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Bar Refaeli Sentenced to Community Service in Tax Evasion Case

Bar Refaeli has been sentenced in her tax evasion case.

The 35-year-old model and her mom/agent Tzipi Refaeli appeared in court on Sunday (September 13) in Tel Aviv, Israeli where the model was sentenced to nine months of community service while her mother was sentenced to 16 months in prison, according to the Associated Press.

Bar and her mother were convicted in July of this year on offenses of evading paying taxes on income nearing $10 million. The two were originally arrested in 2015 after Bar and her mother made it appear as if model lived outside of Israel to pay less taxes.

The plea bargain accepted by the court also requires that Bar and Tzipi pay a $1.5 million fine as well as all of their back taxes.

Tzipi was charged with failure to report income, avoiding paying taxes, and aiding some else in evading tax payments. She is set to begin her prison sentence next week.

Bar Refaeli Will Do 9 Months of Community Service After Being Convicted of Tax Evasion

Bar Refaeli has been sentenced to community service after being convicted of tax evasion in Israel.

The 35-year-old supermodel was arrested in 2015, along with her mother Tzipi, on charges of lying about her residency to avoid paying taxes on millions of dollars of income made abroad.

Bar was also accused of receiving benefits, such as cars and apartments, and not reporting to the government.

According to the Times of Israel, via PageSix, Bar has signed a plea deal to perform nine months’ community service while Tzipi will serve 16 months in prison.

Both will each pay fines of almost $725,000 as well as $2.3 million in back taxes, and additionally will receive suspended sentences.

Since she was arrested in 2015, Bar has welcomed three children with husband Adi Ezra.