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Rhiannon Fish Didn't Complain At All About Her Kissing Scenes with Tyler Hynes For Hallmark's 'A Picture of Her' (Exclusive)

Rhiannon Fish


I think it sort of comes with shooting in Vancouver. We were shooting out in Squamish and we were shooting a springtime movie in winter. So, we’re out on the docks, right on the water where Beth’s boat is, and it was just absolutely snowing. Of course, in this movie it’s not allowed to snow, so it was very difficult.

I tip my hat to the crew who have to make it look like it’s not snow snowing. They had full-blown like covers built over Tyler and I, and the camera was undercover. I’m actually looking forward to seeing the film and the edit and seeing if you can see any of the snow, because it was definitely there on the day at the docks. They really tried to make it look like it was a nice springtime movie.

Sometimes, I wish that you could just throw a line in there where it’s like, ‘Oh, what do you know it’s snowing.’ Then we could just sort of work around it and then we could all be in like a scarf. But no, we have to suspend disbelief, which I respect. There’s people who need the springtime movies right now.

I think it’s what we all sort of need right now. I know even in Vancouver, it’s still cold, so to sort of take people out of that and into a more springtime, and experience…I think it’ll be well deserved. I think we all deserve it.

As for surprises, there’s a lot of kisses!

I sound like a little giggling school girl…but I’ve done, I’ve done a few of these Hallmark movies now and there used to just sort of be where there was like the one big kiss at the end. Now, there’s like a midway kiss and the end kiss in this movie. Like Tyler and I kissed a few times.

That was a surprise and it was a welcome surprise. I was really happy about it.

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