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Here's What Celebs Have Donated to the Time's Up Legal Fund

Here's What Celebs Have Donated to the Time's Up Legal Fund

It has been so inspiring watching celebs from across Hollywood come together and unite the world in the Times Up movement to end sexual harassment in the workplace.

One of the main parts of the initiative is a legal defense fund that was created to help women protect themselves against sexual misconduct in the workplace and encourage them to report it when it happens.

Stars like Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Meryl Streep, and Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes have all stepped up with donations of $500,000 each! The donation amounts made by celebs are visible on the cause’s GoFundMe page.

Taylor Swift and Oprah Winfrey both donated $100,000 and donations of $50,000 were made by Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett, Emma Stone, and Jessica Chastain.

JJ Abrams and his wife Katie McGrath made a giant donation of $1,000,000 and Kate Capshaw and Steven Spielberg‘s Wunderkinder Foundation donated $2,000,000 to the cause.

You can donate now on GoFundMe. No amount is too small, so please give anything you have to spare!

Click inside to see how much money was donated by all the stars…

Celebrity Donations (Listed in Alphabetical Order)

Uzo Aduba – $5,000
Jennifer Aniston – $500,000
Elizabeth Banks – $10,000
Ellen Barkin – $1,000
Kate Beckinsale – $1,000
Betsy Beers – $20,000
Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake – $25,000
Cate Blanchett – $50,000
Emily Blunt – $5,000
Sophia Bush – $5,000
Jessica Capshaw – $25,000
Kate Capshaw & Steven Spielberg‘s Wunderkinder Foundation – $2,000,000
Jessica Chastain – $50,000
Jennifer Connelly – $1,000
Laverne Cox – $3,500
Geena Davis – $1,000
Viola Davis – $1,000
Rosario Dawson – $7,500
Zoey Deutch – $1,500
Laura Dern – $1,000
Ava DuVernay – $2,500
Jennifer Ehle – $1,000
Megan Ellison – $50,000
Vera Farmiga – $7,500
America Ferrera – $15,000
Jane Fonda – $10,000
Jennifer Garner – $10,000
Greta Gerwig – $3,000
Danai Gurira – $5,000
Maggie Gyllenhaal – $5,000
Chelsea Handler – $25,000 (from two donations)
Laura Harrier – $1,000
Anne Hathaway – $25,000
Christina Hendricks – $500
Kate Hudson – $10,000
Felicity Huffman – $2,000
Abbi Jacobson – $1,000
Patty Jenkins – $1,000
Kendall Jenner – $1,000
Scarlett Johansson – $20,000
Dakota Johnson – $5,000
Rashida Jones – $10,000
Ashley Judd – $1,000
Marilyn & Jeffrey Katzenberg Foundation – $250,000
Kathleen Kennedy – $250,000
Aja Naomi King – $1,000
Keira Knightley – $10,000
Zoe Kravitz – $1,000
Evangeline Lilly – $5,000
Blake Lively – $25,000
Eva Longoria – $10,000
Courtney Love – $5,000
Katie Lowes – $500
Katie McGrath & JJ Abrams – $1,000,000
Debra Messing – $20,000
Julianne Moore – $10,000
Chloe Moretz – $500
Megan Mullally – $10,000
Olivia Munn – $5,000
Kathy Najimy – $1,000
Gwyneth Paltrow – $1,000
Amy Poehler – $10,000
Natalie Portman – $50,000
Carrie Preston – $1,000
Dee Rees – $10,000
Shonda Rhimes – $500,000
Tracee Ellis Ross – $5,000
Zoe Saldana – $10,000
Sheryl Sandberg – $25,000
Susan Sarandon – $10,000
Amy Schumer – $10,000
Gabourey Sidibe – $500
Jenny Slate – $500
Caterina Scorsone – $3,000
Amanda Seyfried – $5,000
Frankie Shaw – $1,500
Alia Shawkat – $2,000
Amy Sherman-Palladino – $2,500
Jurnee Smollett-Bell – $1,000
Jill Soloway – $2,500
Phillipa Soo – $1,000
Octavia Spencer – $1,000
Darby Stanchfield – $1,000
Emma Stone – $50,000
Meryl Streep – $500,000
Taylor Swift – $100,000
Amber Tamblyn – $1,000
Tessa Thompson – $5,000
Uma Thurman – $2,500
Marisa Tomei – $1,000
Gabrielle Union – $5,000
Alicia Vikander – $10,000
Kerry Washington – $10,000
Lena Waithe – $1,500
Chandra Wilson – $10,000
Oprah Winfrey – $100,000
Reese Witherspoon – $500,000
Evan Rachel Wood – $1,000
Constance Wu – $2,000

Creative Artists Agency – $2,000,000
ICM Partners – $1,000,000
Paradigm Talent Agency – $500,000
United Talent Agency – $1,000,000
William Morris Endeavor – $1,000,000

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  • 777

    Is it too much to call Oprah cheap for having a net worth of almost 3B dollars and donating way less than people that don’t have 10% of her fortune?

  • HG

    I understand what you mean, but I’m just going to say that any type of donation is a good one. :) Whether its $1000 or $1 million, I’m just glad that these people are helping those less fortunate.

  • plez

    publicity stunt.

  • Mike Gallett

    Kendall Jenner 1k

  • Just Saying

    You are refering to a celebrity that already donates about 40% of what she earns and is worth to many other charities. This isn’t the only cause she, and other celebrities, support. Having said that, any donation as small or big counts.

  • Ella

    Sadly Kendal makes more money than these talented working actors for just having an social media accounts and all she could donate was $1k??

  • Ella

    For whom? They’re taking out their pockets, they get nothing back but the peace of mind they helped someone who was in trouble or being abused.

