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Author Robbie Couch Talks New Novel 'Blaine for the Win,' a Queer Rom-Com Inspired by 'Legally Blonde' (Exclusive Interview)

Author Robbie Couch Talks New Novel 'Blaine for the Win,' a Queer Rom-Com Inspired by 'Legally Blonde' (Exclusive Interview)

Robbie Couch‘s new novel “Blaine for the Win” is being released TOMORROW and we chatted with him to learn more about the new book!

The YA book is being described as a queer rom-com that was inspired by Legally Blonde and The Politician. Here is the synopsis: “After being dumped so his boyfriend can pursue more ‘serious’ guys, a teen boy decides to prove he can be serious, too, by running for senior class president.”

This is the second book from Robbie, who released “The Sky Blues” almost exactly one year ago. That novel earned him a Best Read nomination at the 2022 Queerty Awards.

Get your copy of “Blaine for the Win” on Amazon and check out our 10 Fun Facts post on Robbie!

Click inside to check out our interview with Robbie Couch…

Check out our interview below!

Just Jared: Legally Blonde clearly was the inspiration for “Blaine for the Win.” What is your own personal connection to the movie and how did it become the inspiration for your new book?

Robbie Couch: Legally Blonde is one of the greats when it comes to early aughts rom-coms, if you ask me. And I love the idea of reimagining our favorite stories through a queer lens! So, naturally, my mind gravitated toward the premise of what eventually became “Blaine for the Win.” Also, with the pandemic raging and so many of us navigating dark times, I wanted to write something fun that readers—and especially young LGBTQ+ readers—could escape into.

JJ. What are the similarities between Blaine Bowers and Elle Woods? Anything that readers might miss at first glance?

RC: Blaine and Elle are different in meaningful ways, but absolutely have similarities I think readers will get a kick out of. They’re both expressive, joyful, driven personalities who must overcome others’ perceptions of who they are to reach their goals. They also benefit from privileges that aren’t afforded to other characters in their respective stories—a reality that Blaine becomes aware of on his journey. I imagine they were besties in another life!

JJ. Did you pull anything from your own real-life experiences for Blaine?

RC: One of the biggest things I pulled from my own high school experience pertaining to Blaine for the Win was my own student government experience. Blaine’s never been in student council but chooses to run for senior class president to become his ex-boyfriend Joey’s successor—and, if all goes as planned, win Joey back. I remember the pressures, challenges, and personal growth that I experienced running in student council elections and being someone others turned to in a leadership role, and that totally informed Blaine’s arc in the book.

JJ: You just got a tattoo to commemorate your first book “The Sky Blues.” Are you going to get a “Blaine for the Win” tattoo and do you have any ideas yet of what it will be?

RC: That’s a great question! I’m on the fence. I promised myself that I’d only get one for Sky to celebrate my debut. But now that I have it, I’m hungry for more! There are these fantastic “Vote for Blaine” pins that my publisher designed, and, now that you mention it, I think they’d make for a great tattoo. You’ll have to check back in with me in 2023!

JJ. Would Blaine Bowers and Sky Baker be friends if they were at school together?

RC: Totally. I can see those two hitting it off—platonically, though! I think their personalities complement each other in really cute ways. Who knows, maybe they’re buds somewhere out there in the Gay YA Book Multiverse!


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