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Jodie Foster Explains Why She's Tired of Superhero Movies, Shares Her Advice for Younger Actresses

Jodie Foster

On her advice for younger actresses:

“I think it’s almost entirely maternal advice. It’s not really about career, because career choices are personal about how you want to complete yourself and what’s fascinating to you. I find myself reaching out to girls who could be my daughters and saying, ‘Wait a minute, you keep doing dumb things on publicity tours. What’s going on with you? This is a little self-sabotage. You know better than that. Who’s letting you do that? And where’s your mom?’ I do have this really big soft spot for the young actresses who came up as young people, because I just don’t know how they survive without some mother around the way I had a mom around. To be able to say, ‘You’re overexposed,’ or ‘You’re torturing yourself,’ or ‘You have to have faith in your talent. You can go away for two years and have a life and come back and there will be work for you. Yeah, maybe it won’t be in some franchise, but what do you care? This is your life.’”

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