voted for who they want to be named Sole Survivor.

In a rare move, host Jeff Probst read the votes live at the tribal council instead of waiting for the live reunion show. For the first time ever, there was a tie in the final vote, which means the third player in the final three got the chance to give the final vote!

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This 'Survivor' Contestant Was Punished By Producers - Find Out Why

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Who Went Home on 'Survivor' 2018? Week 11 Spoilers!


Survivor kicked off its 36th season at the end of February, and twelve players have been eliminated from the game so far.

The eleventh episode, entitled “A Giant Game of Bumper Cars,” starts with the remaining castaways returning from the surprising double elimination of last week.

This week’s reward challenge is for a picnic, and involves tossing sandbags and going over obstacles. Sebastian wins this challenge, and is allowed to pick three pairs of loved ones: he decides to go with Domenick (and his wife), Wendell (and his father) and Donathan (and his aunt). Surprisingly, Wendell forfeits the prize in order to volunteer to go to Ghost Island, where an advantage awaits. While there, he learns he’ll get a second chance at the upcoming immunity challenge.

Who went home during Survivor?

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