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Wentworth Miller Boards Love Train

Here are some thoughts on Prison Break episode “Chicago”, y’all!


Holy crap did Sara suddenly grow a pair of balls! The way she attacked Kellerman was pure brilliance! It was great seeing Lincoln and Michael hold her back. I guess brunettes do have more fun! C-Note was actually quite gallant in this episode. I was slightly less annoyed with his storyline. Dede is still cute as a button so I think she helps him.


Agent Kim failed to secure Kellerman when he was having someone pretend to be Caroline. Kellerman knows the difference between voiceovers! You think he would have been fooled if we had seen the back of Madam President chopping up some garlic while on the phone? Mahone calling Bellick his dog was a bit cringing but even worse was how he managed to get Haywire to kill himself. Is anything sacred anymore? Did he even visit his son?


Loved the relationship between Michael and Lincoln and it was refreshing to see Linc take a more active role. However, this episode was all about Michael the romantic. He was quite happy to see his lady love again, quite heroic when he tried to choke Kellerman to death, quite tender when giving Sara some sugar, and such a gentleman for suggesting a walk. All of this while figuring out how to get the cops off their backs.

Prison Break returns back with new episodes February 19th. And guess who comes back? Popey! Check out all the screencaps after the jump!

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Wentworth Miller Gets His Kiss On

Michael and Sara, played by Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies, share their first kiss this season in next week’s episode of Prison Break. If you missed the other promos from this episode, check them out here.

The other promo has Kellerman (Paul Adelstein) pinned up against the train station wall by Michael and Lincoln (Dominic Purcell). All this and more in an all new Prison Break episode (“Chicago”) airring this Monday @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX.

And last but not least, included is an extra treat! Wentworth Miller‘s GAP ad that everyone loves from their khaki campaign — it’s available in better quality. Check it out below!

UPDATE :: Included some promos from this past week’s episode (“The Message”) of Prison Break that haven’t been posted here. Enjoy!

wentworth miller gap ad 01
wentworth miller gap ad 02
wentworth miller gap ad 03
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All Aboard, Prison Break!

Looks like most of next week’s episode takes place at a train station. Pictured: Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Sarah Wayne Callies, and Paul Adelstein. Here’s a brief synopsis, which includes spoilers, of course:

Michael, Linc, Kellerman and Sara board a Chicago-bound train in Evansville, Ind.; Michael and Sarah become more than “strangers on a train” (if you’ve seen the previews, they kiss!) en route to confront the President; Mahone recruits an new ally in his attempts to capture the fugitives; T-Bag puts on a happy face when the welcome wagon arrives and makes sure that the Hollanders keep up appearances; a fourth escapee takes a fall; and Bellick has a most welcome visitor at Fox River.

Prison Break episode “Chicago” airs this Monday @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX.

wentworth miller sweater 01
wentworth miller sweater 02
wentworth miller sweater 03

Wentworth Miller Sends a Message

Welcome back! After last week’s lackluster episode of Prison Break, I am pleased to report that this episode more than made up for it! Many explosive moments and cast reappearances that can be best summed up in something I called, “The Good, the Bad, and the Pretty.” And check out more screencaps after the jump!


Only on Prison Break, can three guys manage to walk out of the front door in a place surrounded by cops and the media AND still manage to get away. Sucre returns and he is getting closer to Maricruz. He encounters help along the way. Mahone shows his FBI savvy skills when he figures out Michael and Lincoln’s declaration of innocence. All I can say is how does he do it?


Haywire returns but his new friend’s Sasha’s abusive father brings back terrible memories of his own. So he ends up dealing with her problem the same way he dealt with his. Nice to see that Bellick got the beating of his life from Banks and company. Certainly a twist of fate. And asking Katie to leave the door open for you?! Oh no, he did not go there! Caroline calls Kellerman and tries to win him back. Whose side is he really on?


What an elaborate way to send out a message! Twenty-six minutes of hidden messages hoping that his lady love would figure it out. Sara does and sends her own message to “Michael Crane.” I personally liked “Origami” better. Hey Michael, do you know that Nathan Petrelli borrowed your traveling suit?

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Wentworth Miller is a Very Cool Guy

The hotness stops here. Prison Break star Wentworth Miller is the cover boy for French fashion magazine L’Officiel Hommes Magazine. Photographed by Milan Vukmirovic (Milan used to design for Jil Sander but now is the editor-in-chief of L’Officiel Hommes. He also did all the styling and now he is photographing the main feature.) Scans via DieselMax.

wentworth miller officiel hommes 01
wentworth miller officiel hommes 02

Who is Prison Break's John Doe?

UPDATE :: Prison Break‘s Sarah Wayne Callies is expecting her first child (due in late summer) with husband Josh Winterhalt. Interestingly enough, Josh was arrested and charged for possession of marijuana. Over a decade ago, though.

Welcome back jailbirds! After a brief hiatus, Prison Break has returned, however not bigger and better. Mahone has been shot, Agent Kim is enraged and Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield are once again on the run. This time with the last person they never imagined would ever be on their side—Paul Kellerman. “Why are you helping us?” “Because the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Nothing like a double negative to get the ball rolling!

Kellerman proves himself to be resourceful as he uses his clearance to get the out of trouble but not long before Lincoln remembers him as the guy that tried to take him out last season. Nice to know there’s something going on in that noggin of his! Before Linc can blow his brains out, Kellerman offers him his last bit of saving intel: the whereabouts of an elusive Terrance Steadman.

Oh opening credits, how I have missed you! We return to Fox River where Bellick is the new fish of the yard. A bigger and scarier inmate named Banks offers Bellick his back in exchange for his dessert. Bellick complies during chow and gives up his brownie to Banks. But one isn’t enough. Well Bradley is no push over and beats Banks down with a battery filled sock and walks away. C.O. Stotle warns him that Banks is seeking revenge. Karma is a *****, isn’t it Bradley? He tries to remain strong but the trembling of his lip betrays him.

(Continued after the jump!)

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'Prison Break' Morning Interviews

Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies were out in full force earlier this morning, making appearance after appearance to hype up Prison Break‘s return tonight. Here’s a snippet from one of the interviews:

Interviewer: How is now dealing with the star power, the celebrity, the people making those kinds of cat calls at you?

Wentworth Miller: The only difference is that I get asked that particular question a lot more often. I haven’t changed a whole lot as a person. The way I live my life, I haven’t allowed myself to change. I’m lucky to get paid to do what I love.

Sarah Wayne Callies: (jokingly) He’s become such an egomanic. Don’t buy a word of that. Oh my God. He’s impossible. Awful.

Wentworth Miller: (laughs, slaps knee) It sounded good, didn’t it? I almost bought it!

Here are the video interviews of Wentworth and Sarah:

Prison Break returns with an all new episode (“John Doe”) tonight @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX.

wentworth miller interview 01
wentworth miller interview 02

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