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Kellan Lutz Makes a Welcome Return for 'The Comeback' Finale

Kellan Lutz made his own comeback to the cult favorite series The Comeback for the season two finale, which aired this past weekend.

The 29-year-old actor returned in his role of Chris MacNess, who he played on the first season back in 2005. Other stars who appeared on the finale include Malin Akerman in her role from the first season and Brad Goreski as himself.


In Kellan‘s big scene, his character, now a major movie star, reveals to Lisa Kudrow‘s Valerie Cherish that he’s had a crush on her for the past ten years and he tries to get her to sleep with him.

“It’s crazy because he was like 20 when we first shot and he has grown so much. And oh god, he’s so good looking, it’s sort of arresting,” Lisa told E! Online about working with the hunky actor. “When you see him in person it’s sort of like, ‘WHOA WHAT? Who’s that walking toward me with a smile and making eye contact?! For me? What? For me? Oh my god.’”

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Lisa Kudrow's 'The Comeback' Officially Returning to HBO!

Lisa Kudrow is officially going to make a comeback with her cult favorite comedy series The Comeback!

The series is about the embattled Valerie Cherish, a fading TV “It Girl” who was once so desperate to stay in the spotlight that she allowed cameras to follow her every move as she appeared on a new sitcom – with disastrous results.

The Comeback
will receive a six-episode limited series this fall on HBO. Lisa is returning alongside executive producer Dan Bucatinsky and show creator Michael Patrick King.

“It was almost too fun playing Valerie Cherish the first time around,” Lisa said in a statement (via Deadline). “I look forward to revisiting this resilient and ironically self-unaware character.”

ARE YOU EXCITED to get a second season of The Comeback?