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The Weeknd Tells 'Rolling Stone' About the Time Taylor Swift Kept Petting His Hair

The Weeknd takes the cover of Rolling Stone‘s latest issue!

Here’s what the 25-year-old entertainer had to share with the mag:

On his first time meeting Taylor Swift: “She actually schooled me on my own sh*t. She was like, ‘I’ve been listening to ‘The Morning’ [from House of Balloons] for years — it’s one of my favorite songs ever!’ I mean, she might have just Googled it. But she seemed genuine. But the whole time she was talking…she was kind of, like, petting my hair? I think she was just drawn to it — she must have been a little gone off a few drinks. And of course I’m not going to be like, ‘Hey, can you stop?’ I mean, it felt good! But when she started petting my hair, that’s when I was like, ‘I definitely need a drink.’”

On his worst fear: “I think the worst thing anyone can say about an artist is, ‘He could have been great,’” he says. “I was always scared of being that guy where it’s like, ‘He could have been big. He could have been a star.’ I was afraid I’d see somebody else up there and be like, ‘You’re trying to tell me they’re better than me? Why? Because they’ve got a couple of smash records? I can do smashes. I could figure it out.’ And to be honest with you, it’s been, what, a couple of years now? And it feels great. I feel great.”

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Taylor Swift Welcomes Miranda Lambert on Stage for 'Little Red Wagon' Duet - Watch Now!

Miranda Lambert hits the stage with Taylor Swift for her 1989 tour stop on Wednesday evening (October 21) in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The 25-year-old entertainer and Miranda, 31, belted out “Little Red Wagon” for the screaming crowd.

Taylor shared two videos from Miranda‘s appearance on her Instagram account — you can watch both below! Taylor‘s tour wraps up in the US on Halloween and resumes a few days later overseas in Asia.

Oooooh Ahhhhhhh @mirandalambert

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

FYI: Miranda is wearing a 1989 Star Struck Vintage t-shirt.

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Taylor Swift Had a Dream That Her Ex Showed Up at Her Door

Taylor Swift gets interviewed by her pal Ryan Adams in this new video from her GQ cover story feature.

The 25-year-old entertainer sat down with the 40-year-old singer/songwriter, who just released a full cover version of her hit album 1989.

Taylor talked to Ryan about everything from John Hughes movies, to how she came up with “Blank Space,” to which song came to her in a dream! Watch below!

“The song ‘All You Had to Do Was Stay’ there’s this really high-pitched ‘Stay!’” Taylor said. “I had a dream that my ex showed up at my door, knocked on the door, and I opened it up and I was about ready to launch into like the perfect thing to say, and instead all that would come out of my mouth was that high-pitched chorus of people saying ‘Stay!’”

Ryan Adams Interviews Taylor Swift

FYI: Ryan is wearing a Levi’s trucker jacket.

Taylor Swift Talks About Being a Songwriter, Not Just a Singer

Taylor Swift looks gorgeous on the cover of Vogue Australia‘s November 2015, which is on newsstands now.

Here is what the 25-year-old singer had to share with the mag:

On why it’s not a “good time” to be Taylor: “Oh, that is such an illusion. The public could change their minds about me tomorrow. If they decided that I was annoying tomorrow, they would use that angle and then a few other writers would use that and it would catch on. Things are good right now but I’m never going to be stupid, foolish or ignorant enough to think I have control over the public. All I can control is making good music. I am so lucky that people seem to like me right now, but in no way, shape or form is it a permanent thing. And I think being aware of that is what keeps you smart and is what keeps you on the game.”

On being a songwriter, not just a singer: “Being a songwriter is the reason why I approached all of this with such conviction. I don’t think that I would care 1/16th as much if I didn’t write every song lyric that you hear me sing. It drives everything, it drives creative ideas about what the music videos are going to be, it drives the production elements that are going to be on tour and the stories I want to tell. It absolutely determines everything; everything’s drawn from the lyrics.”

