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Khloe Kardashian Speaks In-Depth About Expecting Baby No. 2 with Tristan Thompson Amid Cheating Scandal

Khloe Kardashian Speaks In-Depth About Expecting Baby No. 2 with Tristan Thompson Amid Cheating Scandal

Khloe Kardashian is ready to talk.

In the season two premiere of The Kardashians, which premiered on Hulu at midnight on Thursday (September 21), the 38-year-old spoke in-depth about expecting a second child with Tristan Thompson amid his cheating scandal.

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Right at the beginning of the premiere, Khloe revealed that when sister Kim Kardashian broke the news that Tristan, 31, got another woman pregnant, no one in her family knew that she was expecting a second child.

Days before Thanksgiving, Khloe and Tristan‘s embroyos were transferred into a surrogate, and the baby was conceived. During the first week of December, Tristan‘s cheating scandal came out publicly.

During the phone call with Kim – which fans can recall from the season one finale – Khloe finally broke the news that she and Tristan were having another baby.

“It’s just so close, I wouldn’t want anyone to think I did this after the fact,” Khloe explained in a confessional. “Why would I wanna have a baby with someone who’s having a baby with somebody else?”

After the world found out about the cheating scandal, Khloe did everything in her power to make sure no one else behind family and close friends found out about her surrogate.

Khloe tried to keep “everyone in her house” in the dark, so she only had “adult furniture” in the baby’s room, so Kylie Jenner offered to have keep all baby furniture in her garage for the time being.

Khloe also explained why she kept the baby news so under the radar. The world finally found out about the pregnancy in July.

“Obviously, it’s just really private and I just don’t want this to get out right now,” a tearful Khloe shared, “‘cause I want to protect my mental well-being as well as the surrogate’s and all of that. It’s just been a lot to go through all at the same time.”

Khloe also admitted that she was “very angry” and was “bamboozled” after finding out that Tristan cheated on her again, since he knew he had got another woman pregnant months before their surrogate got pregnant.

“All I know is I was being encouraged to do it by a certain date,” Khloe explained. “In hindsight, he always knew when the other baby was being born, and especially getting the paperwork in that we saw. He found out July 2, so he did know.”

She added, “This is the strangest, most f–ked up situation.”

Also in the premiere, it was revealed if Tristan was in the delivery room when the baby boy was born.

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