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Ned Fulmer's Wife Ariel Gives Relationship Update, Days After Cheating Allegations Surfaced

Ariel Fulmer has spoken out to give a relationship update following the cheating allegations that have surfaced about her husband Ned Fulmer.

Ned confirmed that he cheated and he is no longer working with The Try Guys amid his scandal.

“Family should have always been my priority, but I lost focus and had a consensual workplace relationship,” he said in a statement. “I’m sorry for any pain that my actions may have caused to the guys and the fans but most of all to Ariel. The only thing that matters right now is my marriage and my children, and that’s where I am going to focus my attention.”

Ned and Ariel were caught by paparazzi this week and she gave an update on where they stand.

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Try Guys Release Another Statement Explaining Why They're Taking a Week Off

The Try Guys have an update after a week full of controversy.

The group, who rose to fame on BuzzFeed, consisted of Ned Fulmer, Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld and Eugene Lee Yang. This week, Ned was accused of cheating on his wife with one of the producers who worked with the Try Guys after photos of them together emerged.

He then confirmed the rumors and was kicked out of the group.

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Ned & Ariel Fulmer's Relationship Timeline - Find Out How Long They've Been Married

Ned Fulmer came to fame as a member of The Try Guys at BuzzFeed, and his wife Ariel Fulmer always seemed like an honorary fifth member of the group.

The 35-year-old content creator shared the screen with his wife multiple times over the years and was sometimes referred to as the Wife Guy because of how often he referenced their relationship.

More recently, they made headlines amid reports that Ned cheated on Ariel with a producer associated with The Try Guys, a fact that he later confirmed. Ariel addressed the controversy with a statement of her own.

We’re looking back on their relationship, from when they first met in 2009 to today.

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Resurfaced Videos With References to Ned Fulmer Cheating on Wife Ariel Amid Scandal Go Viral

Eagle-eyed fans are digging through the Try Guys archives, and related videos involving the members of the group.

Following the confirmation that Ned Fulmer cheated on his wife Ariel, readers have been noticing posts and moments from the past that have referenced cheating.

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Try Guys' Ned Fulmer Drama: Every Statement Released So Far, Including His Wife Ariel's & More

The Try Guys have just underwent a load of controversy after their member, Ned Fulmer, was accused of cheating on his wife, Ariel.

The popular YouTube group, who worked together during their Buzzfeed days, learned of the infidelity claims when a video of Ned reportedly kissing their producer, Alex Herring, began circulating.

Now, the Try Guys, Ned, and his wife Ariel have all released separate statements.

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Ned Fulmer's Wife Ariel Releases Statement After He Admits to Infidelity

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Try Guys' Ned Fulmer Confirms Infidelity Rumors, Parts Ways with the Group - Read the Statements

The Try Guys are no longer a quartet.

The group that rose to fame on BuzzFeed has officially parted ways with former member Ned Fulmer amid accusations that he cheated on his wife Ariel Fulmer.

The remaining members – Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld and Eugene Lee Yang – confirmed the news in a statement after rumors broke that Ned had cheated on his wife with one of the group’s producers, according to Jezebel.

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