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Get To Know 'YOU' Singer Laura Marano With These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

Get To Know 'YOU' Singer Laura Marano With These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

Laura Marano is already one of our favorite music stars, and we’d like to give Just Jared readers an exclusive chance to get to know her even better!

The 25-year-old superstar, already well known for roles on hit shows like Disney‘s Austin & Ally as well as a thriving solo music career, is about to make waves once again with the deluxe version of her YOU EP, out on Friday (June 25).

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The deluxe version of her YOU EP, which dropped back in October, includes tracks like “Honest With You” with Alextbh, the YOU remix of “Something to Believe In,” the THOM remix of “Run” and “Can’t Help Myself” with Jean Deaux and Poe Leos.

Check out the 10 Fun Facts, and listen to the deluxe version of Laura Marano‘s You EP…

1. I started a Myspace for my music when I was, like, eleven. What a time.

2. Joe Jonas accidentally broke my phone at Jingle Ball one year. It was a flip phone though, so it was super fixable because flip phones are basically indestructible. I have always had a flip phone as my phone, but I think I might be ready to officially get a smart phone. I shudder as I type this.

3. The first music video I ever filmed was for a song I wrote at like 13. I filmed it at my old elementary and middle school, and I got so many of my amazing friends to help me film it. I’ve literally grown in so many ways since then (not really height wise, but you know what I mean), but I always smile so hard watching it…and cringe a little…but mostly smile.

4. I pride myself on my self-control and discipline…except when it comes to cookies. If I’m alone, I can legit eat like ten cookies in a row.

5. I used to be a major speech and debate nerd in 9th grade. I think I was either a State or Regional finalist for thematic interpretation in speech, if I remember correctly? I got a certificate and everything.

6. I’ve been professionally acting since 5-years-old, and I’ve had some small/random parts in a few awesome TV shows and films over the years, like Dexter, Ladybird, and Superbad.

7. I learned how to whistle when I was like 17 or 18-years-old on the set of Austin and Ally. I was just standing around with the cast, and I randomly tried to whistle… and for the first time, sound came out! I’m still confused how it happened.

8. 2020 made me gain a bit of confidence in being more self-sufficient with my music. I made a recording studio in my closet, and started comping and editing my vocals myself.

9. I never got my ears pierced, and neither did my sister. There’s not really a reason why. I think it was maybe because we were slightly terrified after watching that scene in The Parent Trap when Lindsay Lohan pierces the other Lindsay Lohan’s ears.

10. One of the legacies I carry from my old elementary school is a performance I did in 3rd grade for our winter chorus show. I sang “Santa Baby,” and apparently it was a bit of a show-stopping (and a little sultry) performance. I say apparently because I never got to see it. I think someone taped it, but we never got the tape? I don’t know… maybe it’s better left unseen.

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