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Jeff Probst Has One Condition for Returning to Host 'Survivor' Past Season 50

Jeff Probst Has One Condition for Returning to Host 'Survivor' Past Season 50

Jeff Probst is opening up about his time with Survivor.

The 62-year-old star has been host of the show for 45 seasons now on CBS, beginning way back in the summer of 2000.

In an interview with EW last year, Jeff was asked about how long he wanted to continue on the show.

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“It’s impossible to describe what Survivor represents to me,” he said at the time. “Impossible. It goes beyond creative expression or professional recognition. It’s much deeper. It’s right in line with the ideas I try to impress on our players. It’s about pushing myself further than I think I can go, about trying to stay in the moment and adapt to my surroundings, about being a good ‘tribe member,’ about being open to new ideas and new people. The same opportunities Survivor offers the players, it offers me. I love Survivor and I still need Survivor.”

Now, on the most recent episode of his On Fire podcast, he answered a fan question about whether Season 50 will be his last, and he said he would like to continue with the show indefinitely, but under one condition.

“I still love Survivor very much,” he said.

“I think that’s pretty clear. Survivor 50 is definitely our next big target in terms of a milestone, but you’ve got to remember: We’ve got to get there. So you have to do 45 and 46, then you have to do 47 and 48, then you have to do 49, then you get to 50. So it is one at a time.”

“I have no intention of wanting to stop so long as the show continues to be fun and the people applying continue to be interesting,” he continued.

“The biggest thing for me is keeping our team together. That’s sort of the whole enchilada, because I get way more credit than I deserve. This show is made by a giant group, and we’re all in it together, and I would not want to do the show with another team. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to start over with new people. So I’m in it as long as everybody else on the team is in it.”

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