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Wentworth Miller is Sweating Bullets


Michael (Wentworth Miller) receives some bad news from Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) in the Prison Break episode “Photo Finish” airing Monday, Oct. 22 @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX.

Pictured below: Michael confronting Lechero (Robert Wisdom) about the death of Tyge (Dominic Keating) and the innocence of Whistler (Chris Vance, being held against his will).

For some reason, no photos of episode “Interference” have surfaced. That ep airs Monday, October 15th.

Prison Break returns with all-new episode “Good Fences” this Monday, October 8th @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX.

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Sarah Wayne Callies: FOX Made Me Quit

According to an interview in French magazine Tele Star, former Prison Break star Sarah Wayne Callies, aka Dr. Sara Tancredi, was forced to quit the show. Here is a rough translation of the interview (if the magazine is credible):

Big surprise on Prison Break. We hear that you’re leaving the show in the third season. Yes, but I didn’t have the choice. I’m sad, but it’s just show business.

You weren’t expecting this? No, at the end of season 2 last year. I was sure I’d continue. It’s such a great adventure we achieved.

How did you know you were fired? I don’t want to speculate too much about this. I was shocked.

Your leaving the show was a big deal. You have to tell us more! I’ll just say this. I am sorry to let down the viewers. I have loved the support Sara Tancredi got from them. and though she was a victim of her own destiny, I liked how she made decisions by herself. But the way things ended up couldn’t have been foreseen. Again, I was deceived by the decision.

How did your fellow actors react? They told me ‘It’s too bad. I loved working with you and good luck, we hope we can work together again.’

And Wentworth [Miller]? We were so sad that we wouldn’t work together anymore. Wentworth is a gentleman. He’s gracious and full of class. And i learned a lot from him. But in a series like “Prison Break,” apart from Wentworth, anyone can go. When I took the role of Sara, I thought it’d be for only a year. Afterwards, I was so happy to get a second year.

If they call you back, will you accept? Of course! I don’t have another role right now. Right now, I need to find work.

How will Sara make her exit from the series? I don’t know. I’m not part of the team anymore and don’t have any influence on the storyline.

How is being a mom to baby Keala? It’s a rich experience and unpredictable. You can’t plan anything. (Keala was born in July 2007.)

What projects do you currently have today? I’ll rest another month in Vancouver (Canada). Afterwards, I’ll go to California for a little bit. After that, I’d like to do theater in New York. I honed my skills on the stage and I miss it.


TELLING INTERVIEW! Anyway, how was yesterday’s Prison Break episode “Call Waiting”? How LAME was Tancredi’s body double? And the lame voiceover voice? And what do you think is in the box that Lincoln opened up at the very end of the episode? Somebody’s finger of decapitated head, perhaps?

Wentworth Miller is Electrifying

Michael (Wentworth Miller) continues to work on his escape plan in the Prison Break episode “Good Fences” airing Monday, Oct. 8 @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX. And even though Sucre (Amaury Nolasco) is out of prison, he finds a way to help Michael (pictured below).

Also in this episode: After his failed attempt to rescue LJ and Sara, Lincoln receives a deadly warning from The Company; Michael formulates an electrifying escape plan from Sona; Mahone is haunted by a face from the past; and T-Bag crawls up the ladder as Bellick lands in hot water with Lechero.

With regards to ratings, Prison Break maintained its performance level–pulling in a 3.1/8–about the same as a week ago, even against stiffer competition.

More pictures inside of Mondays episode, “Call Waiting”…More Here! »

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Wentworth Miller Hooks 'Em Horns

Wentworth Miller gives a polite wave to paparazzi before catching a flight out of LAX airport on Sunday. The 35-year-old actor flew back to Dallas, Texas to continue filming the third season of Prison Break. (Notice the cowboy boots he puts on the conveyor belt!!)

Wentworth did make an appearance at EW‘s Pre-Emmys Party and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The season three premiere of Prison Break airs TODAY @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX!!!

The first two episodes of this season really help set-up the premise for the rest of the season. I am dying to see the third, but the first two sure are not to be missed. I mean, come on, you want to see Bellick in a diaper for two hours straight, right?

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Wentworth Miller @ The Ellen Show

Wentworth Miller dropped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday wearing a rolled up plaid longsleeves shirt.

Said Ellen while introducing Wentworth earlier on in the show: “I need a fan. He’s a criminal, alright. He’s criminally good-looking. He’s steal your heart. He’s steal your breath away. He’ll take your clothes off. He’s handsome, that’s all I’m saying.”

As mentioned on Friday, Wentworth gives Ellen a drinking bear and talks about quitting smoking. Watch the video below!!!!

The season 3 premiere of Prison Break airs TONIGHT, Monday, Sept. 17 @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX!!!!!

UPDATE: The audio/video now match up for the video below!

Wentworth MillerThe Ellen DeGeneres Show, 9/17