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Tina Majorino Reflects on 'Napolean Dynamite' in Bello's November 2014 Issue!

Tina Majorino is red hot on the cover of Bello magazine’s November issue, available now!

Here’s what the 29-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On her role in Napoleon Dynamite: “I read Napoleon Dynamite and instantly I was like, ‘I don’t even care if I get it, I have to audition for this movie!’ I think I was 17 – it was the first script that I read coming out of my sabbatical – and I was like, ‘this is hilarious.’ That film was a huge lesson for me in following my gut. It was pure magic and 100% reignited my love of filmmaking.”

On working with Kevin Costner as a child star
: “I will never forget how much Kevin Costner’s passion for making movies came through [while filming 1995's Waterworld]. No matter how crazy everything off the set became, he showed up to work every day just wanting to do the best work possible. He loves doing this just for the sake of doing it, and every time [that I've collaborated with someone] who has had that mentality, it’s always been a fulfilling experience.”

On the art of film-making: “Making films is not only fulfilling, but on a deeper level, you have the ability to touch people’s lives you will never meet. I’ve personally had days when I’m really low and put a movie in and it’s changed my life. Art is how we deal with those existential anxieties.”

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