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It's Groundhog Day in The O.C.

Ryan (Ben McKenzie) and Taylor (Autumn Reeser) and Summer (Rachel Bilson) and Seth (Adam Brody) share dances with one another. The O.C. episode “The Groundhog Day” airs next Thursday, Jan. 25 @ 9PM ET/PT on FOX.

Official synopsis: As the Cohens prepare for Kirsten’s 40th birthday party, Kirsten gets some news that will change her life forever. Meanwhile, Julie Cooper is having a secret love affair that Kaitlin does all she can to stop. While Ryan acts like he doesn’t miss Taylor, Taylor visits a therapist, who gives her some rules to live by. After their plan to save Newport Chuck goes awry, Che finally discovers that Seth is not his soulmate and Sandy and Kirsten have surprises for each other.

Also pictured: Seth (Adam Brody) and Che (Chris Pratt) find themselves locked up. Ben and Adam horse around on set at a gas station.


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The OC's French Connection

Here are some new O.C. promos! Above is Ryan (Ben McKenzie) confronting Taylor (Autumn Reeser) after guest-starring on a French TV talk show with her ex-husband Henri-Michel (Henri Lubatti, pictured below). The O.C. episode “The French Connection” airs Thursday, Jan. 11 @ 9PM ET/PT on FOX.

Other pictures include: Ryan counseling a confused Seth (Adam Brody), presumably after Summer (Rachel Bilson) calls off the engagement. Also, Ryan is pictured saying goodbye to his biological father Frank (Kevin Sorbo, aka Hercules). The O.C. episode “The My Two Dads” airs tonight @ 9PM ET/PT on FOX.


Video promo for The O.C. episode “The My Two Dads”
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The OC Photo Gallery

The O.C. Officially Cancelled!

We’ve been hearing this for many months now (perhaps longer) but word on the street is that Fox has “officially” pulled the plug on The O.C. in its fourth (and final) season. Big surprise because just yesterday, the pilot pickup season kicked off and a spy dramedy from The O.C. creator Josh Schwartz was given the green light by NBC. Josh, 30, will be delivering a high-concept action dramedy about spies (in the vein of Grosse Pointe Blank) called Chuck.

Josh will also be executive producing The Gossip Girl, which is supposedly going to be picked up by the CW. He’s going to be a busy guy, that Josh. But without The O.C. on his plate. At this point, we can only wish for great acting gigs for the cast. All of them.

Other pictures include The O.C. star Benjamin McKenzie arriving at LAX airport with friends on New Years Day.

UPDATE 1 :: It’s official! FOX just sent out a press release. The O.C. will air its season finale on Feb. 22, so that’s 8 new episodes to go with new episodes starting tomorrow. Read the full text after the jump!

UPDATE 2 :: Josh drops some spoilers about the series finale to TV Guide: “There will be a pregnancy. There will be a most unexpected new love triangle. There will be some new animals that need saving. There will be some hallucinatory dreams. And there’s going to be a fight for the love of a certain woman. And there’s going to be some surprises for the Cohen family, and some really big decisions for everybody to make. The finale is going to deliver real closure to these characters. It’s going to be the finale we had always planned to do.”


More Here! »

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Chris Brown Runs Its On 'The O.C.'

Chris Brown has an upcoming guest role on The O.C. starting Jan. 4. Chris, in a multi-episode arc will play Will Tutt, a lonely band geek (wow, how dorky does that look) at The Harbor School who befriends Kaitlin Cooper (Willa Holland, pictured above). As their friendship grows (they work on a project together), a possible romance blossoms in Orange County. The O.C. episode “The My Two Dads” airs Thursday, Jan. 4 @ 9PM ET/PT.

Chris on his role on The O.C.: “I play, like, a band geek — I’m really stepping out of my own character. I was kind of a geek in school, grade-wise. But style-wise, I was always popular and cool. But [on the show] I’m geeked out all the way. I’m just trying to be myself and then be the character [the role calls for]. I don’t look at it like this role takes away from who I am.”

Chris was recently named Billboard Magazine’s 2006 ARTIST OF THE YEAR. He will make his motion picture debut January 12, 2007 in Sony Screen Gems’ Stomp the Yard.

Also pictured: Ryan (Ben McKenzie) says goodbye to his biological father Frank (Kevin Sorbo, aka Hercules).

P.S. Casting did a great job. Willa looks almost exactly like Mischa Barton here!


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Mischa Barton for Don Flood

Ok, I’ve obviously got something for the actresses on The O.C. Give me a break, yeah? Here’s Mischa Barton looking absolutely stunning in this photo shoot from Don Flood. These photos are ten-fold more visually exciting and interesting than the Rachel Bilson ones I just posted (which, I am told, are old…oops!). Enjoy!

Meanwhile, Mischa Barton seems to be in some sort of odd state now that she’s been off’d from The O.C.

Mischa Barton is a very unhappy person these days, for it seems that after her character on the hit TV show ‘The OC’ was killed off at the end of last season, she has been dealing with a spot of depression. A source revealed that the actress felt as if her career had been spiraling downhill ever since she decided to walk away from the show. “Mischa is miserable since she left ‘the O.C.’ She feels like her life is over and everything is going downhill…She acts like she has nothing to live for.”

The source also said that her bad mood was souring her relationship with musician Cisco Adler. Barton has reportedly pestered her boyfriend for a commitment, and threatened to walk out of the relationship if he did not give her a ring.

Yikes! Peep the fantastic gallery below!


mischa barton don flood 01
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mischa barton don flood 06

Autumn Reeser: The OC's Hottest Resident?

The OC has never been hotter with Autumn Reeser on board! If you think Autumn is the same conniving, manipulative dean-seducing vixen she plays on The OC, you’ve got a lot to learn. Autumn Reeser takes the cover of Stuff Magazine December 2006. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Since The OC has such great music, do you have the most kick-ass iPod ever? This last year has been the most musical year of my life. This is embarrassing, but I was not into music growing up. I acted in musical theater, so I Know, like the entire soundtrack of Rent. But if you play me anything from the ’90s, I have no idea what it is. So starting the show and getting an iPod has really changed my life.

How do you pick your music? People send stuff to me. I also go to dance class three or four times a week, and I’ll hear stuff and ask the choreographer what it is.

That’s a lot of dancing. Is that your main way of keeping in shape? My body’s become very strong over the last few years because of dancing. And I’m really proud of my body right now, because I’ve gotten out of what I’ve been able to teach it to do in dance class.


autumn reeser stuff magazine 01
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Kate Winslet Goes Glamour

  • Ricky Martin defended Madonna‘s adoption of a 1-year-old Malawian boy, calling her an “exemplary” mother, and said he, too, would like to adopt. Ricky said: “The love she gives her kids is a dream, and I know that her heart is big enough to adopt not just one child but to adopt 20.”
  • Former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham called on the Bahamian government Wednesday to investigate whether Anna Nicole Smith has legal residency status in the country and said Anna “is not a fit and proper person to become a permanent resident of the Bahamas.” “Her general character and reputation don’t commend her for such status.” Ingraham added.
  • Liev Schreiber is joining the cast of CSI. Beginning in January, the actor will fill in for star William Peterson, who is taking time off to appear in a play.
Ciara - “Promise” Music Video