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Actress Whitney Moore Condemns Ex-Boyfriend Max Landis for 'Horrific, Inhumane Things' He Did to Her

Whitney Moore is speaking out to publicly condemn her ex-boyfriend Max Landis for the “horrific, inhumane things” he did to her.

The 29-year-old actress and YouTube host wrote a statement on Twitter in which she explained that she never thought she would publicly talk about their relationship as she thought Max was working on himself as a person. Then she realized he “never got any better.”

Max, the writer of films like Chronicle, American Ultra, and Bright, has been accused of sexual assault multiple times.

“I never thought I would say anything publicly about the things Max Landis did to me because I believed that forgiveness was the correct way to heal,” Whitney wrote on Twitter. “I even defended him, for so long, because I truly believed he was getting better and that the ways he tortured me was isolated to our relationship. I thought there was no point in sharing the horrific, inhumane things he did to me because publicly condemning someone who is working on themselves is unproductive.”

“Now I know that this was a lie; he never got any better,” Whitney added. “He hid behind his friendship with me and several other good people so he could continue hurting people behind closed doors and not be questioned.”

Someone asked Whitney if she’s doing okay and she responded, “SO good. Living my life and surrounded by people who love me 💫.”

See photos of Whitney Moore and Max Landis together back in 2011 in the gallery…

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