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aespa Is Taking Over the World & Creating Their Own (Interview)

Aespa Interview

You just spoke at the United Nations! Please tell us more about the experience of being there, and about the message you were conveying to the world.

It was such an honor to have the opportunity to speak at the United Nations’ 2022 High Level political forum in New York City. We spoke about the importance of sustainable development and taking care of the real world so that there is something worth mirroring in the metaverse for generations to come. We will continue to work hard to speak for and to our generation (MZ, millennials and Gen Z) of such important cause.

Your second mini-album is out now. Tell us about what the title track “Girls” means to you, and what it was like filming the music video.

Our track “Girls” is an empowering track about girl power and is also a continuation of our Metaversal Origin Story, which started with our debut single “Black Mamba.” We finally defeat Black Mamba, concluding Season 1 of our story.

In terms of the music style, our vocals and performances are the most powerful yet, and we’re super excited to share this energy with our fans on stage. Filming the music video was a lot of fun. It was like shooting an action movie with each member bringing out their inner warrior character. The contrast between “Girls” and our pre-released single “Life’s Too Short” is especially impressive with completely different themes showcasing our various colors.

There are other new songs as well on your mini-album, including “Lingo” and “ICU.” What can you tell us something about these songs that fans might not know?

“Lingo” means “our very own language.” The track is super bright and energetic that it makes you want to go for a drive with the lyrics telling “our story” that only we can understand. In a way, it contains a profound message!

“ICU” is a track that we all cherish because we practiced this track since we were trainees so being able to release this song is especially meaningful and special to us. We found consolation and comfort through this track, so we hope our fans will like it as much as we do!

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