On her famous circle of friends: “My friendship group is one of my favourite things about my life right now. Our friends really have each others’ back. It’s the first time in my life that I’ve had anything strong like that in the friendship department.”

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Taylor Swift Gets 'Bad Blood' - Literally - After Kitchen Injury

Taylor Swift may have incredible baking skills but she might not be a pro when it comes to using knives in the kitchen!

The 25-year-old superstar took to her Instagram on Saturday (October 17) to share a pic of her thumb bandaged up.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Taylor Swift

It looks like the singer had a mishap while cooking something up!

“Band aids don’t fix kitchen knife-related injuries,” she jokingly captioned the image, referencing her hit “Bad Blood.”

Taylor even added her lucky number 13 to her bandage. Hopefully she heals up soon!

Taylor Swift Sings 'Love Me Like You Do' with Ellie Goulding!

Taylor Swift welcomes her good friend Ellie Goulding during a stop on The 1989 World Tour on Saturday (October 17) at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Tex.

The 25-year-old singer sang the Fifty Shades of Grey song “Love Me Like You Do” with Ellie live for the crowd.

“The person about to come out and perform for you is going to perform one of the biggest songs of the entire year. She’s one of my really, really, really good friends. She has an amazing British accent. She starred as Destructa-X in the ‘Bad Blood’ music video. And she’s here to sing her number one smash hit,” Taylor said to welcome Ellie to the stage.

Taylor Swift Sings ‘Love Me Like You Do’ with Ellie Goulding!
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taylor swift sings love me like you do with ellie goulding 05

Taylor Swift Speaks to Speculation That 'Bad Blood' Is About Katy Perry

Taylor Swift gives a hint at her amazing bikini body in this brand new photo from her GQ November 2015 cover feature.

Here’s what the 25-year-old entertainer had to share with the mag:

On the public’s assumption that ‘Bad Blood’ is about Katy Perry: “You’re in a[n] interview, and the writer says, ‘Who is that song about? That sounds like a really intense moment from your life.’ And you sit there, and you know you’re on good terms with your ex-boyfriend, and you don’t want him—or his family—to think you’re firing shots at him. So you say, ‘That was about losing a friend.’ And that’s basically all you say. But then people cryptically tweet about what you meant. I never said anything that would point a finger in the specific direction of one specific person, and I can sleep at night knowing that. I knew the song would be assigned to a person, and the easiest mark was someone who I didn’t want to be labeled with this song. It was not a song about heartbreak. It was about the loss of friendship.”

On media speculation about all of her songs: “I don’t feel there is any injustice when people expand beyond my music and speculate on who certain songs might be about. I’ve never named names, so I feel like I still have a sense of power over what people say—even if that isn’t true, and even if I don’t have any power over what people say about me. The fact that I’ve never confirmed who those songs are about makes me feel like there is still one card I’m holding. So if you’re going to look at your life and say, “I get to play sold-out football stadiums all over the world. I get to call up my favorite artists and ask them to perform with me, and most of the time they say yes. I get to be on the cover of this magazine”—this is all because I write songs about my own life. So I would feel a little strange complaining about how it’s covered.”

On if she ever feels lonely: “I’m around people so much. Massive amounts of people… So then when I go home and turn on the TV, and I’ve got Monica and Chandler and Ross and Rachel and Phoebe and Joey on a Friends marathon, I don’t feel lonely. You know, during the first few years of your career, the only thing anyone says to you is ‘Enjoy this. Just enjoy this.’ That’s all they ever tell you. And I finally know how to do that.”

On if she’s worried her lyrics will be perceived differently than intended: “No. Some of the things I write about on a song like ‘Blank Space’ are satire. You take your creative license and create things that are larger than life. You can write things like I get drunk on jealousy but you’ll come back each time you leave, ’cause darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream. That is not my approach to relationships. But is it cool to write the narrative of a girl who’s crazy but seductive but glamorous but nuts but manipulative? That was the character I felt the media had written for me, and for a long time I felt hurt by it. I took it personally. But as time went by, I realized it was kind of hilarious.”

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