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Jaden Smith Grabs Dinner with Sister Willow & Her Boyfriend Tyler Cole in Malibu

The Smith siblings are enjoying a night out in Malibu!

Jaden and Willow Smith stepped out for dinner at Nobu restaurant on Wednesday night (July 15) in Malibu, Calif.

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The 22-year-old actor/rapper looked super cool in an electric, blue suit as he joined the 19-year-old singer and her boyfriend Tyler Cole for a sushi dinner at the celeb hotspot.

This is the second time this week Jaden had dinner at Nobu. A few nights before, Jaden grabbed dinner with a few friends including Moises Arias.

If you didn’t know, Willow and Tyler have been dating for a few years now. The first time we saw photos of them together was back in September 2016.

During a recent episode of Red Table Talk, Willow talked about how cancel culture “doesn’t lead to any learning.”

FYI: Jaden is wearing Polite Worldwide custom pearls.

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Jada Pinkett Smith Has a Message for Shane Dawson After His Gross Willow Video Resurfaces

Jada Pinkett Smith is speaking out with a message for YouTube star Shane Dawson after a video resurfaced in which he sexualized her daughter Willow when she was just 11.

The video showed Shane pretending to masturbate while staring at a poster of Willow and reciting the lyrics to her song “Whip My Hair.”

The video resurfaced on social media after Shane made a video in which he apologized for his past videos and racist actions.

Jada took to Twitter on Saturday (June 27) and sent a message to Shane.

“To Shane Dawson … I’m done with the excuses,” she wrote.

Also speaking out was Willow’s older brother Jaden Smith, who tore into the content creator and said how disgusted he was by the video. Read all of his tweets now.

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Jaden Smith Slams Shane Dawson for Sexualizing Willow When She Was Just 11

Shane Dawson is under fire for a clip from his past that has resurfaced, in which he appears to sexualize Willow Smith when she was just 11-years-old.

In the video, the YouTube star pretends to masturbate while staring at a poster of Willow and reciting the lyrics to her song “Whip My Hair.”

Willow’s older brother Jaden Smith is reacting to the clip and slamming Shane, who just apologized for his past videos and racist actions.


Jaden added, “This Man Was Also Doing Black Face On The Regular. As The Youth We Need To Support Creators Who Support Us And Our Morals. This Is Not Okay.”

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Willow Smith Talks About How Cancel Culture 'Doesn't Lead To Learning'

Willow Smith had a deep conversation with mom Jada Pinkett Smith about cancel culture during an episode of Red Table Talk.

While discussing Juneteenth with Jada‘s Gammy, Dr. Angela Davis and activist Tamika D. Mallory, the topic of cancel culture came up and Willow, 19, isn’t a fan of it.

“[It] is so prevalent right now,” she shared. “I’m seeing people shaming others, like saying really terrible things. Shaming people for what they are choosing to say or shaming people for not saying anything at all. I feel like if we really want change, shaming doesn’t lead to learning.”

Tamika was in agreement of Willow’s statement.

“Cancel culture is a little dangerous,” she added. “It definitely is because none of us are perfect. It is a space that is a little difficult to maneuver because you do have to leave people room to make mistakes, to grow and to learn, but they have to show that they’re willing.”

Earlier in the episode, Willow‘s dad, Will Smith, opened up about what he felt what his biggest failure in life was.

Jada Pinkett Smith Admits She Was Worried About Daughter Willow's Excessive Weed Smoking' - Watch! (Video)

Jada Pinkett Smith is getting candid about her daughter Willow Smith‘s weed use.

The two stars joined Jada‘s mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones, in the latest episode of Red Table Talk, in which they discussed how those struggling with addiction are coping amid the global health crisis.

Willow, I’m really proud of you as well, because you have decided to curb your excessive weed smoking,” Jada said during the episode to Willow.

“You always were telling me, you’d be like, ‘Gotta stop that smoking,’” Willow said back.

“Only because as your mother, I could see the effects of it that you couldn’t,” Jada responded.

“And for me, it was like with the history that we have in our family it was driving me crazy,” added Adrienne.

Willow said she hasn’t smoked weed, specifically THC, in three months, and noticed that her “friends” cut ties ever since.

“When I stopped smoking it was a really big, like, eye opener because I was like, there are so many people that I called friends in my life who kind of like…,” she said.

“Drifted away,” Adrienne added.

“I know it sounds so cheesy but around the time I stopped smoking I started doing a lot of yoga. And I just excelled. ‘Cause I was putting all of my energy into that. Like I wasn’t doing anything else and I was like wow, what if I was doing this with everything?” Willow said.

Watch the Red Table Talk discussion…

Jada Pinkett Smith Opens Up About Navigating Relationships During Quarantine - Watch!

Jada Pinkett Smith and her family are tackling issues amid the ongoing health crisis in their Red Table Talk series.

In a teaser for the next episode of the show, out on Wednesday (March 25), the family takes on a question alongside motivational vlogger Jay Shetty and Dr. Ramani Durvasula, as well as Jada‘s daughter Willow Smith and mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris.

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“I love my wife, but I need some alone time during this quarantine. How can I tell her that?” the question reads.

“If you’re just seeking more space in your relationship I think one of the bigger mistakes we often make is that we express what we want but we don’t explain why we want it,” Jay offers.

“I think that’s true because if you say to somebody, ‘I need space,’ sometimes that’s a trigger for one step towards divorce. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that. It just means, ‘Hey I need two hours, please,’” Jada said.

The family recently called together an emergency meeting amid the pandemic.

The full episode airs on Facebook Watch at 9 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. ET.

Will Smith Calls a Family Emergency Meeting Due to Coronavirus - Watch! (Video)

Will Smith and his family are having an emergency episode of Red Table Talk to discuss the coronavirus pandemic.

The 51-year-old movie star joined wife Jade Pinkett Smith, daughter Willow Smith, Jada‘s mom Adrienne Banfield Norris, and his son Trey Smith to discuss the ongoing crisis. (Jaden Smith was not present – he was social distancing out of concern for his grandmother.)

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“Imagine that our local hospital can handle 40 respiratory patients at one time. And under normal circumstances, 40 respiratory patients, for that hospital, is a lot. You know, they’ll be at 12 or 15, so they can handle it,” he said.

“The way the virus is moving and the reason why we need to practice social distancing and the idea of flattening the curve is if 50 people show up at that hospital at one time, to get 40 beds, right, now you have 10 people in critical condition that aren’t going to get help. And your mortality rate shoots through the roof. That’s the idea of overwhelming the system,” he went on to say.

“So flattening the curve means not getting to 80 people at one time, we practice social distancing, the virus is going to move through humanity. But as it moves through, we want it to move through at 30 people at a time for our local hospital, not 60 people at a time for our local hospital, because then we have a real problem,” he explained.

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