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Grimes Reveals Who Her New Song Is Really About

Grimes is opening up about one of her new songs, “100% Tragedy”.

In a Discord chat, that was linked to her set at the Splendour XR music festival, the 33-year-old singer revealed that the song was inspired by a very public feud with another singer.

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Olivia Rodrigo & Azealia Banks Show Love for Each Other!

Olivia Rodrigo and Azealia Banks are trading kind words!

The 18-year-old “Drivers License” superstar reportedly loves the 30-year-old “F–k Him All Night” entertainer’s music in a recent story from Interview Magazine.

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Zara Larsson Fires Creative Director Ryder Ripps After Azealia Banks Exposes His Rude Messages About Her Body

Zara Larsson is calling out creative director Ryder Ripps.

The 23-year-old “Love Me Land” singer shared a series of updates on Instagram Story featuring screenshots of Azealia Banks‘ Instagram Story, which exposed her fiance’s thoughts on his client Zara in a series of text screenshots.

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“Not Azealia Banks sharing a convo with my CREATIVE DIRECTOR Ryder making fun of my armssss. Like I don’t pay his bills?” she captioned the screenshot of Azealia‘s Instagram Story, which featured him calling her “Zara Armsson.”

“What about my arm?? Huh?? I literally see people commenting on my weight every single day, but really? You??” she continued, captioning another shot where he simply wrote “arm.”

“It’s not even about this specific convo specifically about me. It’s just tiring to always see women’s bodies being this…’funny’ topic. Ya my arms are genetically bigger. That’s just what my body type is like and honestly it’s starting to get to me because people are constantly pointing it out like it’s a bad thing even though I literally can’t change it,” she continued, captioning photos of him writing “I think Z should get fatter and stop trying to be hot, just be a fat bitch.”

“Again, this is bigger than just a private convo. Like, can we all just STOP commenting on other people’s bodies? Where’s the fun in that? So…who knows any good creative directors lol” she concluded.

Last year, Zara spoke out about regarding a fellow female artist’s thoughts on femininity.

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Azealia Banks Is Engaged to Ryder Ripps

Rapper Azealia Banks is engaged to Ryder Ripps.

The 29-year-old rapper announced the news on her Instagram and showed off the ring on her finger. “I just got engaged k*nts. I’m crying 😭…. I’m Jewish now. MAZEL TOV BITCHES! WE IN HERE…. YERRRRRRR.” You can see Azealia‘s announcement post embedded below.

After they made the announcement, Ryder made a dirty joke on his Twitter to a Twitter user who spoke out about how they feel regarding Azealia.

It’s unclear how the pair met but Ryder does branding for various artists including for Grimes’ 2020 album Miss Anthropocene.

This news comes just one month after Azealia made headlines for digging up her deceased cat and boiling the body.

Azealia Banks Trends on Twitter For Digging Up Her Deceased Cat & Boiling the Body

Rapper Azealia Banks is trending on Twitter right now after posting videos on her Instagram Story (which are now deleted) of her boiling her deceased cat.

“Lucifer 2009-2020. My Dear kitty,” the 29-year-old rapper wrote on one of her two now removed videos. “Thank you for everything. A legend. An icon. Forever a serval serve.”

The cat, Lucifer, apparently died three months ago.

The videos were either deleted by Azealia herself, or removed by the social media service after being reported. We will not be sharing the videos here.

Now, Twitter users are reacting to the disturbing video.

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Azealia Banks & Aimee Song Share Their Private Instagram DMs Amid Feud

Rapper Azealia Banks and fashion blogger Aimee Song are feuding online and they both posted receipts from their Instagram DMs.

It all started when Aimee noticed something Azealia posted on her Instagram.

“I don’t really call people out publicly or cancel anyone but when I saw that this woman [was] fat shaming Lana Del Rey, I decided I’d message her directly,” Aimee posted, along with a receipt of the conversation. You can read the snippet below, where Azealia calls Aimee a “d-ke.” Warning: it contains potentially triggering language that we have censored.

Azealia then posted more receipts on her Instagram Story, plus, she released her own statement on the back-and-forth she had with Aimee.

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Azealia Banks Says She's Feeling 'Better' After Posting Alarming Messages on Social Media

Azealia Banks is letting fans know she is doing ok.

The 29-year-old “212″ singer recently took to social media posting a few concerning messages, saying she’s “done here,” that her “soul is tired” and she’s “ready to go.”

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After her posts, fans spoke out, saying that they were worried for Azealia‘s wellbeing.

Azealia took to her Instagram on Sunday evening (August 9) to share an update with fans, telling that she’s feeling “better” now.

“I’m fine, better than I was before. πŸ§œπŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸ’™” Azealia captioned the below selfie, which featured her smiling.

If you missed it, Azealia recently documented her head-shaving, saying she was shaving β€œall this stress out.”

We’re happy to hear Azealia Banks is feeling better now.