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The DeuxMoi Founders' Identities Are Officially Revealed

The DeuxMoi Founders' Identities Are Officially Revealed

UPDATE (May 23): A source has since reached out to Just Jared following the report and issued the following statement: “Meggie is not part of deuxmoi, she has no involvement with the current gossip site account. The site is run by only one person.”

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: We finally know who founded and runs DeuxMoi.

If you don’t know, the Instagram account reveals speculative items about various celebrities based on supposed insider info. The account blew up during the pandemic, and has since grown a huge fan base.

The site was run anonymously until Friday, May 20 when Internet culture reporter Brian Feldman published an in-depth investigation uncovering the identities of DeuxMoi.

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In his investigation, published to BNet, Feldman mentioned how DeuxMoi‘s popularity has skyrocketed with the Instagram account having over 1.5 million followers and how they’ve branched out into hosting the Deux U and the Deux Me After Dark podcasts, where the hosts use voice changers to hide their real voices.

DeuxMoi is also working on their debut novel Anon Pls, a fictionalized memoir about a fashion worker who rises to pseudonymous fame with a Deuxmoi-like social media account, which will be released in November. HBO Max recently announced that they are working on turning the novel into a TV series.

Despite all of their newfound fame with podcasts, book deals, a TV show in the works, and tons of interviews, no one knew who was behind the famed account. Until now.

Feldman explained that he did a very deep search online about all things DeuxMoi – from looking at old posts DeuxMoi was tagged in, public comments they made, and a YouTube video that the founders appeared in.

At first, DeuxMoi was a fashion blog run by two anonymous women, and in an interview from 2020, they confirmed that the site was launched in 2013. They also revealed that during the beginning stages of their time as DeuxMoi, one person was running the blog while another posted to Instagram and Twitter.

Around that time, model Kristina Romanova shared a post on Instagram, tagging both @deuxmoi and someone who goes by @mkempsyo. Feldman explains that @mkempsyo is mentioned frequently alongside the DeuxMoi account.

After doing some more research, Feldman discovers that @mkempsyo is a fashion entrepreneur named Meggie Kempner. Meggie also had a Pinterest page with a pinboard dedicated to her grandmother, famed NYC socialite Nan Kempner. On the DeuxMoi Pinterest page, shared back in 2014, it also featured a pinboard dedicated to Nan.

There is also a now inactive Facebook page of Coco Deuxmoi, who describes herself as “1/2 of the deuxmoi gals at” and “co-founder of fashion, beauty and lifestyle website” In 2014, Coco posted a link to a Vanity Fair article about the Kempner brand launch, while adding, “so proud of the deuxmoi gals girl Meggie Kempner.”

So there’s the first DeuxMoi account runner: Meggie Kempner.

Feldman then explained how he was able to discover the identity of the other DeuxMoi account runner.

In his deep dive, Feldman found a 2013 tweet from model Emily DiDonato, who wrote, “I am loving your blog @gizroc75 blog! It’s amazing take a look guys!”

While trying to find the identity of @gizroc75, Feldman stumbled up on the 2015 tweet from Au Revoir Les Filles, who tweeted, “Great chat with Melissa @deuxmoigals. Loving what you do and you go girl!!!”

As he looked for Melissa‘s last name, Feldman discovered a tweet from 2012 from hair stylist Louis Angelo, who refers to @gizroc75 as “Lovallo.” The hairstylist and DeuxMoi have a relationship, with the blog endorsing his salon work in a 2015 blog post.

So there’s the second DeuxMoi runner: Melissa Lovallo.

Model Anastassia Khozissova shared a photo on Instagram back in 2013, tagging @mkempsyo, @mlovallo12 – seemingly Melissa‘s personal account – and @deuxmoi in a post, while also seemingly revealing that they all worked together at Ralph Lauren.

Feldman went on to say that all signs of @mkempsyo, @gizroc75, @mlovallo12 have been deleted from the Internet, but their tags still remain, so that’s how he was able to figure it all out.

Back in 2020, Hailey Bieber took to her Instagram Story to say that she discovered the identities of who runs DeuxMoi, but never revealed their names.

On Saturday (May 21), the Pop Crave Instagram account shared Feldman‘s discovery that Meggie and Melissa run DeuxMoi, and Hailey liked the post, seemingly corroborating that these two women do in fact run the account.

The DeuxMoi Instagram account hasn’t posted anything new all weekend, and Meggie and Melissa have made all of their personal social media accounts private.

You can read Brian Feldman‘s full investigation at

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