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Get to Know '8ball' Group Not The Main Characters With These 10 Fun Facts!

Get to Know '8ball' Group Not The Main Characters With These 10 Fun Facts!

Not The Main Characters (NTMC) is one of the rising acts we’re excited about at Just Jared, and we want Just Jared readers to exclusively get to know them better!

The group – made up of members Gabi Gotts, Perrin Xthona, and Tammy Gonzalez – is still brand new, having formed over the Internet.
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They’re already been making major waves across social media and on streaming since 2020 with catchy cuts like “murder party,” “bev hills” and “club penguin,” racking up millions of streams and getting placements on big playlists like Spotify’s Hyperpop, SALT and Fresh Finds Class of 2021.

The group just dropped their new single “8ball” on Friday (February 25), along with a big announcement: their debut EP, Bad Things Come in Threes, is coming out on May 20!

Listen to “8ball” and check out 10 Fun Facts about NTMC inside…

1. Our first in-person session was actually 2 months after we decided to be a band. NTMC was fully born on the internet & the first 7 songs we put out were made entirely over zoom!

2. Gabi is from the UK — she grew up in a seaside village in the south of England until she was 15, then she moved to San Francisco with her immediate family for high school! The rest of her fam is all still in London though, so she visits every xmas :)

3. All 3 of us thought we were going to be songwriters before we started working together, and literally wouldn’t be doing an artist project if we hadn’t met each other <3

4. Perrin grew up on a goat farm in Oregon and she took the whole group (& frens) to visit it last year. Gabi never grew up with animals so seeing her hold a baby goat with a tiny bit of fear was absolutely hilarious hehe.

5. Tammy is the ultimate fashion icon and we vibe check all our outfits with her lolz. Any time we’re like “I’m thinking of getting this kind of thing” she’ll make sure we know how to style it, what to wear and not wear with it, etc. She’s the secret sauce in all our fits :)

6. Our main food groups are pizza, Sweetgreen, and alcohol lol.

7. The 1st song we actually wrote was called “05 Camry” but it was bad so we don’t even count it. We pretty much spent the whole session talking about wacky ass stuff like whether or not we’re in a simulation and social commentary on LA lol. So the next session after that we wrote bev hills together and loved it so much that we decided to put it out on a whim. Now we’re a girl group hehe!

8. We are total Blackpink Stans, and spend hours during nights-in watching their choreography and interviews.

9. We love watching Emma Chamberlain and Claudia Sulewski vlogs together when we’re feeling overwhelmed. Perrin luvs Chamberlain Coffee too.

10. We’ve never performed before and are so so so excited to start. Starting out as songwriters, we’re basically learning something new everyday — and whether it’s how to do a video shoot, or learning how to perform, it’s been so much fun stepping into being artists together.

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