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Olivia Rodrigo Says Her Debut Album Is Reminiscent of Alanis Morissette's 'Jagged Little Pill'

Olivia Rodrigo Says Her Debut Album Is Reminiscent of Alanis Morissette's 'Jagged Little Pill'

Olivia Rodrigo is excited for her new music.

The 18-year-old “Drivers License” superstar sat down with Apple Music to discuss her upcoming album SOUR, as well as influences in her career.

Here’s what she had to say…

On her debut album: “It feels really angsty to me, which I really like. It’s reminiscent of sort of the albums like [Alanis Morissette's] Jagged Little Pill that I loveā€¦ I talked about this with you before, but I’m super, super critical of everything, but I’m really happy with this album. And that doesn’t happen very often where I feel completely sure. I mean, obviously you don’t feel completely sure of anything, but I really feel like it’s the best that I can do right now and I’m real proud of that. Yeah. And in a year, the best that I can do is going to be something totally different, and that’s just the cool thing about putting out music when you’re a teenager.”

See what else she said…

On being inspired to play instruments like Taylor Swift and Fiona Apple: “I actually just started writing songs on guitar this year. I was very piano based. I was obsessed with Fiona Apple for a while and I was like, ‘I want to be like Fiona Apple and write all my songs on jazz piano.’ But actually listening to Taylor…I’ve been so into Taylor this year especially. I’ve been listening to all of her old stuff…because I feel like Taylor is the same as me. Taylor doesn’t have this wide breadth of music knowledge. She doesn’t use crazy insane chords or weird progressions. She uses the pop country chords that we all know and love, but she does her own thing with them and makes them her own. So that was really inspiring to me, to be like, ‘Oh, but I can write these amazing, incredible songs and I don’t have to know what the relative minor seven of this chord is.’”

On solitude: “My favorite thing in the whole world is just being alone in my room with a guitar. That’s actually my happy place, and I find so much solace in being alone. I think actually at the crux of all good creativity is sort of boredom, a little bit, or maybe under stimulation. I feel like I don’t come up with any good ideas and I’m constantly…when I’m booked back to back or I’m doing this and I have to go there, and when you’re busy, I feel like you don’t have as much time to kind of sink into that creative pocket. So I really love being alone, and I try to sort of carve out times for me to be alone, no matter what I’m doing. I’m also an only child and I’ve been homeschooled since seventh grade. So being alone is a very comforting thing to me. That has been how I’ve sort of grown up. So yeah, I try to carve out moments of solitude in all parts of my schedule.”

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