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The Biggest Revelations (So Far) From Jennette McCurdy's New Podcast 'Hard Feelings'

 Jennette McCurdy's biggest revelations in podcast Hard Feelings so far

On Feeling Shame About Her Two TV Shows

“These show titles, my ears burn when I’m saying them,” she says in the first episode. “It’s like, imagine… I started working on Nickelodeon when I was, i think we did the pilot when I was maybe 13 and we did the show when I was, then we started taping the show when I was 14. But to be known for something I did when I was 13 was very shameful for me. Imagine, for example, whatever you were doing when you were 13, you know, acting in your school play of Peter Pan or playing clarinet, just god-awfully, and imagine you were known for that, every where you went, for the rest of your life.”

“It’s so meaningful to me in such a deep way because I felt like finally, I don’t have to carry that shame of my past,” she adds about the success of her memoir. “Finally, I can be known for something that I do as an adult. Finally, I can be known for writing, the thing that I’d wanted to do since I was a child and was not supported in wanting to do. Finally, I can be supported for me, not for a character. And it kind of washed away that shame, for me.”

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