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Ed Kelce Defends Son Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift Against 'Troll' Bethenny Frankel, Reality Star Hits Back

Ed Kelce Defends Son Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift Against 'Troll' Bethenny Frankel, Reality Star Hits Back

Ed Kelce and Bethenny Frankel are feuding online.

The 53-year-old former Bravo star recently went after Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift‘s relationship, where she said on Instagram that Travis, 34, “loves to be the center of attention” before sharing her doubts on if the relationship will last in the long run.

“When you get into real life, and you get into kids and marriage and things like that… It’s not easy. Relationships take work,” Bethenny added. “And it’s hard, because Taylor Swift is certainly a peacock. So there really usually can only be one peacock in a relationship.”

Ed then saw an article about Bethenny‘s comments, which he re-posted on his Facebook, and wrote, “Who TF is this troll?”

Then during the Monday (February 26) episode of her Just B with Bethenny Frankel podcast, Bethenny took aim at Ed.

Keep reading to find out more…“Travis Kelce’s dad called me a troll. I do actually understand and admire a parent coming to their child’s defense, particularly when asked about it,” Bethenny started. “I just wish he would have expressed an opinion versus just a verbal insult, because, you know, as we teach our kids, it’s better to express yourself than to just criticize.”

Bethenny then continued by saying that she didn’t mean to criticize Taylor, 34, and Travis‘ relationship.

“I was saying usually there’s only one peacock in a relationship, and I dated a guy like that that was very over the top and very loud and gregarious and like needed to be the center of attention,” Bethenny clarified.

“And I stand by that. I think that’s who Travis is,” she continued. “I did not mention him pushing his coach, which is a physical expression versus using your words and having a conversation, which is kind of like what his dad did.”

Bethenny then took a shot at Ed again saying, “He used an insult instead of using his intellect. So, the Swifties can come for me, but I’m going to defend myself. I have said that they were in my Mount Rushmore of couples, the two of them.”

“I mean, they’re on top of the world. They’re both very successful,” Bethenny added. “I’ve said that I literally think he’s a peacock, and there are two peacocks in this relationship, and it usually doesn’t work.”

Bethenny also said that she finds Ed reacting to her comments to be “just funny.”

“It’s sort of like the kids getting into the drama on the Housewives, or the husbands,” Bethenny said. “It’s just a little absurd, but it’s making headlines; so sorry, not sorry.”

Just recently, a big star came out to defend Travis and Taylor from all of the haters.

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