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David Giuntoli: 'Grimm' Exclusive Interview!

David Giuntoli: 'Grimm' Exclusive Interview!

Check out our new interview with David Giuntoli from one of our favorite scary shows Grimm!

The 32-year-old handsome actor plays Portland detective Nick Burkhardt, who is able to see strange visions of regular people momentarily transforming into hideous monsters, which leads him to fight criminals, who he thought only existed in fairy tales.

JJ recently chatted with David to get the scoop on his character Nick, what he likes to do in Portland during filming, and discovering an interesting tidbit that not many people know about him.

Click inside to find out what David spilled to us about his show Grimm

David Giuntoli- Interview

JJ: For the people who don’t watch Grimm, why should they tune in?

DG: There’s people who haven’t seen Grimm? They should tune in to Grimm for the gory nature of the show, the fairy tale aspect, and these amazingly strange bizarre story lines and characters that we introduce every week and of course for the roguish good looks of lead David Giuntoli.

JJ: What can you tell us about the upcoming episodes without giving away too much?

DG: I can tell you that my character has been cuckolded by his boss, the Captain Renard. I found out that Renard has slept with my girlfriend and a major kerfuffle ensues. We take it to the woods, a big fight between Renard and Nick.

JJ: Since Juliette cheats on Nick, is this the last we see of them together?

DG: Hopefully it’s the last that we see of that, but who knows…

JJ: If Grimm is picked up for a third season, what do you want see happen to your character Nick?

DG: I like the Nick as the master of ceremonies kind of a guy, who’s putting together his illicit crime fighting team with Monroe and Rosalee and maybe the Captain one day and Hank. I kinda enjoy that aspect of the show. The after hours policing.

JJ: How are you similar to your character in any way?

DG: My best friend is an actual werewolf in real life. I think Nick is a nice guy or deemed nice by society and I think I am that as well, but the shadow lurks during the evening. I think he generally wants good, doesn’t believe in black and white , good or evil. Nick is also quite different than me, in that he’s just nose to the grim-stone dead serious all the time.

JJ: How was your auditioning process?

DG: I had worked with the director of the pilot on another NBC show, months prior, and I had also worked with the producers on another show called Hot in Cleveland recently. They all knew me and I think Marc Buckland, the director of the pilot, kind of asked me to go through the auditioning process and I could tell right away that I was someone that he wanted and they were paying attention to me than they were with a lot of people. It was quick after that. I did the bi-road thing. I did the whole auditioning with the network and the studio and all that stuff. I found out minutes after my audition that I got it.

JJ: You guys shoot in Portland, what are some fun things you guys like to do there?

DG: Portland is college for adults. Everyday, what’s happening in the quad today? It is crazy little team boosting events. Sasha and I did the “Naked Bike Ride” this year. It was fun times. The food there is phenomenal, I’ve become a food snob. Probably being in Portland and having a job made me that but I go see a lot of Trail Blazers games. I’ll go to Mount Hood and go skiing. Sasha and I will go hiking about where ever. There plenty of fun to be had.

JJ: What’s the scariest thing that has happened on set?

DG: On Grimm, every episode, there’s a new decapitation or eye gouging. They always have these bodies ready of verbatim guest stars, the guest star would have got a mold of their body. I’ll meet a guy and turn around and ekk there are like two of him, half and half, lying on the ground. It’s terrifying, it’s very frightening. Once I was walking by set to get to my trailer and I, by chance, glanced into this car. There was a man with his stomach eaten out with live rats pouring out of his mouth. Live rats, so that’s the kind of stuff that just gets to me, no matter what.

JJ: What kind of exercises do you guys do to improve the chemistry between the characters?

DG: Trust falls. We just hang out, it’s one of those things when you work on location, like we do in Portland, you get this very tight-knit group. We don’t go back to our husbands and wives, we don’t go back to our social cliques, we have each other. It’s really like being in camp because you’re on this island and you have this very specific experience with each other and you really do build these, hopefully, life long relationships. If not lifelong, then very honest and authentic relationships.

JJ: What are some projects that you are working on?

DG: I have a movie coming out in May, with Bitsie Tulloch, who plays Juliette, which shot prior to Grimm actually being cast, called Caroline and Jackie. It comes out in LA in early May. At this point, I’m focusing on Grimm, there is very little time for anything else for a guy like me. If anything can be fit in, I would try to, but who knows.

JJ: What is something interesting that not many people know about you?

DG: I’m deaf in my left ear. I’m deaf as a doornail on my left ear. It may as well not be there. All the time, everybody who knows me, knows this. We will go to dinner in Portland and people go ‘Oh no, David needs that seat because he can’t hear anywhere else, so save it for him.’

JJ: How would you describe your personal fashion style?

DG: Closest to the bed.

JJ: Who would you like to work with in the future and actors you would to model your career after?

DG: I don’t take myself seriously at all, and I really find that charming in people and it speaks to a person’s way of life and I love John Hamm, how he has this dead serious character and he’ll be goofy, all at his own expense and I think he’s a really cool model. Something I would like to fashion my career.

JJ: What’s the best acting advice you’ve gotten?

DG: Do it as you understand it. That kind of takes all worry out. You always are learning and hating what you used to do and if you don’t hate what you used to do, you’re not learning. Do it as you understand it in the moment. You are what you are and what you know.

JJ: If you weren’t an actor, what would you be?

DG: I’m fascinated by science and astronomy, not astrology. Hate astrology, love astronomy. I don’t know what I would be doing, but I would be thinking about that. I’d be homeless.

JJ: If you could have dinner with any person in the industry, dead or alive, who would it be?

DG: It would be the cast of the Golden Girls. I thought the show was so funny and I’ve seen live performances of the Golden Girls in Portland, done on stage, done in kind of a clinging manner and it works! Me and my little sister were raised by the Golden Girls.

JJ: Since the Oscars just happened, what are your favorite movies of the year?

DG: I haven’t yet seen Zero Dark Thirty, so I have to see that and I haven’t seen Life of Pi. I think Lincoln could have won Best Picture, I really enjoy that as a story. I thought it was hard to write a story about passing an amendment and I think they did a great job. Beasts of a Southern Wild, I like, but they should give you Dramamine before you watch it. It’s sea sickness. I think Lincoln was my favorite thus far. Django was fun though, that was a blood bath.

JJ: What has been your most interesting fan encounter?

DG: There’s been many. I remember I was having a drink with Silas, the guy who plays Monroe, and we were in Portland and we were inside. We were looking out the window and a guy walked pass wearing a wolf head. He walked past the window and looked at us and left. It was very subtle, bizarre, haunting but cool fan encounter. It was very Portland.

Grimm airs Fridays @ 9PM ET on NBC!

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