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Taylor Swift Says She's 'Proud' of The Class of 2020 During Virtual Commencement

Taylor Swift shared a comforting message for the Class of 2020.

As one of the many celebrity speakers at YouTube Originals’ Dear Class of 2020, the 30-year-old musician recalled that she also didn’t make it to her own graduation.

“I wanted to say congratulations to all the graduates this year. I know this is probably not the graduation you thought you were going to be having. I relate to that in a lot of ways,” Taylor said during her brief appearance.

She added, “When I was younger, I used to fantasize about high school graduation and being with all of your friends and cap and gown and the whole thing. Then when I got to that point in my life where graduation was coming up, I found myself on a radio tour with my mom in rental cars, sitting on the floors of airports, and I ended up being mailed my diploma.”

Taylor continued, “So it wasn’t exactly what I pictured, but I was still really proud of it, and I guess one good lesson to come from it is expect the unexpected, but celebrate anyway.”

“I’m so proud of you guys and I hope that you have a wonderful time and are really proud of yourselves.”

Stay tuned for the video of Taylor‘s appearance!

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Taylor Swift Condemns President Donald Trump for Theatening Violence: 'We Will Vote You Out in November'

Taylor Swift is speaking out against President Donald Trump.

The 30-year-old “Look What You Made Me Do” singer-songwriter spoke out amid outcry against the President of the United States for his violent rhetoric late on Thursday night (May 28) on Twitter amid protests in Minneapolis, Minn. over the death of George Floyd.

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“These THUGS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd, and I won’t let that happen. Just spoke to Governor Tim Walz and told him that the Military is with him all the way. Any difficulty and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts. Thank you!,” he wrote.

“After stoking the fires of white supremacy and racism your entire presidency, you have the nerve to feign moral superiority before threatening violence? ‘When the looting starts the shooting starts’??? We will vote you out in November. @realdonaldtrump,” she responded.

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Taylor Swift Fans Are Mad at Burger King for This Joke

Some Swifties are not taking too kindly to Burger King’s sense of humor!

Taylor Swift‘s fans are reacting to a shady comment made by the popular fast food chain’s Twitter account on Thursday (May 28).

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It happened when someone asked Burger King what their favorite song is by the 1989 singer, to which they responded: “the one about her ex.” It has since been deleted, although the screenshots quickly spread around the Internet.

Fans began trending the hashtag #BurgerKingIsOverParty, with some joking about the tweet and finding it funny, while others seriously taking issue and calling their response “sexist.” Other Twitter users then joined the party, with some calling out the brand and others celebrating Burger King’s joke. People also called out the trending party for happening at all amid more pressing world events.

To remedy the situation, Burger King later made a reference: “let’s shake it off. celebrate #BurgerKingIsOverParty with the $3 shake + fries deal in the app 😉,” they wrote.

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Taylor Swift Fans Think 'Look What You Made Me Do' Mystery Cover on 'Killing Eve' Is Her Way of Getting Back at Scooter Braun

Taylor Swift has her fans sleuthing for clues once again.

The 30-year-old reputation singer shared a mysterious cover of her song, “Look What You Made Me Do,” used in the latest episode of Killing Eve on Sunday (May 24).

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The cover was recorded by an alleged act called Jack Leopards & The Dolphin Club which…seemingly doesn’t exist, or at least has no previous song credits to their name.

Fans started to dig further into the subject, noticing that Taylor‘s brother, Austin Swift, used to be called “The Dolphin Club” on Twitter. In addition, the production credit on the cover is for Nils Sjoberg, which is Taylor‘s songwriting pseudonym.

Swifties are now thinking that this Taylor’s way of getting around her song usage debacle, hitting back at Scooter Braun and Big Machine Records amid their battle over the rights to her masters.

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Taylor Swift 'City of Lover' Paris Concert: Listen to the Live Songs!

Taylor Swift has released the live versions of her songs from her Lover album!

After her City of Lover concert special aired on ABC on Sunday night (May 17), the 30-year-old entertainer released the live versions of the songs she sang during the special.

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The concert was filmed back in September of 2019 at L’Olympia Theater in Paris, France, and featured Taylor singing songs off her latest album Lover to fans from over 37 countries.

The special is Taylor‘s only concert event in 2020, following Lover Fest Tour‘s cancellation due to the pandemic.

Taylor Swift City of Lover will be available to stream stream on Hulu and Disney+ tomorrow.

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Katy Perry Responds to Rumors of Collab with Taylor Swift

Katy Perry is reacting to the rumors that she and Taylor Swift are collaborating on a song for her upcoming album.

Fans have been reading into every little thing that the two stars post on social media, trying to figure out if they’re hinting at new music.

“No, it’s not correct,” Katy said during an interview on Hits Radio Breakfast. “But the fans are definitely excited for something like that to happen in the future, and I’m always open.”

The radio hosts flat out asked Katy if Taylor will be on the new album.

“No! Not as yet,” she said. “I mean, the fans are so fun, they do search far and wide for Easter eggs. And we do put them in our visuals and in lyric videos and music videos and content that we created. Not everything is an Easter egg. Some things are just flowers.”

Katy just released the new music video for her song “Daisies” and she strips down to her birthday suit!

Are Katy Perry & Taylor Swift Releasing a New Song Together?

Katy Perry is gearing up to release her new song “Daisies” this week, but is Taylor Swift actually on it too?

Fans are putting possible clues together that point to the two teaming up for the song.

When Katy announced her new single last week with a pic on social media, Taylor also posted a new photo that same day of her wearing a sweater with daisies on it.

Also to note about both of their posts, they were both posted on the two year anniversary that Katy sent an olive branch to Taylor to end their feud back in 2018.

Another thing to note about Taylor‘s post is that she used four emojis, including two snake emojis, referencing her Reputation album. Track four on Reputation is “Don’t Blame Me” which has the lyric, “I once was poison ivy but now I’m your daisy.” The snake emojis are also similar to the two “S” letters in Katy‘s “Daisies” artwork.

That same day, the American Idol Twitter account tweeted, “We can’t wait to play this like 1,989 times in a row.” 1989, also known as Taylor‘s fifth album’s title, and the year she was born.

When asked about the theory, Katy told Extra, “Well, you’re just gonna have to tune in to ‘Idol’ next week if all rumors are true or false.”

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