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Get to Know Sportscaster & Fan Fave NFL Host Kay Adams with These 10 Fun Facts (Exclusive)

Get to Know Sportscaster & Fan Fave NFL Host Kay Adams with These 10 Fun Facts (Exclusive)

If you’re an NFL fan, Kay Adams is a name you likely already know.

But if you’re just learning about the NFL world after watching the 2023 Super Bowl, you have to get to know the 36-year-old sportscaster and television personality!

For years, Kay was one of the hosts of the NFL network morning show Good Morning Football. She quickly became a huge fan favorite during her time on the show, amassing a large following on social media.

She is currently hosting Up and Adams on FanDuelTV, which airs weekdays at 11am ET. On her show, Kay gets the chance to speak with both current and former NFL stars about recent sports headlines. It’s a must-watch!

Just Jared got the chance to catch up with Kay and learn some interesting info about her!

Check out the 10 Fun Facts below…

  1. I’m an introvert, full stop. I also just happen to talk for an hour on TV every day! SHH! Don’t tell anybody! 🤐
  2. This past year was my 10th Super Bowl. It’s always my favorite week of the year and my least favorite week of the year, all at once. My favorite one thus far ..(cover your eyes Seattle fans).. was 2015 when the Seahawks DIDN’T. RUN. THE. BALL!!
  3. Polish is my first language. My parents were both born and raised on very small farms in Poland and moved to Chicago for a chance at a better life for my brother, sister, and I. I owe them everything.
  4. I am not afraid to take risks, and you shouldn’t either. Do boldly what you do at all, baby!
  5. I take long hikes to recharge. Whenever I have a few free hours, you’ll find me in the California mountains. Headphones WITH wires. I would lose air pods..? air buds?…. whatever they’re called, I would lose them in 5 seconds. Can’t be trusted.

Keep reading to see the rest of the fun facts inside…

  1. I’ve never hit on a parlay! My first year at Fanduel… ZERO wins. ZERO!!! SMH. There’s always next year.
  2. I love to, and highly encourage soloooooo travel! I’ve been to Iceland, Mexico, Poland, Paris, London…the middle east..all alone! Go explore.
  3. I think the movie SPANGLISH is Adam Sandler’s best film.
  4. I can eat more candy than an entire first grade class on Halloween in one night. No one has a bigger sweet-tooth than me.
  5. My new show “Up & Adams” has welcomed over 150 big time guests in just a few months in its first season! Best information meets most entertaining hang out. 11AM-12PM ET every day on YouTube and Fanduel TV. Come join me!

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