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Aaron Sorkin Shoots Down Rumors of 'The Newsroom' Returning

There have been rumors spreading this week that the HBO series The Newsroom could be returning for more seasons, but don’t get your hopes up.

Olivia Munn, who starred on the series for all three seasons, previously said she had hopes that the show would come back.

Tom Sadoski and myself, we’ve actually been having conversations with [showrunner Aaron] Sorkin about that,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “He’s very busy, but we have very high hopes that it would be able to come together, hopefully. There’s been so much that has happened in the news and in media that we could really speak on, and it’d really be interesting to see what his take would be on it and what The Newsroom would do today.”

Well, Aaron says that he has no plans of bringing the show back.

During an interview on The Late Late Show with James Corden, he said, “I wish the show was on the air now. I would love to be writing it now. But there are other things coming up. I’ve no plans to return to anything I’ve done.”

'The Newsroom' Series Finale Spoilers - How Did It All End?


The series finale of The Newsroom has aired and we now know the fate of all the characters on the show.

Last week’s penultimate episode ended with the death of Sam Waterston‘s beloved character Charlie Skinner following one of the most talked about moments in the series’ history.

The finale blended in many flashback moments to show what happened before the story started in episode one, including how Charlie rounded up the crew for the new version of “News Night” that launched in the series premiere.

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Aaron Sorkin Responds to 'Newsroom' Writer's Reaction to Rape Scene

Aaron Sorkin is speaking out after a scene in the penultimate episode of his series The Newsroom sparked controversy for the way it handled a campus rape accusation.

After viewers voiced their anger at the scene, one of the show’s staff writers, Alena Smith, let her followers know that she disagreed with how the scene was handled and got kicked out of the writers room by Sorkin for letting her feelings be known.

Aaron is now responding to Alena‘s claims in an email to Mediate.

“I was surprised to be told this morning that Alena had tweeted out her unhappiness with the story. But I was even more surprised that she had so casually violated the most important rule of working in a writers room which is confidentiality,” Aaron says in the note.

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Amy Schumer Hilariously Parodies 'The Newsroom' with Josh Charles - Watch Now!

Check out Amy Schumer and The Good Wife‘s Josh Charles starring in this hilarious parody of The Newsroom, which aired on tonight’s episode of Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer.

“The Foodroom” follows two fast food store managers who have a relationship that seems strikingly similar to that of The Newsroom’s Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) and MacKenzie McHale (Emily Mortimer).

While dealing with the every day problems of the fast food joint, like accidentally dropping burgers under the soft serve machine, Josh‘s character is super upset that corporate put apple slices on his menu.

Inside Amy Schumer airs on Tuesday nights at 10:30pm on Comedy Central!

Amy Schumer Hilariously Parodies ‘The Newsroom’ with Josh Charles

'The Newsroom' Ending After Third Season

The Newsroom will be coming back to air this fall for its third and final season, the network has confirmed (via The Hollywood Reporter).

While star Jeff Daniels had told his Twitter followers that the show was renewed a few months ago, it has not received the official renewal until now.

There have been a bunch of major events over the last year that the show will most likely cover, including the Newtown school shooting and the Boston Marathon bombing.

The Newsroom also stars Emily Mortimer, Olivia Munn, Dev Patel, Alison Pill, John Gallagher Jr, and Thomas Sadoski.

ARE YOU SAD that The Newsroom will be ending after season three?

Olivia Munn & Aaron Sorkin: No Conflict on 'The Newsroom' Set!

Aaron Sorkin has responded to reports that Olivia Munn is causing problems on the set of The Newsroom and slamming them as absolutely untrue.

“The story bears no resemblance to reality. Olivia is a perfect cast member who is loved and respected by the entire cast, by the crew and the producers, by HBO and especially by me,” the 52-year-old producer/creator told in a statement.

A third season of The Newsroom was ordered back in September, but there is no return date set for the show yet.

Jeff Daniels, who is the star of the HBO drama, won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series back in September.