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Mary-Kate Olsen on 'Weeds'

Here is a full scene of Mary-Kate Olsen on the Showtime series Weeds. She plays “good Christian girl” Tara Lindman, Silas’ (played by Hunter Parrish) new love interest.

Mary-Kate‘s character utters to Parrish‘s character: “I can see your boner. Don’t be embarrassed. That’s part of God’s love too.”

Watch the video below of Mary-Kate‘s bonerific appearance on Weeds!!!

Mary-Kate Olsen on Weeds

Weeds DVD giveaway

Weeds, Showtime’s award-winning TV series came out with a season 1 DVD on July 11th. Watch your favorite moments of Weeds with Mary-Louise Parker, Elizabeth Perkins, and Kevin Nealon over and over again on DVD from the comfort of your home!

HOW TO WIN THE WEEDS SEASON 1 DVD:: Simple! Just leave a comment in this post with a valid email address (not published). A winner will be picked at random from the comments when this contest ends next Tuesday, August 22 @ 7PM EST. Good luck!

 - Doobybrain

Some info about the Weeds Season 1 DVD:

Weeds: Season One examines family life in the suburban neighborhood of Agrestic, California, where recently widowed Nancy Botwin (Parker) is finding it hard to make ends meet while raising her two sons.  Left with more family debt than expected, Nancy embarks on a new career as a pot dealer to pay the bills.  As her business continues to grow, she has to hide her new career from her family and her best friend, PTA president Celia Hodes (Perkins).

Weeds: Season One includes all ten episodes of the groundbreaking first season.  The DVD set is loaded with special features including "Smoke & Mirrors," an original marijuana mockumentary, Agrestic "herbal" recipes, audio commentaries from the cast and show creator plus much more.