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Bam Margera Sues Johnny Knoxville, Spike Jonze & Paramount Over 'Jackass Forever' Firing

Bam Margera has filed a lawsuit against Johnny Knoxville, Spike Jonze and Paramount over his exclusion from Jackass Forever.

According to Variety, the 41-year-old reality star alleges that he was wrongfully terminated from the upcoming fourth installment of the film franchise.

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'Jackass' Director Granted Restraining Order Against Bam Margera

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Bam Margera Slams 'Jackass 4' Team For Sending Him to Rehab

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Bam Margera Says He's Not in 'Jackass 4' Movie, Calls for Boycott

Bam Margera is calling for a boycott of the upcoming movie Jackass 4 after he says he was not included in the project.

The 41-year-old former MTV star claims that his ideas were used for the film, but they wouldn’t include him in it.

“I’m not in Jackass 4, and if anybody cares about me don’t go see their movie because I will make mine way f – – king radder if you just Venmo me a dollar,” Bam said in a video that was released by TMZ.

He added, “I wrote them so many ideas, and if I’m not in the movie, and they use my ideas, how do you think that that’ll make me feel?”

Bam continued to ask for money from fans in a second video.

“If you’re a fan of mine, you would understand the f – – king pain that I’m going through,” he said. “If anybody cares about me at all, then throw me a f – – king bone and send a dollar to this Venmo.”

Jackass does not care about me, understand that ladies and gentlemen. It’s like, it was like my family, that won’t let me in because they say I’m out there being a jackass on TMZ. So I can’t be in Jackass ’cause I’m out there being a jackass?” he asked at the end of the second video.

You can watch the clips over on TMZ.

Bam Margera Is Back in Rehab After Arrest

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Bam Margera Released From Jail Following Hotel Arrest

Bam Margera has been released from jail.

The 38-year-old pro skateboarder and former Jackass star was arrested at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel on Tuesday night (August 13) in Los Angeles.

According to TMZ, Bam had bizarre interactions with guests at the hotel’s bar before refusing to leave because there were no available rooms for him to rent.

Bam was booked at 2:30 AM PST and was held on $1,000 bail.

He was then bailed out of jail and picked up at around 12 PM PST by a woman who appeared to be his mother.

Bam‘s arrest comes just days after he met with Dr. Phil and reportedly agreed to go to a rehab facility.

Bam Margera Arrested After Reports That He Was Going to Rehab

Bam Margera was arrested on Tuesday (August 13) in Los Angeles after a hotel couldn’t give him a room because they were sold out.

The 39-year-old former Jackass star reportedly arrived at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel and wanted to rent out a room, and then allegedly did not react well when they had no rooms available.

A hotel employee phoned the police, The Blast reports, and Bam was described as “highly-intoxicated” at the scene.

He was booked on misdemeanor trespassing and is currently being held.

News of Bam’s arrest comes just a few days after he agreed to go to rehab after meeting with Dr. Phil.