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Chyler Leigh Teases What's Coming In Hallmark's 'The Way Home' Season 2 After The White Witch Reveal

Chyler Leigh Teases What's Coming In Hallmark's 'The Way Home' Season 2 After The White Witch Reveal

It’s only been a few days since the eye opening season one finale of Hallmark‘s The Way Home – which also included a HUGE reveal!

If you missed it, not only was the identity of the White Witch revealed, but things started to unravel once again about Jacob’s disappearance.

Be sure to read what happened in the finale on Just Jared here.

Now, Chyler Leigh, who plays the adult Kat Landry, is opening up about what the reveal means, and what fans can look forward to in the upcoming season two.

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During an interview with TV Line, Chyler opened up about the ramifications of Kat’s persistence in finding her younger brother and also what the White Witch reveal means for season two.

“It kind of gets chalked up, again, to the fact that she’s a reporter. She’s a journalist, and so no matter what, getting to the bottom of everything has always been the through line for her,” she shared of Kat’s investigative ways about Jacob. “It’s just what comes naturally in her personality and just her skill, and obviously that has a part to play.”

She added that “[if] there’s any hope that she could find more answers, if there’s any hope she could find Jacob, she would never truly, truly give up… She’s going to go for it. Family is always first for her, which is one thing I definitely relate to as Chyler. So I think that, naturally, is just going to push her and propel her forward to go, “OK, no, there is so much more here. I’m going to figure this out.”

As far as Kat remembering more details about Jacob’s disappearance and relaying that to Alice, Chyler is still wondering if Del actually knows what’s been going on.

“I’m actually genuinely asking this question: Does Del know about the pond?” she mused. “So do they [Del and Colton] know? Does Del know? When she takes Alice to the pond — and I always loved the line and it was kind of like, ‘Oooh, mysterious mysteries’ — she says, ‘The pond is a world all of its own’ and talks about the pond freezing over and that that is an indicator that seasons are changing, and obviously there’s more to that than saying like actual winter is coming.”

Beyond Jacob, Chyler also talked about the White Witch reveal – which it turns out wasn’t Alice or Del, like many fans had theorized, but actually Kat.

“That is one thing I’m so excited about is to just get back there and figure out how did Kat get there. What has it been like? Because they call her, obviously, like a witch. So the idea of her being able to predict or know the future back in a time when witches or anybody with some sense of clairvoyance were being burned at the stake, hence the pitchforks and the angry people coming after her… And the way that she looks. How did she get to that point?” Chyler asks.

She added, “I loved seeing the majority of people think that it’s Alice. I think that’s solely because of, obviously, the long hair. So how her hair is so long, and how she looks and why she looks the way she does, why she’s wearing that outfit, is all definitely going to be part of the explanation pretty quick once we jump into Season 2.”

As far as season two goes, Chyler is confident that there’s “definitely a big time difference. Figuring out how long she has been trapped there, or does she have to make herself look a certain way when she’s there because she needs to blend in, that’s the question that I can’t wait to have answered myself.”

Hallmark renewed the series for a second season earlier this month.

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