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Kate Winslet Reveals Her Thoughts on Viral 'Titanic' Door Theory - Could Jack & Rose Have Fit?

Kate Winslet Reveals Her Thoughts on Viral 'Titanic' Door Theory - Could Jack & Rose Have Fit?

25 years after Titanic was released, Kate Winslet is still being asked about if she and Leonardo DiCaprio‘s characters could have both fit on the door and survived the tragic sinking.

If you missed it, there’s a viral fan theory going around that both Kate‘s Rose and Leonardo‘s Jack could have balanced on the door. Director James Cameron has long denied that they both could have fit. He even commissioned a scientific study, which yielded surprising results.

Now Kate is weighing in on the topic and revealing what she thinks about the odds.

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During an interview with ET Canada, Kate said that she did agree with fans after years of being asked the question.

“Yeah, I think he probably could have gotten on the door,” she admitted. “I mean, you know it’s one of those things I have to be honest I kind of live with this whole thing over like could he have gotten on the door? I’m 40 years old now, you know. This is over half my life I’ve been living with could Jack have fitted on the door or not.”

She added that she had to discuss the theory “the most” and said that she deserved to own the problematic door now.

The actress also proposed testing the theory again with Leonardo.

Kate opened up about body shaming that has accompanied the highly debated topic.

If you missed it, she was also the topic of discussion after a poster was released to promote Titanic‘s theatrical re-release.

Check out Kate Winslet’s interview segment about the viral Titanic theory below…

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