  • Michelle

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  • Mayette de Guzman

    Thnx 4 d generous donation Jen A. I’m a proud Faniston.

  • Anna

    I went and donated myself. Chloe Moretz, Jenny Slate, Katie Lowes, Christina Hendricks, and Gabourey Sidibe only donated $500. I get that even a little is something, but aren’t all these people millionaires? Maybe these people aren’t as rich as I always thought they were? Also I don’t see Jennifer Lawrence’s name there. Yikes. Not helping with all the rumours going around that she sleeps her ways into films and award shows.

  • Joy B Angie

    Meryl Streep doesn’t need any stunt.

  • Joy B Angie

    Every victim must have a right to make video or audio record.
    And to use it in the police and court.

  • disqus_d5rQuizQEI

    Will the list be updated??

  • 777

    She actually needs it more than any other actress right now. The HW scandal wasn’t good for her.

  • Janice

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  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Happy new Year 2018, Reese ! (Kiss-Kiss !!)² !!!!
    Good things have to be repeated.
    Thus, this comment is nearly the same as the former
    one on the former thread, yup ! I hope my ideas do
    inspire y´ all !!!
    Of course, the donated money must be used efficiently to solve “that problem” (abuse, harassment, discrimination, marginalization and underrepresentation).
    Equality of women is something, that has
    to be educated everywhere. But as long as there´s a “family-tradition”, that supports inequality of women (with negative consequences for women), the problem will be given from one generation to the next generation and so on and on and on.
    (with all that stupid stereotypes against women)
    This ist the 1st aspect:
    We need effective education programs in order to break the curse of such negative family-traditions. Children must learn, if their own parents support discrimination and if their own parents support suppress of women early enough.
    And women must be empowered to quit from hubbies, that
    suppress any part of the family. This emporement has to be
    a financial on, too, yup ! ´Cause financial strenght of the
    woman leads to independency.
    (I think this sentence is a new aspect)
    The education programs (from Kindergarten up to High School and University) is one aspect of using that money.
    The 2nd aspect is to intensify the laws (means the punishment) on those mofo-men and sometimes(!) women too, who suppress women in different ways at workplace or on the way to any kind of academical qualification.
    [Or lesbian women, who suppress women in lesbian relationships within the sphere of a negative type of
    the heterosexual (genderized) matrix. Of course, there are also lesbian relationships, that do not represent any heterosexual (genderized) matrix. And other lesbian relationships represent a justice type of the heterosexual (genderized) matrix.I just wanted to say, that not every lesbian is an angel and behaves like an angel to her lesbian partner.
    (And the same to gays, too). I think, some lesbians behave similar to hubbies, who suppress their wifes.
    But that problem is not discussed in public and less in science, I think, because lesbians are a minority. (And the same to gays, too) But it should be discussed, too, shouln´t it? How about making a BIG HOLLYWOOD MOVIE about such a theme? Of course, I think, that there is a correlation
    between the struggle for justice and lesbianism. That means,
    that within the lesbian relationships, there are much
    more less women, that behave like a$$holes - in comparison to heterosexual couples, where more men suppress there wifes and finally practise injustice every day towards their wifes.]
    It seems that injustice has a heterosexual manifestation – as long as “old stupid traditions” (from the 1950th years and
    loooooooong time before 1950, of course !!!) are still reproduced – on and on and on and ……… ooooon ! ]
    Harder punishment leads to less suppress of women.
    The 3rd aspect is to think about usind new technologies to avoid abuse and harassment. What about little body-cams for actresses at Hollywood for example. These body-cams could monitor everything that happens at the set – and beside the set at the studio. At the end of each day, all
    infos could be send to an artificial intelligence, that decides, if any kind of interaction was a kind of discrimination or a kind of harassment or a kind of abuse.
    The 4th aspect is to formalize and transparentize
    the way to academic top positions as well as the way to get a role for a movie immensly in order ot avoid informal discussions about whom to choose on the way to the next academical top position. Informal interactions open up the door for decisions against women. Thus, there
    should be no way for informal interactions. Transparency is important in order to give everyone, who wants a top position at a company or university, the same information about
    all the criteria, that is wished by the company. As long as the
    process of transparency isn´t the same for everyone, there can be no justice between men and women. Everybody must have the same chance to be prepared the best way. Otherwise there´s inequality. And the commitee of
    decisioners has to be constituted of men and women, means 50% of the members have to be men, 50% of the members have to be women. Not a single extra-decisioner (with more power on the process of decision as the normal members) should participate in the process of decision. That process has to be absolutely democratized.
    The 5th aspect is to fight against violence and against guns and drugs on severel levels. Because drugs and guns and violence of men and (eventually women too) depend on each other. Why this? Because there are a lot of women, who do
    not quit from their violent hubbies, because they are
    afraid of a family-tragedy. And that kind of family-tragedy
    would be the violent act of the hubby on the family.
    Folks, the fight for freedom and equality of women on the whole world is a fight on severel levels. Let´s intensify it by supporting this fund !
    1000-SUNS-POWER-FOREVERRRLet´sFightForFreedomAndEqualityOfWomen – wordwide !!!

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Happy New Year 2018, JBA !
    I´ve written a BIG COMMENT above.
    May be it´s an inspiration for you.
    Have a nice day and excellent dreams !

  • Joy B Angie

    You are right as usual, DRF,
    harassment is great material for the great movie.
    BIG HOLLYWOOD knows everything about this theme.

  • Joy B Angie

    It’s a great inspiration.
    * * * * *
    Of course. Of course.

  • MyName

    Corporate worth is different than personal wealth. I do agree that some could have given more. I’ve heard it said that those who have the least often give the most. Of course that means percentage wise.

  • 777

    Yeah, and i just read she gave about 500M to charities over the years, so i take it back. She had her reasons.