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Wentworth Miller on the Rocks

Wentworth Miller is fulfilling one girl’s dream after another down in Australia. The most recent sighting of Went was today as he was catching an Aussie lunch with a few friends at restaurant Pancakes on the Rocks in Sydney. Here’s lucky Went fan Natalie‘s account of the story:


He’s soo nice! I met him at Pancakes on the Rocks (it’s a restaurant) in Sydney. He was waiting for his meal and my friends and I approached him and just asked. =) He’s the NICEST guy! I love him. ;)

He was dining in with another man and woman. Or maybe two men and a woman? I don’t remember, sorry! I was too busy staring at him. It was approx. 12.30pm, for lunch.

My friend asked him for a photo because I was too chicken to. He was really really nice about it! He said yes straight away with no hesitation and asked us for our names while giving us a handshake each. At first I thought he might have just been a lookalike but when I heard him speak I knew it was the real deal. We asked him what he was doing here and he mentioned that he was holidaying and that his sister currently lives in Melbourne.

Later on, we told my other friends that were there and they ended up bombarding him. Haha, we felt a bit slack because he was eating his lunch but he was still very nice about it! He agreed to take another photo with my other friends (I wasn’t in this one) and then we decided to leave him to eat in peace. =) He made my day.

After the jump is another fan’s encounter with Went at Starbucks…

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Went Takes a Break Down Under

First Wentworth Miller sighting in Australia! He recently arrived in Melbourne wearing a red tee and a blue beanie. Went is in town to visit his youngest sister, Leigh, who has been living there for the year.

Went is set to attend a cocktail Sydney Harbor cruise on Wednesday, Dec. 27 to celebrate Foxtel’s new long term deal with the Hollywood studio that makes Prison Break, Rupert Murdoch’s 20th Century Fox. Click on the first thumbnail to read the entire article! Added one random picture. Thanks to everyone who sent this in –

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone who celebrates!

ETA :: One more fan encounter picture below!

wentworth miller australia 01
wentworth miller australia 02

Wentworth Miller: The Elf?

I lot of you have been clamoring for anything Wentworth Miller and well, I just had to share this “hands on your hip” video. Thanks, jekalny and EarthMomma!!


Hahahahahahahhah. Don’t forget to Elf yourself or another celebrity and share the link in the comments! Below are some hilarious Went Photoshop manipulations that you need to check out. Mostly by the wonderful CatsbyCat!!

Wentworth Miller is said to be in Melbourne, Australia for Christmas. His younger sister, Leigh, has been living there for the year. Went will definitely be attending a cocktail Sydney Harbour cruise on Dec. 27 to celebrate Foxtel’s new long term deal with the Hollywood studio that makes Prison Break, Rupert Murdoch‘s 20th Century Fox.

wentworth miller elf 01
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wentworth miller elf 03
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Wentworth Miller Puffs Up

Here’s the account of one lucky woman’s run-in with Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller… in a puffy coat:

OMG I finally did it, I got to meet Wentworth Miller. We had gotten called back for another PB shoot and of course our scenes had nobody that we knew in them BUT at the same location they were filming another scene afterwards which had Wentworth, Dominic, Paul, and Sara all there!! At the last minute after we were done with our scenes, they told us that 3 people had cancelled as extras and they needed volunteers. Of course we raised our hands immediately!! We were escorted upstairs to a holding area that overlooked below where the actors were shooting at. Sara was down there first so I got to see a lot of her. She is very tall and skinny and very pretty in person. After she did her scene they started setting up for Wentworths scene and I was so excited I was gonna get to see him this time for sure. Well I went downstairs to see if I could catch a glimpse or something and the crew guy told me that if I was hungry I could go get some coffee and snacks in the breakroom. So I wandered in there and who did I see? Wentworth and Sara!! They were engaged in conversation and it was just them in the room. I walked over to the snacks pretending like I didn’t know who the hell they were. Then I saw my chance. Sara had sat down and Wentworth picked up a paper and was just standing there so I went up to him and told him what a huge fan I was and asked if I could get a picture with him. I had never been so nervous in my entire life! At that time my husband had come in with the camera. Wentworth said “Sure” and he put his arm around me I got my picture. I said “thank you” and he walked off to do his scene. I got to watch him the whole time while he was filming. At dinner I got to sit right behind him and Paul, it was amazing!! Then later on we were doing a different scene and Wentworth was right next to me!! All I have to say is that He is absolutely gorgeous in person just as hot as on tv if not hotter. His eyes are so big and beautiful. They looked like a blue/green color.

Wentworth Miller Stuck in Killing Box

I LOVE KELLERMAN!!!!!!!!!!!! Paul Kellerman is my new BFF for helping Michael and Lincoln escape. More screencaps after the jump!


Here’s the re-cap for last night’s Prison Break episode “The Killing Box”: The fall finale is upon us and the excitement was worth the wait! T-Bag manages to kill two people just to get Susan Hollander’s address. Looks like Teddy’s home and it is creepy! Sucre has made it to Mexico, after ditching the plan. Can’t say the same for his pilot though. How will he reunite with Maricruz now? Sara realizes her options are out when the brothers are compromised and she’s left with no one to trust but herself. She ditches her former identity and cuts her hair to fully leave her former life behind.

Bellick gets sentenced to Fox River so he can stay close to his mama. And he thinks being a former C.O. will help him with a joyous twenty-five years. C.O. Patterson love! However the new warden is cracking down. I miss Popey! That’s clever TPTB, have a man wrongfully sentenced for a murder he did not commit. I loved the last scene when the cell closes in Bellick’s face and the camera pans back to show the cells—very much a mirror image of when Michael first entered Fox River. Nice to come full circle, huh?

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Wentworth Miller Gets Disconnected

Check out 60+ screencaps from last night’s episode (“Disconnect”) of Prison Break! I literally start out with 10,000+ screencaps for each episode and whittle it down to the best 50+ caps each week, so know that you’re getting the best!

What I found to be the most interesting was seeing Sarah Wayne Callies‘s (Dr. Sara Tancredi) stunt double from the scene where she jumped outside the hotel window onto a car windshield. Hilarious!

UPDATE :: Re-cap added! Here goes: Wowowow…one more episode until the fall finale! Aldo spent as much time with his sons as they have known him. Good thing I had my closed captioning on so I could hear what Michael’s final words to his father were.

Mahone is on the trail and a wounded Coyote is able to provide him with the plane that is going to Panama. Sucre gets on the plane without the brothers, who want to finish what their father could not do.

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prison break disconnect 03
prison break disconnect 04
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prison break disconnect 07
prison break disconnect 08

Wentworth Miller: Arrested!

Major spoiler alert! Here are the episodic shots of Prison Break episode “Disconnect” (first row) and the fall finale, “The Killing Box” (second and third rows). Prison Break episode “Disconnect airs Monday, Nov. 20 @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX. The fall finale airs Nov. 27. There will be no hiatus this year either, if you didn’t hear!

Also included are some screencaps from Wentworth Miller‘s appearance on Access Hollywood earlier this week. Thanks geniass and maichan!

Wentworth Miller
Access Hollywood, 11/13
prison break disconnect 01
prison break disconnect 02
prison break disconnect 03
prison break disconnect 04
prison break the killing box 01
prison break the killing box 02
prison break the killing box 03
prison break the killing box 04

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