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Prison Break's Day of Reckoning Coming

New Prison Break promo! Looks like Michael (Wentworth Miller) is unwillingly forced to call someone up. But TV Guide interrogated Paul Adelstein, aka Paul Kellerman, about his character’s big switch to the good side:

Agent Kellerman looks like he’s becoming a good guy. Is he? On Prison Break, what defines you as a good guy is if you’re on Michael and Lincoln’s side — which means Kellerman hasn’t been a good guy. But in his mind, he’s always tried to do the right thing fod God and country. His turn, if that’s what it is, is born of the right instinct.

So we shouldn’t believe he’s changed? Part of the fun in the second half of the season is asking, “What is this guy’s motivation?” But it would be naive to the audience, given Kellerman’s history, to think that it’s a clear-cut path change.

Michael doesn’t know that Kellerman tortured his beloved, Dr. Sara Tancredi. Is that going to come out? One of the interesting things about the show is the good guys are convicts and anybody who helps them is someone you sympathize with. If Michael and Lincoln don’t try to exact revenge on Kellerman, that may generate some sympathy for him. But as this fragile alliance is built, there is a day of reckoning coming.

UPDATE :: Added a couple shots of Wentworth Miller’s GAP ads thanks to tellyfan. If you’ve got any more “Clean and Simple” Beige GAP ads, send them in!

wentworth miller gap ads 01
wentworth miller gap ads 02

Wentworth Miller Calendar 2007

Kick off the new year with this Wentworth Miller 2007 Calendar, which includes some of the hottest pictures of Went from this past year and beyond. And for you Prison Break fans out there, check out the video promo below! “This is Michael Scofield. And I want to turn myself in.”

After the jump is another Prison Break video preview (includes footage from other FOX programming like 24, American Idol, House, and Bones) because there’s some hot Michael/Sara (Wentworth Miller/Sarah Wayne Callies) action going on!

In this week’s People Magazine, Went was asked, “What story does your family love to tell you about you?” His response: “I was cast as Joseph in a production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in junior high. By the time we started performing, I was in the middle of puberty and cracked my way through the entire run. To this day, it gets thrown in my face every time my head gets a little too big.” Thanks, geniass!

Many thanks to catsbycat for her creation! A few random shots included below.

FYI :: Wentworth Miller is in a new line of ads for GAP. phouse1964 took this grainy picture of Went in the new GAP “Beige” ad campaign… but if you find a better pic, send it on over!

All new Prison Break episodes return Jan. 22!

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Wentworth Miller Fan Photo

Two lucky fans got to sandwich in Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller during his interview with Aussie radio station Nova 96.9 from yesterday. If you missed listening in on Went‘s interview live, you can still download it here.

Don’t forget about the PB recap episode on Jan. 8 with previews of the rest of the season and interviews the the cast. PB returns with its winter premiere and all new episodes starting Jan. 22. Be sure to check out the video preview below of episode John Doe!”

Kellerman helps Michael and Lincoln escape

Wentworth Miller Cruises Along

Back to back Wentworth Miller posts! Belated Christmas gift?

Wentworth Miller was the guest of honor earlier today (late afternoon) aboard the luxury vessel, the AQA at a Sydney Harbor Cruise in Australia. This was in celebration of Foxtel’s new television deal with Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution. Pictured with Went below: Aussie actor Joel Edgerton and former Wheel of Fortune host Sophie Falkiner.

For you Prison Break fans out there, mark your calendars! There will be a PB recap episode on Jan. 8, which will also include a preview of the remaining nine episodes and interviews with cast members Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Sarah Wayne Callies, William Fichtner, Wade Williams, Paul Adelstein, Robert Knepper and Silas Weir Mitchell. PB is also returning on Jan. 22, not Jan. 29.

One really great must-read fan encounter story after the jump!

UPDATE :: You can now download Wentworth Miller‘s radio interview Aussie radio station Nova 96.9 from earlier today! Went chats with host Zoe about everything from his PB tattoos (yawn), his favorite book (we already knew that), Giorgio Armani styling him for events, and his biggest fan — a pre-pubescent 11-year-old boy.

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wentworth miller cruise 07

Wentworth Miller on the Rocks

Wentworth Miller is fulfilling one girl’s dream after another down in Australia. The most recent sighting of Went was today as he was catching an Aussie lunch with a few friends at restaurant Pancakes on the Rocks in Sydney. Here’s lucky Went fan Natalie‘s account of the story:


He’s soo nice! I met him at Pancakes on the Rocks (it’s a restaurant) in Sydney. He was waiting for his meal and my friends and I approached him and just asked. =) He’s the NICEST guy! I love him. ;)

He was dining in with another man and woman. Or maybe two men and a woman? I don’t remember, sorry! I was too busy staring at him. It was approx. 12.30pm, for lunch.

My friend asked him for a photo because I was too chicken to. He was really really nice about it! He said yes straight away with no hesitation and asked us for our names while giving us a handshake each. At first I thought he might have just been a lookalike but when I heard him speak I knew it was the real deal. We asked him what he was doing here and he mentioned that he was holidaying and that his sister currently lives in Melbourne.

Later on, we told my other friends that were there and they ended up bombarding him. Haha, we felt a bit slack because he was eating his lunch but he was still very nice about it! He agreed to take another photo with my other friends (I wasn’t in this one) and then we decided to leave him to eat in peace. =) He made my day.

After the jump is another fan’s encounter with Went at Starbucks…

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wentworth miller sighting 01

Went Takes a Break Down Under

First Wentworth Miller sighting in Australia! He recently arrived in Melbourne wearing a red tee and a blue beanie. Went is in town to visit his youngest sister, Leigh, who has been living there for the year.

Went is set to attend a cocktail Sydney Harbor cruise on Wednesday, Dec. 27 to celebrate Foxtel’s new long term deal with the Hollywood studio that makes Prison Break, Rupert Murdoch’s 20th Century Fox. Click on the first thumbnail to read the entire article! Added one random picture. Thanks to everyone who sent this in –

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone who celebrates!

ETA :: One more fan encounter picture below!

wentworth miller australia 01
wentworth miller australia 02

Wentworth Miller: The Elf?

I lot of you have been clamoring for anything Wentworth Miller and well, I just had to share this “hands on your hip” video. Thanks, jekalny and EarthMomma!!


Hahahahahahahhah. Don’t forget to Elf yourself or another celebrity and share the link in the comments! Below are some hilarious Went Photoshop manipulations that you need to check out. Mostly by the wonderful CatsbyCat!!

Wentworth Miller is said to be in Melbourne, Australia for Christmas. His younger sister, Leigh, has been living there for the year. Went will definitely be attending a cocktail Sydney Harbour cruise on Dec. 27 to celebrate Foxtel’s new long term deal with the Hollywood studio that makes Prison Break, Rupert Murdoch‘s 20th Century Fox.

wentworth miller elf 01
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