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Justin Bieber Had Hesitations About Proposing to Hailey Bieber for This Reason

There was something Justin Bieber was “battling” with before proposing to Hailey Bieber in July of 2018.

“I was extremely nervous,” Justin told Ellen DeGeneres of the proposal. “I felt, like, in the past, we talked about, you know, me asking the question and it felt like she would say yes. So, I wasn’t really nervous about the saying yes, but the thing is just, like, I think I was more nervous about, ‘Am I going to make this commitment? Am I able to make this commitment as a man and be able to honor, you know, what I say?”

“Because, you know, that’s a serious commitment when you say you’re going to love someone for better, for worse and, like, be faithful. That’s a huge,” Justin said. “‘Am I able to do that?’ And so, I think that’s really what I was battling with.”

If you missed it, Hailey just revealed what her parents thought of her quick engagement and marriage.

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Jimmy Fallon Breaks Down in Tears Recalling His First Meeting with Kobe Bryant

Jimmy Fallon broke down in tears while remembering Kobe Bryant and recalling their first meeting years ago in Los Angeles.

Kobe was such a life force, so strong and creative and inspired that in my head I thought that he would live forever,” Jimmy told the audience at The Tonight Show on Monday night (January 27).

“I met Kobe when he was 17 and I was 21,” he said. “He was a rookie on the Lakers and I was just starting out on the comedy scene in L.A. We were at a party and we didn’t know anyone at the party, so we just started talking. I said, ‘Hey what do you do?’ and he said ‘I play basketball’ and I go ‘Where?’ and he goes ‘For the Lakers.’ I go ‘Wow.”

“He was telling me he was into poetry. I met his sister. Then the guy that was having the party said, ‘Hey guys who wants to make a beer run?’ and Kobe wasn’t drinking, he was 17, so he goes ‘I’ll do it, Jimmy you want to come?’” he continued.

“We drive down Sunset Blvd. to this place called Pink Dot. So, I go in and I open the door and it’s locked and the guy goes ‘Sorry, I can’t sell you anything.’ And I go, ‘We just want to get the beer right there’ and he’s like ‘Yeah, I can’t do that,’ That’s not how this place works. We’re delivery only. Kobe then takes out his ID and puts it up against the glass and he goes ‘I’m a Laker’ and the guy opened the door and we walked away with five cases of beer and we saved the party,” Jimmy added.

Kobe went on to become a legend. When we’d run into each other over the years, we’d laugh about the night we first met,” Jimmy said while crying. “We’d laugh at all the good things that happened since and we’d laugh at how much fun it was to raise kids. Kobe had four daughters and I had two daughters and today he and one of his daughters are gone.”

“Let’s honor Kobe, Gianna and the other lives lost. Love your family, love your teammates and outwork everyone else in the gym. To Vanessa and all those affected by this tragedy, we love you and we’ll always be there for all of you. Kobe, when we meet again, we’re going on a beer run,” he said.

Demi Lovato Gives Emotional Performance of New Song 'Anyone' at Grammys 2020 - Watch Now

Demi Lovato is making her triumphant return to music.

The 27-year-old singer took to the stage at the 2020 Grammy Awards on Sunday (January 26) at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

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Despite an emotional start, Demi blew away the audience with a performance of her new song “Anyone,” which she says was a cry for help before she overdosed.

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demi lovato performs at grammys 2020 05

Adam Driver's Kylo Ren Goes Undercover on 'SNL' - Watch!

Adam Driver is reprising Kylo Ren on Saturday Night Live!

While hosting SNL, the 23-year-old actor took part in an Undercover Boss sketch where his Star Wars character dresses in disguise as intern Randy to become a better boss.

“I’ll say it: I haven’t been the best boss lately,” Adam as Kylo Ren said. “I’ve been a little distracted by some personal drama.”

“Randy” then tries to become friends with the fellow interns calling them “boomers” before messing up doing intern things like ordering drinks, breaking printers, and unfortunately ends up killing a friend.

“I made four new friends and only killed one of them,” Adam as Kylo says. “I’d say that’s a pretty good start.”

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Halsey Performs 'You Should Be Sad' & 'Finally // Beautiful Stranger' on 'SNL' - Watch!

Halsey is slaying the Saturday Night Live stage!

The 25-year-old singer was the musical guest on the sketch comedy series on Saturday (January 25).

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During her first performance, Halsey rode on a mechanical bull as she sang her song “You Should Be Sad.”

For her second performance, Halsey played guitar while singing “Finally // Beautiful Stranger.”

Halsey‘s two songs are off of her new album Manic, which she released earlier this month. You can stream it here!

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Jon Lovitz Plays Trump's Impeachment Attorney Alan Dershowitz in 'SNL' Cold Open - Watch!

Jon Lovitz is back on Saturday Night Live!

The 62-year-old former cast member made a special appearance as President Trump‘s impeachment trial attorney Alan Dershowitz in the show’s cold open on Saturday (January 25).

In the open, Jon as Alan gets sent to Hell where he meets Satan, played by Kate McKinnon.

“It’s wonderful to be here — because I’m not welcome anywhere else,” Jon as Alan said. “There’s a lot of haters out there for no good reason, but I like I said to my client and my dear friend Jeffrey Epstein, haters gonna hate.”

During his trip to Hell, Jon meets fellow Hell residents included Alan‘s former client Jeffrey Epstein (played by host Adam Driver), along with the writer of the “Baby Shark” song, Flo from the Progressive commercials, Mr. Peanut, and Mark Zuckerberg.

Check out the cold open now!