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'DWTS' Rep Says Taryn Manning Never Turned Them Down, Reveals the Opposite Happened

Taryn Manning made a claim this week that she’s been asked to be a contestant on Dancing With the Stars and now the show’s rep is responding.

The 41-year-old Orange Is the New Black actress was promoting the gita robot and said in a video, “I’ve been asked to be on Dancing With the Stars many times. I have this weird phobia that [competing on the show] means you’re a has-been, and I never want to believe that’s the case.”

A rep for the show told Page Six that this is not true.

Taryn claims she’s been asked to join the cast ‘many times,’ however, we have never asked Taryn to be part of the show,” the rep said. “Her representation attempted to pitch her to us a while back and we kindly passed. So her claim that she was asked to join DWTS once, never mind many times, is completely false.”

The rep added, “Her thoughts that the contestants consist of ‘has-beens’ seems to be her own projection onto talent that we have asked to cast.”

Taryn Manning Worries That Competing on 'Dancing with the Stars' Would Make Her a 'Has-Been'

Taryn Manning is opening up about the possibility of competing on Dancing with the Stars.

During a new interview, the 41-year-old Orange is the New Black actress revealed that she fears that if she joins the ABC competition that would make her a “has-been.”

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I’ve been asked to be on [DWTS] many times,” Taryn shared with Page Six. “I have this weird phobia that [competing on the show] means you’re a has-been, and I never want to believe that’s the case. Maybe it’s my own stuff, but, yeah, I’m definitely a good dancer.”

If you missed it, Taryn has an interesting new movie role in the works!

Taryn Manning to Play a 'Karen' in Upcoming Thriller!

Taryn Manning is bringing the “Karen” persona to the big screen!

The 41-year-old Orange is the New Black actress has signed on for a new thriller movie about “a racist, entitled white woman in the South who terrorizes her new African-American neighbors,” TMZ reports.

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If you didn’t know, the term “Karen” has been used a lot lately on social media, describing a white woman who makes racist comments towards Black people.

In San Francisco, officials are trying to pass the The “CAREN Act” (Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies) to make it illegal for people to make discriminatory, racially biased 911 calls.

Taryn‘s character, who is named Karen White, makes it her mission to get rid of the new Black family that moved into her neighborhood by any means necessary.

The movie is being written and directed by Coke Daniels.

Taryn Manning Expresses Concern for Britney Spears, But Doesn't Necessarily Agree with 'Free Britney' Movement

Taryn Manning is reminiscing on working with Britney Spears and she has thoughts on the #FreeBritney movement.

The two stars worked together on the 2002 movie Crossroads and Taryn shared a still from the film on Instagram. She said, “Such a wonderful time with this crew! #retro #crossroads.”

Britney‘s fans have been preaching “Free Britney” for years now as they believe she should be released from the conservatorship that is controlled by her dad Jamie Spears and her team. Taryn addressed this in her post.

Britney I know you’re strong af and have your own brain and thought process. To me you look happy and like you’re having a blast! Keep up the happy posts and your faith in Jesus Christ,” Taryn said.

She added, “How about instead of #freebritney we say #GodIsWatchingOverBritney. How about let’s give this wonderful woman the dignity she deserves and earned ✝️ Until you know the facts stop speculating and perpetuating the father of lies. We all know she’s under a type of control that’s unfair and things will be fixed. Have faith. Wish her well! Send good vibes of no fear! Please!”

Another celebrity posted this week in support of the #FreeBritney movement.

Taryn Manning Clarifies Her Britney Spears Post, Apologizes for Her Words

Taryn Manning is further clarifying her concern for Britney Spears.

The actress and singer, who co-starred in Crossroads with Britney, wrote a follow-up post after initially voicing concern for the star amid the ongoing viral #FreeBritney movement by fans on her Instagram.

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“Response to media: First off, my apologies to Britney. I had no media agenda. Never was I seeking attention, nor press via Britney. The reason why I posted was because many fans of her contact me daily BEGGING me to do something. I used to not respond,” she wrote.

“Then, I started to ask for proof of these allegations they presented. Finally, I posted because it was eating away at me for months. What if there is something wrong? I wanted my post to be about the forgotten ones, hence the sentiment. I did not expect the amount of hate in my inbox though, and I don’t need it in my life, people can be cruel. I like Britney, we had a blast at that time, and I want her happy like any decent human would want for another. The Christian in me sees the Christian in her. You are so very loved ✝️,” she went on to write.

Click here to see what Taryn originally wrote about Britney.

Here’s what Britney‘s longtime manager Larry Rudolph has previously said about the ongoing allegations…

Taryn Manning Is Worried About 'Crossroads' Co-Star Britney Spears, Responds to Fans with Concerns

Britney Spears has many fans who are concerned about her well-being and it seems they have been reaching out to people in her life to have them check in on her.

Taryn Manning, who co-starred in the movie Crossroads with Britney almost two decades ago, took to Instagram to address fans who are concerned about the pop star.

“Not trying to get likes I could care less. I am worried about my friend and co-star. Too many times we let one go a-stray and never bother to poke our heads around. ‘Not my chair, not my problem.’ Hey, least we aren’t walking into a gas chamber out of left field today #love @britneyspears ❤️,” Taryn wrote in her post.

She added, “For all of you who hit me daily to do something. I hear you now! We care. Voice away angels this is your playground❤️ can’t phase us anymore. she is my focus. ❤️ loving you.”

Britney has been busy promoting the launch of her The Zone pop-up experience in Los Angeles, which is open now.

Caitlyn Jenner & Sophia Hutchins Show Their Support at alice + olivia Launch Party

Caitlyn Jenner and Sophia Hutchins pose together on the red carpet as they arrive at the alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet x FriendsWithYou Collection Launch Party on Thursday night (November 7) at the Hollywood Athletic Club in Hollywood, Calif.

Joining the stars at the event included designer Stacey Bendet and Paris Jackson.

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Other stars at the event included Euphoria actress Iris Apatow, Gossip Girl actress Michelle Trachtenberg, Orange is the New Black actress Taryn Manning, and 13 Reasons Why actress Anne Winters.

Late last month, Caitlyn celebrated her 70th birthday with several members of the Kardashian-Jenner family.

20+ pictures inside of Caitlyn Jenner and the other stars at the party…More Here! »

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