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Bollywood Star Akshay Kumar Hospitalized for COVID-19

Bollywood star Akshay Kumar has been hospitalized for Coronavirus.

The 53-year-old actor was filming Amazon’s Hindi movie Ram Setu when the infection reportedly occurred. Deadline reports that 45 other crew members also contracted the contagious virus.

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Bollywood's Akshay Kumar Says He Drinks Cow Urine Daily

Akshay Kumar is opening up about his unique health regimen.

The 53-year-old Bollywood actor revealed an interesting detail about his daily regimen during an Instagram Live session with Bear Grylls.

The actor is currently shooting in Scotland for his upcoming film Bell Bottom, and he joined co-star Huma Qureshi and Bear to talk about going on a jungle adventure with him.

At one point, Huma asked Akshay how he managed to drink elephant poop tea on the show, Akshay said: “I wasn’t worried. I was too excited to be worried. I have cow urine because of ayurvedic reasons every day, so that was okay.”

“In Ayurveda, Cow urine or Gomutra is considered quite beneficial. It is recommended to people suffering from different kinds of health conditions. As per the 1000-year-old alternative medicine system, cow urine is a natural source of many minerals and its daily consumption can help the body overcome different nutrient deficiencies,” The Times of India reported.

However, cow urine’s actual effectiveness is up for debate.

“For long, there has been a debate on whether cow urine can actually magically cure a number of diseases, like cancer or even coronavirus. In fact, several Indian politicians have recommended drinking cow urine if they want to ward of the novel coronavirus…for those wondering, here’s what we know – cow urine cannot miraculously cure diseases, there’s no scientific evidence to prove it does yet,” CNN-News18 reported regarding the revelation.

In fact, there was an uproar from scientists earlier in the year in India regarding a call to research the curative properties.

“More than 500 scientists have asked the Indian government to withdraw a call for research proposals on the ‘uniqueness’ of indigenous cows and the curative properties of cow urine, dung, and milk, Science Mag also reported.

The researchers say the call is ‘unscientific’ and a misdirection of public money at a time when research in India is already facing a financial crunch.”

Bear Grylls needed to be saved by medics during filming last year after going into anaphylactic shock.

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