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2018 Golden Globes Breaking News, Photos, and Videos

E! Producer Claims She Was Fired for Allowing Eva Longoria Interview to Air During Golden Globes 2018

A female producer claims she was fired from E! for letting Eva Longoria‘s interview, during which she voiced her support for former E! News host Catt Sadler, air during the 2018 Golden Globes.

Aileen Gram-Moreno claims she was let go after the interview aired.

In her legal complaint, Aileen says she was instructed to flag any mention of Catt, according to the New York Times.

“They said, if there’s any mention of Catt in the preshow, make sure you flag it. You’re censoring celebrities; it’s just not a good idea in my humble opinion. But it wasn’t my decision,” she said.

Adam Stotsky, president of E! Entertainment, said that there was no effort to censor celebrities on the carpet, considering the interviews still aired and are available to watch on their website.

“If we were trying to censor, which is her primary thesis here, we certainly wouldn’t have done that,” he said.

“For the past decade Aileen Gram-Moreno was a freelancer who worked an average of 20 days per year solely for our red-carpet coverage. After the Golden Globes, she was asked not to return due to job performance issues. Ms. Gram-Moreno filed her legal claim after her request for a financial settlement was turned down,” said E! spokeswoman Sarah Goldstein.

Catt quit E! News after learning her male colleague Jason Kennedy was earning nearly double her salary.

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Black Time's Up Golden Globe Dresses Up For Auction

The black dresses that celebrities wore to the 2018 Golden Globes as part of the Time’s Up movement are now up for auction!

Celebs and designers partnered up with eBay and Condé Nast so that fans can bid on the dresses with proceeds directly benefiting the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund.

39 of the black gowns and tuxedos from the red carpet, including Reese Witherspoon‘s Zac Posen gown to Zoe Kravitz‘s Saint Laurent dress are now available to bid on.

“Through this auction that will take place on eBay, and harnessing the compelling pull of both fashion and activism, we’re hopeful that the black dresses worn at this year’s historic Golden Globe Awards will raise funds for the Time’s Up initiative, and serve to support the stories and voices of those who have been victims of sexual misconduct,” Condé Nast artistic director Anna Wintour said in a statement.

To see all the dresses available for auction, visit

Connie Britton Responds to Backlash Over Controversial $380 'Poverty Is Sexist' Sweater

Connie Britton wore a sweater with the words “Poverty is Sexist” embroidered on the front to the 2018 Golden Globes, and there was some backlash online after it was discovered that the piece cost $380.

“So I wanted to purchase @conniebritton’s “poverty is sexist” #GoldenGlobes sweater, but when I looked it up, it costs $380…. is it just me or does that seem ironic?,” one Twitter user wrote. Similar sentiments were felt by others.

Connie responded last night, saying, “For those concerned with the price of my Globes sweater I just don’t think a $5000 gown would have added to the conversation in the same way. And @linguafrancanyc who designed it, inspired by @ONECampaign, is donating $100 of each purchase to @camfed”

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Kendall Jenner Responds to Critics of Her Acne at Golden Globes

Kendall Jenner showed up on the red carpet at the 2018 Golden Globes with acne on her face and she is telling fans to not let that stop you.

A fan tweeted to the 22-year-old model and praised her for walking the carpet despite having a break-out.

“Ok but @KendallJenner showing up and strutting her acne while looking like a gorgeous star is what every girl needs to understand,” the fan wrote.

Kendall responded, “never let that sh-t stop you! 😎✨.”

A couple years ago, Kendall opened up about her struggles with acne.

“Where it really impacted me was how self-conscious I became about it. It completely ruined my self esteem. I wouldn’t even look at people when I talked to them,” she previously wrote on her blog. “I felt like such an outcast; when I spoke, it was with my hand covering my face. Sure, I had crushes in high school, but I wouldn’t even think about looking at guys.”

See photos of Kendall Jenner on the red carpet in the gallery… More Here! »

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Mariah Carey Recreates 'Touch My Body' Video with Jack McBrayer at Globes Party

Mariah Carey met up with her friend Jack McBrayer at a Golden Globes after party on Sunday night (January 7) and recreated a moment from her “Touch My Body” music video!

Jack, best known for his work on 30 Rock, starred alongside Mariah in the video back in 2008.

Mariah and Jack sat on the top of a booth at Poppy nightclub and danced along to the song. The video was posted by The Blast and you can watch it below!

Mariah was also seen getting flirty with her boyfriend on the red carpet at the after parties!

Milo Ventimiglia Fell Into a Pool at the Golden Globes After Party!

Oops, watch where you’re walking next time! Milo Ventimiglia has revealed he fell into a pool while attending an after party following the 2018 Golden Globes!

A reporter for NPR tweeted a photo of the pool and said he believed he saw the This Is Us actor slip and fall into it.

“At HBO’s Golden Globes party. Believe I just saw Milo Ventimiglia from This Is Us slip and fall into the pool, which is mostly covered but open in one spot…” Eric Deggans tweeted.

Milo posted a video on his Instagram Stories later that night in which he had messy wet hair.

“Good time at the Globes tonight. Congratulations Sterling. Excited… And everyone else, great night. Back home. Studying for tomorrow… And yes, I fell in the pool,” he said in the video.

Click inside to see the photo of the pool… More Here! »

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Jennifer Lawrence Did Half Her Makeup for Golden Globes, Then Didn't Go! (Video)

Jennifer Lawrence was going to attend the after parties following the 2018 Golden Globes as her best friend Emma Stone‘s date, but they decided to bail halfway through her hair and makeup process!

The 27-year-old Oscar-winning actress recorded a video with Emma when she got to her house after the Globes. Jen had half of her face completed and the other half had no makeup on it.

“Hi, what happened tonight?” Emma asks. Jen then says, “Well, you had told me that you wanted me to be your date to the after parties so I, you know, got us some tickets to some after parties. I booked a car and I was halfway through glam when you told me that you didn’t want to go.”

Through laughs, Jen then said, “You just wanted to come over to my house. So I sent my hair and makeup team home and now this is what I look like.”

Emma attended the show on Sunday (January 7) as a nominee and the makeup she wore actually had significance to the Time’s Up movement.

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