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DJ D-Nice Tells the Story Behind His Overnight Success During Quarantine - Listen Now!

DJ D-Nice Tells the Story Behind His Overnight Success During Quarantine - Listen Now!

DJ D-Nice shot to fame last year at the beginning of quarantine thanks to the DJ sets he would do on Instagram Live and now he’s telling the story behind that exciting time.

The 50-year-old entertainer became the first person to have over 100,000 people in a live room at one time.

“I went from 200,000 [Instagram followers] and I woke up the next day and I had 900,000 followers and then like three hours later, I was at like 1.1 million. I don’t know, it was just crazy, like, people just started following me. I think I’m almost at like 3 million now. Yes, it was a big jump and it was a big surprise, but the thing that’s great is that it was all natural,” D-Nice said on the latest episode of the Spout podcast.

“It was God’s plan, bro… In the first days, I wasn’t DJing. I was literally just playing music from the computer into my phone. I just had the phone sitting on my laptop and I would just play music and share stories and it just kept growing and then I started DJing like maybe three days into it; four days into it. That’s when I actually hooked up the tables and started playing and that’s when Drake popped in and J.Lo, everyone was trying to figure this out, like, wait, what is this guy doing? Like, what is he doing?”

He continued, “Then it was that fifth day where it was just nuts, man, but the fifth day wasn’t important. The fourth day was my favorite day, because the fourth day, which was that Friday before, like, the 100,000 and then 165,000 people; it was just about music, man, and everybody felt good to still find a way to stay connected. So that was the important day to me and that’s when I started seeing people say, like, they would leave these comments, like, wow, like, this is changing my life.”

“The only people that are missing are the Obamas and that next day, which was that big Saturday, like being the first person to have 100,000 people in a room like that were actually represented millions because when you sign out, you check your phone, you’re out of it, and you come back, but it was literally millions and millions of people in there,” he added.

You can listen to the full podcast below!

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