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Wentworth Miller Stuck in Killing Box

I LOVE KELLERMAN!!!!!!!!!!!! Paul Kellerman is my new BFF for helping Michael and Lincoln escape. More screencaps after the jump!


Here’s the re-cap for last night’s Prison Break episode “The Killing Box”: The fall finale is upon us and the excitement was worth the wait! T-Bag manages to kill two people just to get Susan Hollander’s address. Looks like Teddy’s home and it is creepy! Sucre has made it to Mexico, after ditching the plan. Can’t say the same for his pilot though. How will he reunite with Maricruz now? Sara realizes her options are out when the brothers are compromised and she’s left with no one to trust but herself. She ditches her former identity and cuts her hair to fully leave her former life behind.

Bellick gets sentenced to Fox River so he can stay close to his mama. And he thinks being a former C.O. will help him with a joyous twenty-five years. C.O. Patterson love! However the new warden is cracking down. I miss Popey! That’s clever TPTB, have a man wrongfully sentenced for a murder he did not commit. I loved the last scene when the cell closes in Bellick’s face and the camera pans back to show the cells—very much a mirror image of when Michael first entered Fox River. Nice to come full circle, huh?

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Wentworth Miller Gets Disconnected

Check out 60+ screencaps from last night’s episode (“Disconnect”) of Prison Break! I literally start out with 10,000+ screencaps for each episode and whittle it down to the best 50+ caps each week, so know that you’re getting the best!

What I found to be the most interesting was seeing Sarah Wayne Callies‘s (Dr. Sara Tancredi) stunt double from the scene where she jumped outside the hotel window onto a car windshield. Hilarious!

UPDATE :: Re-cap added! Here goes: Wowowow…one more episode until the fall finale! Aldo spent as much time with his sons as they have known him. Good thing I had my closed captioning on so I could hear what Michael’s final words to his father were.

Mahone is on the trail and a wounded Coyote is able to provide him with the plane that is going to Panama. Sucre gets on the plane without the brothers, who want to finish what their father could not do.

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prison break disconnect 01
prison break disconnect 02
prison break disconnect 03
prison break disconnect 04
prison break disconnect 05
prison break disconnect 06
prison break disconnect 07
prison break disconnect 08

Wentworth Miller: Arrested!

Major spoiler alert! Here are the episodic shots of Prison Break episode “Disconnect” (first row) and the fall finale, “The Killing Box” (second and third rows). Prison Break episode “Disconnect airs Monday, Nov. 20 @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX. The fall finale airs Nov. 27. There will be no hiatus this year either, if you didn’t hear!

Also included are some screencaps from Wentworth Miller‘s appearance on Access Hollywood earlier this week. Thanks geniass and maichan!

Wentworth Miller
Access Hollywood, 11/13
prison break disconnect 01
prison break disconnect 02
prison break disconnect 03
prison break disconnect 04
prison break the killing box 01
prison break the killing box 02
prison break the killing box 03
prison break the killing box 04

Prison Break: "Bolshoi Booze" Recap

Sorry for the lack of posts today. I’m at the airport flying home soon! Screencaps to follow. Read on for the synopsis of last night’s Prison Break episode “Bolshoi Booze”:

Stealing from the elderly puts Michael in a mini frenzy letting him recount all the wrong that he has done for the plan. He is so remorseful that he seeks penance in the Church across the street asking for forgiveness. We also learn that a part of Michael’s darkness does not come just from prison but from his past.

Kellerman has plans to take Sara out—and not to dinner! He repeated asks her for where “it” is and Sara cannot make head or tail as to what he is referring to. Not even attempts to drown her do the trick. Give it up, Kellerman! She’s a closed book! How many of you adored how Kellerman was a tender torturer? Wiping her face, brushing her hair aside, offering to get real pie afterwards? Haha. Things does not bode well for our doctor as the final scenes show her with a plugged iron in a full tub. Gulp.

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Wentworth Miller: Fight! Fight!

A bunch more spoiler-ish pictures of Michael (Wentworth Miller) and the nitroglycerin from the all-new Prison Break episode this coming Monday. Went‘s face quivers in the last two screencaps from the “Aldo” scene…

A boatload of questions were answered in the last entry about episode “Bolshoi Booze.” But if you’ve got anymore, feel free to ask them in the comments. Be sure to check out Prison Break this Monday, Nov. 13 @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX.

UPDATE :: geniass has a little spoiler tidbit: Avocado makes an appearance in the fall finale! If you don’t remember, Avocado is the one that raped Tweener and was Lorena Bobbit-ed.

ETA :: The scene with Michael (Wentworth Miller) at the hardware store
wentworth miller fight 01
wentworth miller fight 02
wentworth miller fight 03
wentworth miller fight 04

Wentworth Miller Cries a River

Here’s another teaser for Prison Break episode “Bolshoi Booze,” which airs this Monday, Nov. 13 @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX. Michael (Wentworth Miller) feels so guilt-stricken, he goes to confessional and reflects back on his past sins and the sins others have committed because of him. Went wells up with tears a lot in this episode, it seems. And the tears look real! More semi-spoilery pictures in the gallery…

P.S. If you haven’t watched this myFOX Los Angeles interview with Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies, you should.


The Severed Hand on my Doorstep

Much to my surprise (like when Wentworth Miller showed up in his boxers on my doorstep last week) this morning, I found a SEVERED HAND waiting for me. HAHAHAHA. The Prison Break PR company is hilarious. That’s right, this week’s screener was delivered by a SEVERED HAND. Hahaha. Prison Break episode “Bolshoi Booze” airs Monday, Nov 13 @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX.

prison break bolshoi booze 01
prison break bolshoi booze 02

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