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Dylan & Ronan Farrow Call Out 'New York Magazine' for Soon-Yi Previn Profile

Dylan Farrow, Ronan Farrow and more family members are hitting back at Woody Allen‘s wife Soon-Yi Previn for her comments regarding Dylan and mother Mia Farrow‘s allegations against the director.

Following a profile published on Sunday evening (September 16), in which Soon-Yi suggested that Mia was “taking advantage of the #MeToo movement” and “parading” Dylan around, Dylan, Ronan and more spoke out in a series of statements.

“Thanks to my mother, I grew up in a wonderful home, filled with love, that she created. I have a message for the media and allies of Woody Allen: no one is ‘parading me around as a victim’ – I continue to be an adult woman making a credible allegation unchanged for two decades, backed up by evidence,” Dylan wrote.

“As a brother and son, I’m angry that New York Magazine would participate in this kind of a hit job, written by a longtime admirer and friend of Woody Allen‘s. As a journalist, I’m shocked by the lack of care for the facts, the refusal to include eyewitness testimony that would contradict falsehoods in this pieces, and the failre to print my sister’s responses,” Ronan added.

See their full statements below.

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Woody Allen's Wife Soon-Yi Previn Opens Up About Mia Farrow & Dylan Farrow Allegations

Soon-Yi Previn is opening up in defense of her husband Woody Allen.

The 47-year-old wife of the 82-year-old director addressed the longstanding controversy surrounding Woody and his adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow, as well as his ex Mia Farrow, in a piece published on Vulture on Sunday (September 16).

“I was never interested in writing a Mommie Dearest, getting even with Mia — none of that. But what’s happened to Woody is so upsetting, so unjust. [Mia] has taken advantage of the #MeToo movement and paraded Dylan as a victim. And a whole new generation is hearing about it when they shouldn’t,” she said.

“People think that I was Soon-Yi‘s father, that I raped and married my underaged, retarded daughter,” Woody added.

Dylan accused Woody of sexually molesting her, which he has denied.

Woody‘s adoptive son Moses also defended Woody against the allegations and claimed that Mia was physically and emotionally abusive and spoke out about it earlier in the year.

Mia is not quoted in the story. To see the full op-ed, click here.

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Woody Allen Wants To Be 'Poster Boy' For #MeToo Movement Despite Accusations

Woody Allen is speaking out about his thoughts on the #MeToo movement and why he thinks he should be the poster boy.

The 82-year-old director says that he believe the movement is “a good thing” because it brings “justice” to abusers in Hollywood.

“I feel when they find people who harass innocent women and men, it’s a good thing that they’re exposing them. But you know I, I should be the poster boy for the Me Too movement. Because I have worked in movies for 50 years. I’ve worked with hundreds of actresses and not a single one – big ones, famous ones, ones starting out – have ever ever suggested any kind of impropriety at all. I’ve always had a wonderful record with them,” Woody told Periodismo Para Todos.

Despite Woody‘s thoughts, he’s found himself at the middle of the movement following daughter Dylan Farrow‘s sexual abuse claims against him.

“What bothers me is that I get linked with them. People who have been accused by 20 women, 50 women, 100 women of abuse and abuse and abuse— and I, who was only accused by one woman in a child custody case which was looked at and proven to be untrue, I get lumped in with these people,” Woody said of Dylan‘s claims.

He added, “This is something that has been thoroughly looked at 25 years ago by all the authorities and everybody came to the conclusion that it was untrue. And that was the end and I’ve gone on with my life. For it to come back now, it’s a terrible thing to accuse a person of. I’m a man with a family and my own children. So of course it’s upsetting.”

Moses Farrow Defends Father Woody Allen & Says Mother Mia Farrow Was Abusive

Woody Allen and Mia Farrow‘s son, Moses, is speaking out against his mother in a new blog post published on Wednesday (May 23).

The 40-year-old photographer and family therapist defended Woody against claims of sexual abuse in a post called “A Son Speaks Out.”

Among his claims, Moses says he “witnessed siblings, some blind or physically disabled, dragged down a flight of stairs to be thrown into a bedroom or a closet, then having the door locked from the outside.”

“When Soon-Yi was young, Mia once threw a large porcelain centerpiece at her head. Luckily it missed, but the shattered pieces hit her legs. Years later, Mia beat her with a telephone receiver,” he writes.

Moses was adopted from South Korea by Mia, and then co-adopted by Woody in 1991.

“I’m a very private person and not at all interested in public attention. But, given the incredibly inaccurate and misleading attacks on my father, Woody Allen, I feel that I can no longer stay silent as he continues to be condemned for a crime he did not commit,” he wrote.

“To my mother: One thing you always said you appreciated about me was my ability to listen. I listened to you for years and held your truth above all others. You once said to me, ‘It’s not healthy to hold onto anger.’ Yet here we are, 26 years later. I’m guessing your next step will be to launch a campaign to discredit me for speaking out. I know it comes with the territory. And it’s a burden I am willing to bear.”

Read the full post here.

Cate Blanchett on Woody Allen Allegations: 'I Don't Think I've Stayed Silent At All'

Cate Blanchett has broken her silence on the allegations against Woody Allen, who she worked with in 2014 for her Oscar winning performance in Blue Jasmine.

“How do you juxtapose being a #MeToo proponent, a Time’s Up proponent, and staying silent on having worked with Woody Allen?,” Cate was asked while making an appearance on Christiane Amanpour’s CNN show this week.

“I don’t think I’ve stayed silent at all. At the time that I worked with Woody Allen, I knew nothing of the allegations. At the time, I said it’s a very painful and complicated situation for the family, which I hope they have the ability to resolve,” Cate said. “If these allegations need to be re-examined which, in my understanding, they’ve been through court, then I’m a big believer in the justice system and setting legal precedents. If the case needs to be reopened, I am absolutely, wholeheartedly in support of that.”

“I feel that these things need to go into court, so if these abuses have happened, the person is prosecuted and so someone who is not in the shiny industry that I am can use that legal precedent to protect themselves,” she continued. “Always, in my industry or any other industry, they’re preyed upon because they’re vulnerable.”

Dylan Farrow recently detailed the allegations against Allen in an interview.