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Actress Arryn Zech Accuses Ex Boyfriend, The 100's Bob Morley, of Emotional & Verbal Abuse

Arryn Zech is accusing her ex boyfriend, The 100 actor Bob Morley, of “emotionally and verbally” abusing her throughout the duration of their time together.

“I cannot count how often I was yelled at by him. I was berated for things as silly as not knowing what Akira was when asked, after I’d said I knew anime once. For sharing a poem I wrote and having the audacity to think it’s good. For sleeping in too much,” the 29-year-old RWBY actress wrote on her Twitter account.

“When he found out that I am bisexual, he was furious,” she continued. “Saying things like I would obviously never be enough for him, that I wanted to be with women, or that I’d cheat on him. After that day, I never brought up my sexuality again. I was silenced and afraid it would just set him off.”

“When I told him I was sexually assaulted at a convention, he got furious at me for ‘cheating’ on him,” she added. “He isolated me from friends and family, claiming things like my best friend wasn’t supportive enough of me or that my dad was jealous of him.”

She continued, “But then he cheated and ended it with me, just as he cheated and ended it with his girlfriend before me, with the same girl, no less. They had been having an affair for at least 6 months prior to our breaking up. The three of us were together constantly in the second half of the relationship, my being forced to be friends with this girl he’d insisted he hated not one year before. I would hear them whisper or see how they looked at each other. I’d asked Bob if he liked her, to just be honest with me, but he denied it every time.”

She said her suspicions were confirmed when she actually “caught them on the cameras we’d set up to watch our dogs while I was in New Zealand with my mother, because he forgot to turn the cameras off when they got to our house together.”

Bob and The 100‘s Eliza Taylor got married last year. As of the time of this posting, Bob has not responded to these allegations. Stay tuned.

You can read Arryn Zech’s full statement in the gallery of this post…

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Coronavirus Halts Production on 'Supernatural's Final Season

Production on the final season of Supernatural has been shut down during coronavirus concerns.

In the interests of the cast and crew, filming has been suspended and it comes with just a few weeks left to film the final episodes of the 15th season, Deadline reports.

Meanwhile, The 100, which shoots in the same vicinity of Supernatural, is pushing on in an attempt to finish the series finale.

There are only a couple of days left on set and “producers will try to finish the series before sending everyone home.”

Supernatural is airing now on The CW on Thursdays, and The 100 is set to premiere later this spring on the network.

Stay up to date with all the cancellations so far during the coronavirus pandemic.

'The 100' Prequel Series Gets Backdoor Pilot

A prequel series for The 100 is coming to The CW!

THR reports that the pilot will air as a planted episode in the upcoming and final season The 100, which is filming now.

The untitled drama is set 97 years before the events of The 100 and starts with the end of the world and a nuclear apocalypse that wipes out most of the human population on Earth.

It follows a band of survivors on the ground as they learn to cope in a dangerous world while fighting to create a new and better society out of the ashes of what came before.

The CW's 'The 100' To End After Next Year's Season 7

The 100 is coming to an end…

It was just announced that the CW show will be over after the seventh season in 2020.

“With #The100 Season 6 finale just days away, I have some bittersweet news to share: Season 7 will be our last,” series creator Jason Rothenberg shared on Twitter. “We are eternally grateful to WB & CW for always allowing us to tell our story the way we want to & to wrap the show on our terms. What an incredible ride this has been!”

Jason Rothenberg has said to us a number of times that he wanted to end with the seventh season. He has other ideas he wants to do and thought this was the right way to go,” CW president Mark Pedowitz said at the network’s TCA event on Sunday (August 4th), via THR. “We’ve been very good about listening to showrunner creators about when it’s the right time to end the series.”

The series stars Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos, Lindsey Morgan, Richard Harmon, Shannon Kook, JR Bourne, and Tasya Teles.

The 100‘s season six finale will air THIS Tuesday (August 6) on The CW.

'The 100' Star Says Goodbye After Six Seasons (Spoilers)

SPOILER ALERT – This post contains spoilers for the latest episode of The 100, so beware of reading further if you’re not up-to-date!

Fans of The CW’s hit series The 100 had to say goodbye to one of the show’s original stars during the episode that aired on Tuesday (July 9).

Of the 11 actors who were series regulars from the first season, there were only five left as series regulars and now we’re down to four.

Click inside to find out who has left the show… More Here! »

'The 100' Co-Stars Eliza Taylor & Bob Morley are Married!

Surprise! Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley are married!

The 100 co-stars surprised fans by revealing that they are together – and are now husband and wife.

“Recently I married my best friend and soul mate @WildpipM We are very happy and ask that you keep your comments kind and respect our privacy at this time ❤️,” Eliza wrote on Twitter along with a photo of the couple holding hands and showing off their wedding bands.

This is the first time Eliza and Bob have ever commented on their relationship.

and Bob have starred together on The 100 since it debuted on The CW back in 2014.

Congrats to the happy couple!!

The CW Debuts 'The 100' Season 6 Trailer - Watch Now!

The 100 is coming back for more – and this season looks more intense than ever!

The trailer for Season 6 of the hit CW series premiered on Thursday (March 28).

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of The 100

After spending over a hundred years in cryo-sleep, Bellamy (Bob Morley) and Clarke (Eliza Taylor) awaken to a new planet. They join Echo (Tasya Teles), Murphy (Richard Harmon), Emori (Luisa D’Oliveira), Miller (Jarod Joseph), Jackson (Sachin Sahel) and Shaw (Jordan Bolger) as the first group of explorers to the new planet.

But the leader of this new kingdom called Sanctum, Russell (J.R. Bourne), isn’t excited about these settlers.

The 100 premieres on Tuesday, April 30 at 9/8c on The CW.

Watch the Season 6 trailer for The 100