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Ben Affleck's 10-Year-Old Son Accidentally Backs Expensive Car Into Another One - But No One Got Hurt!

Ben Affleck

The outlet revealed that during the visit to 777 Exotics with his dad, and his fiancee, Jennifer Lopez, Samuel had slipped into the driver seat of a bright yellow Lamborghini.

Ben had been standing right next to Samuel as he tried out the driver seat, but Samuel had accidentally put the car in reverse.

In a video from the business, the rear bumper on the passenger side of the Lamborghini made contact with a white BMW’s front wheel and possibly the fender. However, no damage is seen from the photos.

Ben and Samuel both did get out of the vehicle to inspect it, just in case.

TMZ adds that a rep for Ben says that there “was no damage and everyone’s ok.”

777 Exotics also commented on the situation, saying, “there was no accident and the cars were just parked really close together.”

Earlier this week, Jennifer was seen visiting Ben on the set of his new movie.

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