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'Survivor' Production Halted on Season 41; 'Amazing Race' Takes Over Time Slot on Fall Schedule

Survivor has been delayed again due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Variety reports that the season 41 premiere of the mega-popular reality competition series will be delayed and production has been halted on the show.

Survivor‘s producers are currently working with officials in Fiji, where the show films, on when production can safely start up again as “health and safety matters the top priority for everyone involved.”

Survivor will be replaced on the Fall 2020-2021 schedule at CBS on The Amazing Race, which has a full season ready to air. Filming on that program was finished before the pandemic hit many shows and stopped their production. It was originally postponed for a later date.

The Amazing Race will air Wednesdays at 9/8c on the network.

Survivor was first delayed in March.

Black 'Survivor' Alums Call Out The Show For Racial Stereotypes

Ramona Gray Amaro is opening up about the treatment of Black contestants on Survivor.

During an interview with NPR, Ramona and other Black contestants spoke about their experiences on the show and she specifically remembered how she was the first Black woman on the competition series.

“We can’t swim…we butt heads, we’re athletic, but maybe not smart and strategic,” she recalled of the stereotypes the Black contestants were labeled as. “I’m just saying, ‘Do right by us.”

Ramona also recalled that as she was labeled as lazy on the show, when in reality she was very dehydrated.

“I became the lazy person, which is the furthest thing from the truth,” she says. “That really upset me, and it took me a long time to get over it. …To realize, we signed our life away. They can do whatever they want to do.”

Ramona, along with many other Black contestants have advocated for the show to put changes in place.

Their requests include to hire more people of color both in front of and behind the scenes, enforce a zero tolerance policy for racist acts, and avoid creating storylines for non-white contestants that play to racial stereotypes, among others.

Earlier this month, another reality series was called out by one of their own for not representing Black people.

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'Survivor: Winners at War' Champion Reveals What He Plans To Do With $2 Million Prize

Tony Vlachos is opening up about his plans for the two million dollar prize he just won as the champion of Survivor: Winners at War.

Speaking with ET, Tony opened up about how the pandemic has altered what his plans once were.

“It opened up my eyes to see how [important] financial security it is,” Tony shared. “Anything can happen. Right now we’re going through people losing their jobs.

He explains that the first “million that I won with Survivor, I invested in a lot of properties… the best thing to do is to pay off those mortgages and be secure.”

Now, he and his wife will be planning what do with what remains of the winnings after that.

One thing is for certain though: “I promised my kids if I won I would get them go-karts, little ones with gas in them. They’re so excited about that. One pink one, one blue one.”

“Me and my wife, we’re good,” Tony added. “We’re just going to relax and watch our kids live their life to the fullest.”

If you missed it, see what went down during the finale before Tony won the title.

Who Won 'Survivor' 2020? 'Winners at War' Champ Revealed!

SPOILER ALERT – This post contains spoilers from the Survivor finale, so beware of reading further!

The season finale of Survivor: Winners at War just aired and the winner of the show’s 40th season has been revealed!

Heading into the episode, there were five contestants remaining on the island and the 14 contestants who were on the Edge of Extinction all competed against each other to win a spot back in the game.

Throughout the episode, there were some twists and turns and it led to the final three contestants and the jury decided who won the game.

Wondering what’s going to happen with season 41? Here’s an update amid the pandemic.

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'Survivor' Season 41 Production Delayed Due To Coronavirus

The 41st season of Survivor has been delayed due to Coronavirus concerns.

“Due to concerns and uncertainty surrounding the spread of COVID-19 globally, CBS and the producers of Survivor have taken the precautionary measure to delay production on the 41st season, which was set to begin filming later this month in Fiji,” a CBS spokesperson told Variety. “Pending worldwide events, the plan is to return to production on May 19th. The health and safety of the castaways and production members is our top priority.”

EW obtained a letter that Jeff Probst sent to the crew announcing the news.

Click inside to read the letter that was sent…More Here! »

Survivor's Michele Fitzgerald Dated a Fellow Contestant!

Survivor‘s Michele Fitzgerald has revealed that she dated a fellow contestant!

Ahead of the tribe swap on next week’s episode, a new preview shows Michele sharing that her ex-boyfriend is on her new tribe.

The ex’s identity was not given in the preview for the Survivor: Winners at War episode, but fans have figured it out.

As it’s not one of the men on Michele’s original tribe, and Tyson Apostol was just voted off, this leaves only four men: Tony Vlachos, Nick Wilson, Yul Kwon, and Wendell Holland. Tony and Yul are both married, and Nick has been dating Grisel Vilchez – so this can only leave Wendell.

Michele Fitzgerald won Survivor during season 32 in 2016, and Wendell Holland won during season 36 in 2018.

Tune in on March 11 to see what goes down!

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Jeff Probst Reveals the Big New Twist for 'Survivor' Season 40!

Survivor: Winners at War is about to include a big new twist!

Host Jeff Probst revealed one big new surprise on Wednesday (January 15) that will surely affect how the game is played on the upcoming Season 40, debuting on February 12 on CBS.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jeff Probst

“One of the things we wanted to accomplish with 40 was to try to find some ground that might give us room to play going forward. So we went back to the basic idea: Survivor is about a society that forms, and they form their own rules. And they decide who stays and who goes home. And over time, every society ends up having a currency. So we’re looking to add another layer to the society with a Survivor currency in the form of fire tokens,” he revealed to EW.

“Think of tokens as money. And the way it works is, everyone starts with one. And when you are voted out you have to will it or bequeath it to somebody still in the game as you head to the Edge of Extinction.”

“Now players in the game have tokens. People on the Edge have nothing. But what the Edge does have are advantages — that are of no value on the Edge of Extinction but are very valuable in the game. So it becomes supply and demand,” he went on to explain.

“The next layer is, as the game progresses, and you’re on Extinction, you don’t really know who has tokens left. You don’t know what’s been happening over there. So I’m offering to sell to somebody, hoping that they either have enough money — and, if not, they can borrow it — or go into cahoots with somebody to get enough, because they have only until sundown to pay for it.”

Players can use their tokens to purchase food, items or advantages at any challenge.

“I got what you need, you got what I want. Supply and demand. It will ebb and flow. And the idea is, if it works, in future seasons, who knows? Maybe you’re not looking for idols, you’re looking for tokens. And with tokens, you buy whatever you need. That’s the big idea,” he said.

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