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Mariah Carey Debuts 'GTFO' Music Video - Watch Now!

Mariah Carey just dropped the music video for her latest song “GTFO,” which you can watch right here!

The music icon dropped the visual for her latest release at midnight on Friday (September 14).

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“GTFO” is the first taste of the singer’s upcoming fifteenth studio album, due out later this year. The official lead single, “With You,” arrives in October.

“I wanted to give my fans and everyone a first listen that wasn’t so serious. I’ve had so much fun making this album, and I wanted the first moment to reflect that light-hearted spirit,” she said.

Watch the music video for “GTFO” below!

Lana Del Rey Drops 'Mariners Apartment Complex' Video - Read the Lyrics Too!

Lana Del Rey is back with a new song called “Mariners Apartment Complex” and she also released a music video for the single!

The 33-year-old singer-songwriter recently announced that she has two new songs on the way, both which are produced by Jack Antonoff.

The videos for both of the songs were shot by her younger sister Chuck Grant.

“This song is kind of about this time that I took a walk late at night with the guy I was seeing, and we stopped in front of his friend’s apartment complex and he put his hand on my shoulder and said ‘I think we’re together because we’re both similar. We’re both really messed up,’” Lana said on Radio 1’s Future Sounds With Annie Mac. “And I thought that was the saddest thing I ever heard. I said ‘I’m not sad. I didn’t know that’s what you thought you were relating to me on that level.’ I said ‘I’m actually doing pretty good.’ He was upset. That was when I wrote the song, because I thought…I had do this so many times, when I had to sort of step into the role where I was showing the way and being the brighter light.”

Download the song now on iTunes!

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Billy Eichner Let's Everyone Know That Emma Stone Doesn't Have Instagram - Watch Now!

Emma Stone doesn’t have an Instagram account, and it’s the main focus of her guest appearance on Billy Eichner‘s Billy on the Street!

During the appearance, Billy stopped random people on the street to let them know that Emma has chosen to stay off of the social media platform.

“You don’t have an Instagram?” one fan responded. “Why not? How do you keep in touch with the latest things?… Everything and everyone is on there. Will Smith just made an Instagram!”

“You need to make an Instagram. To show people where you are, obviously,” another added.

Watch the fun segment below!

Khloe Kardashian Chooses Between Kim & Kourtney to Be True's Guardian If Something Were to Happen

Khloe Kardashian revealed to her sisters Kim and Kourtney who would be True‘s legal guardian should anything ever happen to her.

“So I can’t make anything official until after the baby is born, but I am going to probably have Kim as the legal guardian if, God forbid, something happens. Just because I don’t know my parenting style until I have a baby, but from what I envision my parenting style to be, I do think it will be more like Kim — a lot more stricter,” Khloe said during an upcoming episode of E!’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

“Guess what? You don’t have to give me an explanation. I’ve got three kids and I’m busy on my own,” Kourtney said, while Kim reacted by saying it was an “honor.”

“I mean, I’m a little bit disappointed that I’m not the guardian, but honestly, you don’t know what your parenting style is until you have kids,” Kourtney continued. “So I think once Khloé has her own daughter and is really a mom, then maybe she will realize that we have more in common than she thinks as far as parenting styles. You never know! Khloé might switch back to me.”

Christina Aguilera Reacts to Cardi B & Nicki Minaj's Fight

Christina Aguilera was at the same party as Cardi B and Nicki Minaj when their fight went down, and she’s speaking out about what went down.

“I wish I would have seen this juiciness go down! I’m so that person who’s like, ‘What’s going on? What happened?’” Christina said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Christina was performing on stage while the fight apparently happened.

“When I got offstage, it took a while for me to actually find out. We got off stage and I didn’t feel like there was any drama. We went to a hotel room where I could change and de-stress. Next thing I know, I hear shoes were flying. I don’t even know! But my hairdresser was like, ‘I think you’re going to be interested in something that happened while you were onstage.’ I was like, ‘What happened?’” Christina said.

“I was just like, ‘Oh, my God! I’m just sad I didn’t get a front row seat!’” she added. “That’s where the real show was! Damn!”