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Tomorrow X Together Debut Nearly 20 Minute Surprise 'Eternally' Music Video - Watch!

Tomorrow X Together, also known as TXT, are back!

The South Korean boy band returned on Monday (June 29) with their official music video for “Eternally” from their second EP, The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY, as a surprise for fans.

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“Eternally” is the sixth and final track of The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY, and thematically follows “an unknown presence that leads the boys through repeated nightmares as they question the unnameable emotions they have come to bear.”

The new music video is nearly 20 minutes long! It’s separated into seven sections, each with its own sub-plot.

Here’s a plot summary: “The story begins with Soobin’s nightmare, in which the band’s members stand among ruins. The fire alarm rings, and with it, each member is taken into their own world: Soobin is drawn into a different realm, Yeonjun leaves the studio alone to stand in a space of ruins, Beomgyu opens a door labeled ‘17,’ Taehyun is surrounded by flowers, and Heuningkai stands before a door that touches the sky. Each story is introduced with its own subtitle that highlights both the melody and lyrics of ‘Eternally.’ The members deliver inner chaos and peculiarity with outstanding portrayal.”

Watch the epic video for “Eternally”…

Big Hit Entertainment to Create Next Big K-Pop Group With 'I-LAND' TV Series - Here's How to Watch!

The next massive K-pop act might be getting put together before your very eyes.

Big Hit Entertainment, the agency behind the global powerhouse groups BTS and TXT, teamed up with CJENM, Asia’s leading entertainment and lifestyle company, to create a new television series called I-LAND.

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The show will be available to watch on Rakuten Viki beginning on Friday (June 26). You can watch for free (with advertisements) or without advertisements with tiered subscriptions of Standard for $4.99 a month, and Plus Pass for $9.99.

The series is named after the building, I-Land, where contestants will have the opportunity to be mentored in the hopes of achieving their dreams to be the next K-Pop sensation. The building was designed and built to develop and produce the ultimate idol group.

Here’s more information: “After three years of architectural planning and construction, this colossal structure is a groundbreaking system for the future superstars to live in, train, and perform. Talented performers from around the world have been invited to I-Land where they must undertake and rise to a variety of challenges. Who will be the ones to survive the tests of I-Land and finally stand on the global stage?”

Over 20 young male K-pop trainees, born between 1997 and 2008, will compete in the show. They were selected from auditions held around the world in 2019.

The new boyband’s executive producer will be Bang Si Hyuk, the co-CEO of Big Hit Entertainment, and he will be joined by Zico of Block B and solo star Rain. Namgoong Min is the MC of the show.

We can’t wait to see what happens!

This K-pop girl group is getting everyone excited with this latest teaser for their comeback.

Tomorrow X Together Performs First U.S. Show in New York City!

TXT – aka Tomorrow X Together – has officially kicked off their Tomorrow X Together Showcase: Star in US!

The five-member South Korean boy band took the stage at the PlayStation Theatre on Thursday (May 9) in New York City.

Big Hit Entertainment’s newest boy band since BTS will continue their sold-out, six-city showcase in Los Angeles, Chicago, Orlando, Dallas, and Atlanta.

Fans started lining up early in the day, and they were spotted singing lyrics from their record-breaking debut album The Dream Chapter: Star.

The Tomorrow X Together Showcase: Star in US began in a vibrant splash of colors with a performance of “Blue Orangeade,” followed by personal introductions, playful banter, and games. From the moment the band took the stage, the theatre was filled with the sound of fans cheering nonstop.

The band’s recently released English single “Cat & Dog” had the crowd singing and dancing along on their feet. The set then continued with a mashup of “Nap of a Star” and an acoustic version of “Our Summer.”

Closing the showcase with their first hit single “CROWN”, TXT said, “Just like the title of our debut album, it feels like we have made such an amazing first dream chapter. We thank all our fans who came out to see us. Everything was only possible because of them. We will continue to show our best music and performances.”

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