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'SNL' Announces Awkwafina & Seth Meyers as Upcoming Hosts - See Who's Performing!

Awkwafina and Seth Meyers are hosting Saturday Night Live!

The two stars were both announced as SNL hosts for the next two shows on Thursday (September 27) following the upcoming season premiere.

As previously announced, Adam Driver is hosting the premiere on Saturday (September 29), with Kanye West as the musical guest.

In addition, SNL also revealed the musical guests for each show: Travis Scott will perform during Awkwafina‘s show on October 6, and Paul Simon will perform during Seth‘s show on October 13.

See the full line-up below!

Maroon 5 Super Bowl Halftime Show Rumor Heats Up, Special Guests Could Include These 2 Stars!

A source confirms to Just Jared that Maroon 5 has been confirmed as the Super Bowl halftime show performer.

Billboard has now also revealed some of the names on the shortlist to join the band on stage for the huge game, which will be played live on February 3, 2019 in Atlanta, Ga.

Apparently, Cardi B and Travis Scott are on the “short list” as special guests. Cardi B is featured on Maroon 5‘s “Girls Like You.”

The band nor the NFL have not yet confirmed this news.

Frank Ocean Reportedly Wants to Be Taken Off Travis Scott's 'Astroworld' - Find Out Why!

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Nicki Minaj Talks Travis Scott Feud on 'Ellen' - Watch Now!

Nicki Minaj sits down for an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which is airing on Tuesday (September 4).

The 35-year-old rapper opened up about her feud with fellow rapper Travis Scott, which started after her album charted at number two and his album spent a second week at number one.

Nicki says that she wasn’t necessarily “upset” or “angry” when she came in at number two on the Billboard 200 chart. She felt like she “wanted to punch [Travis] in his f–king face.”

“The thing is, it’s not anger, it’s what’s right and what’s wrong and what’s fair. I’ve had a number two album and I never cared,” Nicki said. “It’s just that when you have a number two album to someone who is selling shirts and merch and selling passes for a tour that isn’t announced yet, it feels like you’re being tricked. It feels like someone is playing a game and like beating you at a game opposed to just selling music. I want to sell music. He sold a lot of t-shirts and sweaters and tour passes and we’re not going to have that!”

Nicki also brought up how she lost out on 12 hours of sales because she dropped a surprise album.

“I want to make sure I say this, because sometimes people think you’re ungrateful and I’m the most grateful person in the world. I love being grateful and remembering that things can be worse. I started from nothing. I’m one of those people, I get it,” Nicki said. “But I don’t like being bullied and I don’t like being taken advantage of and sometimes people use scare tactics against you because especially as a black woman, people will call you ‘angry’ or ‘bitter.’ So now it’s almost like we’re not allowed to defend ourselves or stand up for ourselves, and I’m not going to have that.”

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Ariana Grande Clarifies Comments Made About Travis Scott

Ariana Grande wants everyone to know she isn’t throwing any shade at Travis Scott.

After a video surfaced of the 25-year-old “God is a Woman” singer where fans were quick to think that she may have shaded the 26-year-old rapper and his new album Astroworld, Ariana is clarifying her comments saying it’s all just a “joke.”

“i adore travis & kylie and i love the astroworld album a joke issa joke watch the video,” Ariana first tweeted. “stop using me for clickbait so i can come online n celebrate my number one too pls ! hip hip hooray !”

If you don’t know, Ariana‘s close friend Nicki Minaj has been calling out Travis Scott (and Kylie Jenner) for days over his album sales, which are linked to his tour ticket sales via bundles.

also everything literally almost everything i say i say for comedic effect and am never serious …. like i’m always ‘on’…. if ever u think i’m being shady i’m jus goin for the laugh ….. if i’m being fr shady you’ll know. i’m a v loving lil babe 👼🏼,” Ariana wrote in a second tweet.