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K-Pop's Kep1er Goes From Reality TV to Global Superstardom (Interview)

From Girls Planet 999 to Queendom, you’ve gone from competition show to competition show. What is a special memory that you wish Girls Planet 999 viewers saw that didn’t make it on the TV show?

YESEO: On school days, I always slept together with HUENING BAHIYYIH because we go to the same school. I could always rely on her to wake me up.

CHAEHYUN: I remember that the friends I met at the Girls Planet 999 styled my hair nicely. Even though we were competing on an audition program, we grew fond of each other and have many memories together.

Did any of the other girl groups on Queendom teach you anything or do something that you’ve kept with you?

DAYEON: Once, I was really nervous right before performing when HYOLYN came to tell me to just enjoy the stage. Since then, rather than being afraid of doing any mistakes, I focus on enjoying the stage more.

HIKARU: As I watched the senior acts perform, I learned a lot about team work and practicing. For the stage “PURR” that we did together with VIVIZ, I had the opportunity to see them practice and I was touched to see how much effort they put into.

You’ve also had reality specials for yourselves – you’ve done so many reality shows already! What are some of Kep1er’s own favorite TV shows?

YUJIN: These days we are into the Extraordinary Attorney Woo series. We recommend it because it’s fun and touching at the same time. Personally, I’m also watching the Walking Dead series. The members also like to watch zombie movies and shows.

One of the unique things about Kep1er, and the concept of Girls Planet 999 is that you are from different countries, speaking different languages. How have you all learned to communicate with each other? Has it presented any challenges?

XIAOTING: At first, we communicated through English and body language, but as we lived together at the dorm, we naturally learned each other’s’ languages. We also took the time to study the languages.

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