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Ryan Gosling's Suit Was Way Too Tight on 'Kimmel'! (Video)

Ryan Gosling crosses his legs to show off his tight suit pants during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday (May 9) in Hollywood.

The 35-year-old Nice Guys actor, who became a dad for a second time just two weeks ago, admitted that he hadn’t tried on his suit and didn’t realize it was so tight.

“I have to admit something,” Ryan said at the top of the interview. “I didn’t try this suit on before I came out, and I realize that it’s so tight.”

“It’s wildly inappropriate. I feel like I’m going steady with these pants,” he added. “I can’t feel my calves. I don’t know if that’s good. I asked for it because I’m dressed this way.”

Ryan also joined surprise guest Will Ferrell for the return of the “Knife Guys” during the show!

Ryan Gosling’s Suit is Too Tight

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Will Ferrell Drops Out of Ronald Reagan Comedy Movie

Will Ferrell has dropped out of the upcoming movie Reagan, a comedy that will follow the late president Ronald Reagan‘s struggle with Alzheimer’s disease.

The 48-year-old actor was set to star in the movie, but he pulled out after Reagan‘s family criticized the project and urged him not to play the role.

“The REAGAN script is one of a number of scripts that had been submitted to Will Ferrell which he had considered. While it is by no means a ‘Alzheimer’s comedy’ as has been suggested, Mr. Ferrell is not pursuing this project,” a rep for Will told Page Six.

Will Ferrell's Ronald Reagan Comedy Slammed By His Daughter

Will Ferrell will be playing the role of Ronald Reagan in a dark comedy about the late president’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

The movie is set to begin at the start of the “then-president’s second term when he falls into dementia and an ambitious intern is tasked with convincing the commander-in-chief that he is an actor playing the president in a movie,” according to Variety.

Now, Patti Davis, the daughter of Reagan, has written an open letter in which she urges Will to reconsider the movie.

“Perhaps you have managed to retain some ignorance about Alzheimer’s and other versions of dementia. Perhaps if you knew more, you would not find the subject humorous,” she writes. “I watched as fear invaded my father’s eyes—this man who was never afraid of anything. I heard his voice tremble as he stood in the living room and said, ‘I don’t know where I am.’ I watched helplessly as he reached for memories, for words, that were suddenly out of reach and moving farther away. For ten long years he drifted—past the memories that marked his life, past all that was familiar…and mercifully, finally past the fear. There was laughter in those years, but there was never humor.”

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Will Ferrell & Mark Wahlberg to Star in 'Daddy's Home' Sequel

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are set to reprise their roles in a sequel to their hit comedy film Daddy’s Home!

The first film opened on Christmas Day last year and went on to gross $240 million at the worldwide box office.

SPOILER ALERT – If you don’t remember, the original movie ended with a perfect segue into a sequel. Mark‘s character ended up getting married to a beautiful single mom played by Alessandra Ambrosio and her ex (John Cena) shows up to one-up her new husband. While the logline is being kept under wraps, according to Deadline, we bet this will be the storyline for the sequel!

Kanye West Praises Will Ferrell's Work in 'Zoolander 2'

Kanye West took to his Twitter account on Saturday morning (February 27) to praise Zoolander 2 and Will Ferrell‘s performance in the comedy flick.

The 38-year-old rapper revealed that he has now seen the sequel film twice and that Will has reached “god status.”

“Perhaps it was seeing him play the same character from 15 years ago with 15 more years experience that showed how sharp and Bruce Lee status he is,” Kanye said. “I just want to thank Will Ferrell for the years of joy he has brought into my life with amazing comedy.”

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Mariah Carey Gives Will Ferrell a Touch-Up Backstage

Mariah Carey shimmers in a silver dress while stepping out at her #1 to Infinity Residency Wrap Event held 1 Oak Nightclub inside The Mirage on Saturday night (February 20) in Las Vegas.

That same night, the 45-year-old entertain shared a cute backstage photo with Will Ferrell.

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“MC #beautyschooldropout gives #willferrell a touch up,” she captioned the Instagram photo, which you can check out below.

A photo posted by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on

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Salma Hayek Gets to Work on 'Drunk Parents' with Will Ferrell

Salma Hayek carries two cups of coffee while walking around the set of her upcoming movie Drunk Parents on Wednesday (February 17) in New York City.

The 49-year-old actress was joined on set that day by her co-star Will Ferrell, 48, who is making a cameo appearance in the film.

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Salma was seen making out with Alec Baldwin on the set of the movie last weekend. See those pics in the gallery!

Drunk Parents is about “two drunk parents who attempt to hide their ever increasing financial difficulties from their daughter and social circle through elaborate neighborhood schemes.”

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