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Mischa Barton Toots Boots

Mischa Barton and boyfriend/guitarist Taylor Locke are spotted walking around New York City on Saturday.

Earlier in Wednesday, the 22-year-old actress was seen wearing the same boots leaving the dentist’s office!

Mischa has a busy year, with three films coming out — Don’t Fade Away, Homecoming and Walled In.

DO YOU THINK the former OC-actress can make the transition to the big screen?

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Mischa Barton & Taylor Locke Are So In Love

Mischa Barton walks back to her car with her rocker beau Taylor Locke (the guitarist from Rooney) after buying cigarettes at a mobile gas station in Hollywood on Tuesday.

Earlier in the evening, the 22-year-old former O.C. star helped the Nylon Magazine and MySpace celebrate their 3rd Annual Collaborative Music Issue, School Of Rock, with Scarlett Johansson on the cover.

Below is the trailer for Mischa‘s latest thriller, Walled In. The film is based on Serge Broselot‘s bestselling French novel “Les Emmeures,” about a demolition company rep (Barton) who supervises the razing of a mysterious building and discovers horrifying secrets and past inhabitants entombed within its walls by a vicious murderer.

Walled In Trailer

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Mischa Barton - Fashion Designer?

Mischa Barton and boyfriend Taylor Locke arrive back at their hotel Friday night in London, England.

The pair did a quick wardrobe change and then snuck out the back of the hotel and headed straight for the Met Bar.

Mischa, 22, has been in the planning stages of launching her own collection of handbags. “Mischa has always loved fashion, especially handbags,” her rep told Elle. The line will be vintage-inspired and all finished by a flower motif hand drawn by the ex O.C. star.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about a Mischa Barton handbag collection — YAY or NAY?

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Mischa Barton's Tequila Tantrum

Mischa Barton and her boyfriend Taylor Locke storm past photographers with a huge bottle of tequila to their hotel on Wednesday in London, England .

Mischa, 22, was in a bad mood and covered her face to try and avoid being photographed.

The ex-O.C. actress is reportedly set to star in Simon FellowsMalice in Wonderland opposite Danny Dyer. The film will be a creepy adaptation of Lewis Carroll‘s Alice in Wonderland with a modern twist.

10+ pictures of Mischa Barton and her tequila tantrum…

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Taylor Locke: Mischa Barton's New Boyfriend

Headband-sporting actress Mischa Barton showers her new boyfriend, Rooney guitarist Taylor Locke, with hugs and kisses at a lunch in West Hollywood on Thursday.

According to People, “Later, the actress stopped by a memorial concert for filmmaker Brandon Schantz at the Roxy, where Locke‘s band performed. Barton headed straight backstage – then took her spot in a booth to get into the music, clapping with her arms above her head at the end of each song and bopping her head to the music. After the show, Barton retreated backstage again before coming out with her beau, holding him around the waist and kissing him on the lips.”

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