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Singer Poppy Parts Ways with Collaborator Titanic Sinclair Over His 'Manipulative' Behavior

Poppy has decided to end her professional relationship with creative partner Titanic Sinclair.

The 24-year-old singer took to Twitter to share a letter detailing the end of their partnership, which she says was a “long time coming.”

“This is a person whom I defended in the past because I thought he was just misunderstood,” Poppy wrote. She then went on to defend herself against the rumors circulating about her character while being associated with Titanic.

“I was never ‘an accomplice’ to this person’s past actions like some believe – I was a person who suffered similar wrongdoings as one of his former partners brought to light,” she continued.

Poppy went on to claim that Titanic “glamorizes suicide” and used it as a way to manipulate her.

“As a grab for attention he messaged fans before he tried hanging himself while I was on tour with an item that belonged to me,” Poppy added. She then went on to say that Titanic has recently used her former friends “as his next experiment repeating manipulative patterns he has for years…I was trapped in a mess that I needed to dig my way out of – and like I always do, I figured out how to handle it.”

Titanic Sinclair has not addressed Poppy‘s comments yet.

You can read Poppy‘s entire letter below.