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Wendy Williams Talks Getting Married Again After Finalizing Divorce From Kevin Hunter- Watch

Wendy Williams is living the single life!

The 55-year-old daytime talk show host stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Thursday (January 23) to confirm that she an ex Kevin Hunter are officially divorced.

“After nine months, yes. I am fully divorced,” Wendy shared. “A door has closed in old life. The new chapter has been so lovely…It was 25 years I don’t regret, but sometimes people move on with their lives. Now, I no longer live in Jersey. It is Wendy in the city.”

Wendy went on to reveal that she is dating again and that she definitely wants to get married again.

“With a good old, one -age pre-nup, one paragraph,” Wendy teased. “Maybe two sentences: ‘What’s yours is yours, what’s mine is mine. What we earn during our marriage is yours and mine, and I don’t wanna live with you.’ This is a new thing!”

As for what she’s looking for in a man, it’s quite simple for Wendy.

“As long as he can pay his own bills, ’cause those days are over,” Wendy revealed. “Pay your own bills, treat me with respect.”

Wendy Williams Defends Herself After Allegedly Farting on Live TV

Wendy Williams is addressing accusations of a live TV farting moment.

The Wendy Williams Show host addressed the headlines on Thursday’s show (January 23).

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During a January 17 show, a clip from the show appeared to exhibit the daytime TV host passing gas during her Hot Topics segment.

“I want to talk to you about something very, very serious. I’ve been going through this for a moment and I would like to have a private conversation with you, okay?” she said before playing the footage.

“I have never farted once on this show. As a matter of fact, I barely fart, you know why? Because gas gets released several different ways and mine is belching, because all I do is talk. Let me tell you something right now, okay? I don’t lean over like this to release a fart, I’m lean over like this because it’s comfortable. If I sit [straight up] all the time, it’s heavy on my spine. I don’t have the back. I’m not trying to get the back. I like to release my hips and lean, you know what I’m saying? … I’ve been doing this for 11 years on this show!” she defended herself.

“I would have definitely been laughing, because farts are always funny. You know a girl like me would have been laughing at that!” she went on laugh.

“By the sound of that fart, I would have had to go change my costume! I would have left a mark in the seat. I wouldn’t even save the costume, I would have throw it away. It’d probably be soiled beyond soiled-tivity.”

Stagehand John Anderson explained they were setting up for a segment with scientist and author Dr. Kate Biberdorf.

“We were filling up a fish tank backstage and we didn’t have the proper hose. The air was just coming out and it was sputtering like someone was farting. Okay? So that’s what it was. It wasn’t Wendy!” he said.

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Wendy Williams & Ex-Husband Kevin Hunter Finalize Divorce

Wendy Williams is legally a single woman.

The 55-year-old daytime talk show host and ex-husband Kevin Hunter finalized their divorce on Wednesday (January 22), Page Six reports.

According to court documents, Wendy and Kevin cited irreconcilable difference as the cause for their divorce. The two agreed to forego alimony, but Wendy did agree to keep a $1 million life insurance policy on herself that will go to Kevin should she die, but she has the right to reduce the amount on a yearly basis.

Wendy and Kevin also agreed to split the proceeds from their Livingston, New Jersey home once it sells. It’s currently on the market for $1.7 million.

The former couple’s joint bank account will go to Wendy and all of Kevin‘s shares in Wendy Williams Productions Inc. will be signed over to Wendy.

reportedly received a lump sum from Wendy, and a severance payment from Wendy, Inc. He will maintain ownership of his businesses and his cars.

Wendy and Kevin split in April 2019 after 21 years of marriage after it was reported his alleged mistress gave birth to a baby girl.

Wendy and Kevin share 19-year-old son Kevin Jr.

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Wendy Williams Issues Apology & Reveals Donation Plans Following Cleft Palate Comments

Wendy Williams came under fire recently over her comments about cleft palates while discussing Joaquin Phoenix on her talk show.

“When he shaves off his mustache he’s got a hairline fracture. He’s got one of those — what do you call it? Cleft lip, cleft palate,” the 55-year-old host shared on the program, mocking the condition by hooking her finger to her lip.

After her comments, social media roasted Wendy for them, calling her out for her “disgraceful” comments.

Adam Bighill, a Canadian professional football player who was born with a cleft lip and palate and whose infant son Beau was also born with the condition, has demanded an apology from her for the past five days – and he finally got one.

Wendy also promised to donate to Operation Smile and the American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association, which both raise funds to aid families who have the condition.

“We’re thinking about Beau today as he is in surgery. I want to apologize to the cleft community and in Beau’s honor, our show is donating to @operationsmile and @AmerCleftPalate and encourage our Wendy Watchers to learn more and help support the cleft community,” her tweet reads.

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Cher Slams Wendy Williams for Mocking Joaquin Phoenix, Says Wendy Should be 'Fired'

Cher has some harsh words for Wendy Williams.

The 73-year-old entertainer took to Twitter to slam the 55-year-old morning talk show host for mocking Joaquin Phoenix‘s cleft lip surgery scar.


During her show on Wednesday (January 15), Wendy mocked Joaquin, saying, “When he shaves off his mustache he’s got a hairline fracture. He’s got one of those — what do you call it? Cleft lip, cleft palate.”

Joaquin does have a scar on his lip, but has never directly addressed the cause.

continued: “these kids go through more than most of us will ever be able to comprehend and they are brave and beautiful and so deserving. what you’ve done for them is so important, so @WendyWilliams can fck off.”

You can read Cher‘s tweets here.

Wendy Williams Faces Major Backlash for Mocking Joaquin Phoenix's 'Cleft Palate'

Wendy Williams is under fire for her commentary again.

While discussing her attraction to the star, the Wendy Williams Show host mocked Academy Award nominee Joaquin Phoenix‘s apparent cleft palate during her show on January 7, and the segment is now getting traction on social media as of Wednesday (January 15).

“When he shaves off his mustache he’s got a hairline fracture. He’s got one of those — what do you call it? Cleft lip, cleft palate,” she said before hooking her finger to her lip to mock the condition.

Joaquin does have a scar on his lip, but has never directly addressed the cause.

“For a solid 10 seconds she used her finger to mimic a cleft lip while the audience laughed. Imagine how my 5 year old would take it if he saw it? @WendyWilliams. I only speak on it bc I’m personally informed and educated on the topic. #bebetter Do work Twitter,” wrote one person who saw the segment, which quickly went viral.

“Waiting for @FOXTV and @BET to let @WendyWilliams [know] that her actions/comments towards the cleft community are not okay,” wrote Canadian football player Adam Bighill on Twitter.

“Mimicing [sic] a cleft lip, and making a joke about it, is disgraceful. Have you any idea the pain and operations a child with cleft must go through as they grow?” added British TV personality Carol Vonderman.

Wendy has not yet responded to the social media backlash.