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Jessica Chastain Says She Feels Depressed When Not Working

Jessica Chastain looks stunning while posing for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar UK‘s October 2014 issue.

Here is what the Oscar-nominated actress had to share with the mag:

On feeling grief from not working: “I started to feel really negative about myself, down on who I am, and then I realized it’s because I’ve had so much time away from me that I don’t really know what I like to do anymore. I’m out of it now, but there was this feeling of being sad or depressed… wanting to go to another project… Perhaps it is like [an addiction]… maybe the [past] three months were my withdrawal!”

On hating being the center of attention: “Probably there are some people who feel great about themselves and don’t second-guess anything they say or do or wear… But that’s just not me.”

On not having a plan for a different career: “I don’t know what I’d do if I wasn’t acting. It doesn’t mean I have to be in movies or have success… I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have this form of expression because it offers me a freedom I don’t have in my personal life.”

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jessica chastain harpers bazaar uk october 2014 01
jessica chastain harpers bazaar uk october 2014 02

Brad Pitt on Being a Father: 'It's the Most Beautiful Thing'

Brad Pitt gets his close up and looks very steamy on the cover of UK magazine Psychologies.

Here’s what the 50-year-old actor had to share with the mag:

On being a father: “I feel like the richest man alive since I’ve become a father. Being a father has changed me on so many levels and made me more generous and alive. I see my children as an essential part of my life, and it means so much to be able to educate them and help them make their way in the world as they grow up. I love being a father and all the responsibilities that entails. It’s the most beautiful thing you can experience.”

On being a protective parent: “I worry about them all the time. That’s the emotional bond and responsibility that sweeps over you when you have a family to look after. I care about them more than I care about myself, which I think is the real definition of love. You see past yourself and become more generous and giving, and wanting only the best for your family.”

On his wife Angelina Jolie: “Angelina is just amazing. I’ll be tired and lie down on the sofa and then she’ll keep going until late at night. And that makes me feel like, ‘Why am I taking it easy?’ so I’ll go help out and play with the boys and get them to bed. You realize that you always have the energy inside you, and as a parent you need to have a lot of willpower.”

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Taylor Swift to 'British Vogue': 'Dating Or Finding Someone Is The Last Thing On My Mind'

Taylor Swift is a glowing beauty on the cover for British Vogue‘s November 2014 issue, on newsstands Monday (October 6).

Here’s what the 24-year-old singer had to share with the mag:

On her new album 1989: “This time around I’ve chosen the brave and bold way of going about things. Because with this album I’ve completely changed the sound of everything I’ve done until now. So it’s interesting to not be afraid of that. You know, I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, I don’t want to betray Nashville, whatever, but essentially it comes down to challenging yourself as an artist.”

On her dating life: “Dating or finding someone is the last thing on my mind, because I can’t picture how it could work with the way my life is. I don’t know how a guy is supposed to walk next to his girlfriend when there are 20 men with cameras, and he can’t protect his girlfriend because that’s the life she chose. I just don’t see how it could work, so I don’t think about it, and I kind of run from it when it presents itself. ‘Cause I don’t think any guy really… They think that they would want to get to know me, and maybe date me, but I don’t think they want what comes with it.”

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taylor swift to british vogue dating or finding someone is the last 01
taylor swift to british vogue dating or finding someone is the last 02

Gone Girl's Emily Ratajkowski Flaunts Tons of Cleavage on 'Cosmopolitan' Cover!

Emily Ratajkowski shows off her assets on the cover of Cosmopolitan‘s October 2014 issue, on newsstands October 7.

In her interview, the 23-year-old Gone Girl actress talked about being a feminist.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Emily Ratajkowski

“I feel lucky that I can wear what I want, sleep with who I want, and dance how I want, and still be a feminist,” she said.

Emily is currently best known for taking it all off in the music video for Robin Thicke‘s smash hit song “Blurred Lines.” Her acting career is taking off and she will next be seen as the female lead alongside Zac Efron in the movie We Are Your Friends.

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emily ratajkowski cosmopolitan october 2014 01
emily ratajkowski cosmopolitan october 2014 02

Nick Jonas Flaunts Abs & Muscles On New Magazine Cover

Nick Jonas lifts up his shirt to show off his abs on the cover of Flaunt magazine’s Grind issue.

The 22-year-old entertainer was photographed by Yu Tsai and styled by Joseph Episcopo for the shoot. Stay tuned for more amazing photos from the shoot!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nick Jonas

“Check out my cover for @flauntmagazine at! Full feature out later this week!” Nick wrote on Instagram.

Also pictured: Nick‘s older brother Joe rocking a red checkered shirt while stepping out for lunch at Joan’s On Third on Monday (September 29) in West Hollywood, Calif. More Here! »

nick jonas flaunts abs muscles on magazine cover 01
nick jonas flaunts abs muscles on magazine cover 02
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nick jonas flaunts abs muscles on magazine cover 05.

Anne Hathaway: Fame F-cked Me Up, But I've Learned to Chill Out

Anne Hathaway looks fashionably fierce on the cover of Elle UK magazine’s November 2014 issue.

Here’s what the 31-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On having young fame: “This fame thing? F*cked me up for a really long time. I didn’t know how to do it. I didn’t know how to engage with it. It stressed me out. And people would say, ‘You just have to be yourself,’ and I was like, ‘But I don’t know who that is yet!’”

On how marriage changed her: “There was a part of me that I was keeping in reserve, and when I got married, something shifted…That question of, ‘How long’s this gonna last?’ is off the table. And when you’re not worried about that, there’s space to just be silly.”

On learning to chill out: “The thing I’ve learned this past year is to chill out. I think when you’re young and struggling to find yourself, there’s something alluring about the idea of being tortured. Life for me these days is a lot about letting the unknown be wonderful, and letting myself feel safe.”

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Liam Hemsworth Talks Miley Cyrus Split with 'Nylon Guys' Mag: 'There's No Bad Blood There'

Liam Hemsworth sports some major scruff on the November 2014 cover of Nylon Guys magazine, on newsstands October 2.

Here’s what the 24-year-old actor had to share with the mag:

On his split with Miley Cyrus: “There’s not much to say; there’s no bad blood there. You never get used to it because you get followed and you get chased and it’s never a fun experience. I think when people see photos of you out and about in your personal life, they assume that you’ve asked for it or that you want that attention, but I don’t think anyone in their right mind asks for that kind of thing.”

On his co-stars: “I’ve been friends with all these people for so many years now. I’m so lucky to have Jennifer [Lawrence] and Josh [Hutcherson] and Woody [Harrelson] and all these other great people. We’ve created really strong bonds. Woody’s like a little kid. Me and Jen always call him a Labrador because you throw something and he’ll fetch it. When he does turn it on, he’s got the most intense, crazy look in his eyes. He’s such a great actor, yet he can be so free and just have fun with the whole thing. It’s like high school because we’ll mess around for half the day and then we’ll do a little bit of work. Everyone’s goofing around and trying to mess each other up.”

On asking for advice: “When we were on set [of Paranoia], I asked Harrison Ford if he ever doubted what he was doing or why he was doing it. He kind of stopped for a second and was like, ‘No. Not for a second. This is the best job in the world.’”

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liam hemsworth nylon guys miley cyrus split 02
liam hemsworth nylon guys miley cyrus split 03

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